What Programming Language to Learn First

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Hey, how are you doing? My name is M U Sunny and welcome back to my Website . Today, I will try to touch upon the most popular topic among new developers:

What Programming Language to Learn First? Well, let me give you the most cliché answer first, and then I will try to give you one language that I think will be the best for you. So…

I think you should learn whatever language gets you excited. Pick any language and just try. If you don’t like it, try something else. Humans are all different,

and there’s usually no single answer. Now that I have said that I will go over the most popular languages and compare them, at the end I will give you what I think is THE BEST language for beginners and more experience alike.

Let’s begin. I will start with the most popular language among new developers, which is Python. Python is a high level, easy to learn, with less syntax technicalities programming language. I will go over three qualities that I will use to compare languages.

First – Simplicity, Second – What is the language most used for, and the last one How is it useful for beginners. Also, I will include a Hello world code snippet for each. So Python simplicity: The foremost reason for Python being so popular is its simplicity,

it uses natural language as its base. So I can easily say that Python is the simplest language among all that I will review today. What Python is most used for: Well it is a general purpose language, so you can use it for pretty much everything, but it mostly used for AI,

machine learning, Data analytics, Data visualization, and Web development. How is Python useful for beginners: Well like I said it is very simple and easy to learn. Programming in Python is as simple as typing and English sentence on your system. Also,

Python has been around for quite a while, and it has a big community, you can always find an answer to any of your questions about it. Here is a Hello world code snippet for python, you can pause the video to look closely. Next is JavaScript.

This is actually the language I started my IT career with, so I am a bit biased. JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, also don’t confuse with Java, JavaScript is a programming language that is one of the core technology of the Internet,

alongside HTML and CSS. As of 2022, 98% of all websites use JavaScript. Simplicity: High level easy programming language,

in my opinion it is a bit harder than python because it has more syntax technicalities. But still easy to start with and easy to learn. Most used for:

Web and server side development, Mobile and GUI applications. JavaScript used to be only on Web, but with new technologies it became possible to use JavaScript pretty much everywhere.

How is it useful for beginners: JavaScript has a huge community, which is always great because it would have a lot of tools already built around the ecosystem and probably has a lot of answers on Stack Overflow, which is also helpful,

it is very easy to start with, and I think web development is one of the easiest ways to get into an IT career. Here is a Hello world code snippet for JavaScript Next up is C and C++ These languages are pretty old and still taught in universities.

I personally wouldn’t recommend them to beginners, but I understand why they would be useful. Simplicity: They are low level languages, very hard to learn and use, they are among the hardest languages out there.

Most used for: Well, anything where performance is number one priority. So game development, operating systems, complicated low level programs like trading applications.

How is it useful for beginners: By learning these languages you will understand how all other languages work under the hood, you will learn how memory works, you will be aware of different types and how to use them. So these are pretty complicated languages,

but they teach a lot. One of the perks of learning these languages is that after learning them, every language is easy. Here is a Hello world code snippet for C++ Let’s move to the next language, which is Go.

Go (also called Golan) is an open source programming language for general purposes. Go was developed by Google engineers to create dependable and efficient software. Most similarly modeled after C,

Go is statically typed and explicit. Golang has been the most desired language to learn for three years in a row among developers. Not only that, Go is in the top ten of the most loved languages to use and is the third most popular language on GitHub in terms of stars. Simplicity:

I found it to be pretty simple to start with, it has excellent tutorials, though it is harder than JS or Python. What can be accomplished with a few lines of Python, may take several lines in Golang. Most used for: Distributed network services,

cloud-native development, low level cloud computing, building fast backend services. So mostly it is used by dev-ops and backend engineers. How is it useful for beginners: Well I think it is simple (though many will disagree with me),

I believe it doesn’t have too much of a learning curve like C or C++ but it is very perform ant so that’s why I am comparing it with those languages. If you are going to be a dev.-ops developer, then this is definitely the language for you.

Here is a Hello world code snippet for Go Next is everyone’s favorite programming language, Rust Rust is also an open-source general purpose programming language for fast, low-resources, cross-platform solutions. Software you know and love,

like Firefox, Drop box, and Cloud fare uses Rust. Also, Rust is THE MOST loved language based on Stack Overflow Developer Survey, and it had this status for over 6 years now. Simplicity: Rust would be pretty complicated for beginners,

in terms of difficulty of learning I would compare it with probably C++, though maybe a bit less irritating. Most used for: Rust is a low-level programming language with direct access to hardware and memory,

which makes it a great solution for embedded and bare-metal development. You can use Rust to write operating systems or microcontroller applications, well, and because it is a general purpose language you can use it for anything else.

How is it useful for beginners: I would say rust is pretty new, has a significant lack of resources, and so it’s much harder as a first language, but working closer to hardware always teaches you more. So if you want some challenge,

then Rust might be for you. I also found that their official tutorials and book are very nice resources to start with. Here is a Hello world code snippet for Rust So this is my list of languages that might be good for new developers,

you can’t go wrong by choosing any of those languages, it’s just the matter of your needs. But like I promised if you don’t know what to choose and just want a simple answer then let’s discuss the language that I think is THE BEST for new developers. So language that I would suggest is actually Typescript.

Typescript is a programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript, that means it is based on JavaScript, and it adds optional static typing to the language.

It is designed for the development of large applications and trans piles to JavaScript. Simplicity: It is as simple as JavaScript, as a matter of fact if you know JavaScript it would take you a day or two to get pretty familiar with Typescript.

Most used for: It can be used everywhere where JavaScript is used, for example, currently I use it to build web applications in my current job at JP Morgan. How is it useful for beginners: It has the same benefits as JavaScript with huge community,

and it is easy to learn. However, just because it has static typing, it will teach you how to write a cleaner code with fewer bugs and inconsistencies. Every JavaScript library I have recently used already migrated from JavaScript to Typescript,

I believe that Typescript will be the default language of the Web. So you definitely can’t go wrong by choosing it. Here is a Hello world code snippet for Typescript Well here you go, this is my recommendation.

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