Top 20 Daily useful Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

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Top 20 Daily useful Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

Hi everyone Sunny here today i want to show you my favorite top 20 tips and tricks in windows 10. if you’re not on windows 10 let’s say you’re on windows 7 or windows 8 you should really upgrade and you can even upgrade for free I’ve included jump on the pc and let’s get started tip 1 one i want to show you how you can use an app that comes free and pre-installed with windows 10 to record your screen and it’s called the Xbox game bar and yes i know Xbox

is in the name but you could record things outside of games as well to launch the game bar go down to your taskbar and within the search field type in game bar you should see a best match appear for the Xbox game bar let’s click on this you can also launch the game bar by pressing the windows logo key on your keyboard together

 with the g key g as in game when we click on this this launches the game bar and you see the interface here in the top left hand corner there’s a window for capture this is what we’re going to use to capture our screen i’m going to open up my browser window and once again hit windows g to bring up the game bar and i can click on this button to kick off my recording the recording is now active and i can scroll around my page i can narrate whatever i want to do once i’m done i’m going to click on the stop button and now my game clip has been recorded if i click on this this will open up file explorer and let’s see how it turned out the recording is now active if you want to adjust settings for the game bar simply go right back down to your taskbar and in the search field type in game bar settings and you’ll see a best match

 up here if we click on that this will allow you to adjust all sorts of things related to the game bar for instance you can set the shortcut key you can also set a shortcut key to start recording by default it’s the windows logo key the alt key and the g key under captures on the left hand side you can also adjust the quality of your recordings for instance you could set the audio quality you could set the frame rate and you can set the quality of the video now is the xbox game bar the best screen recorder well it’s not the best but it comes free and pre-installed with windows

 and it does a decent job when you’re in a pinch this is a great screen recorder to use tip number two did you know windows 10 includes its very own free video editor how do we launch it well once again let’s go down to the taskbar and within the search field let’s type in video editor who would have guessed there is a free video editor with windows 10 and within the best match let’s click on this this launches the photos app yes it launches the photos app the video editor

is built into the photos app within the photos app we can click on new video project and this will launch us into a fairly feature rich video editor let me name the video something i’ve typed in a title now i’m going to click on ok now it’s a fairly basic but also pretty versatile video editor here you could add all of your different files whether it’s video files or photos to the project library you can drag different files down onto your storyboard to start pulling together your video you could add things like title cards you could add motions you could add different filters and here you could preview your final output along with that you can add background music custom audio and then you could export your video and you could upload this to places like say vireo YouTube twitter or Facebook all in all it’s a pretty good video editor that’s easy to understand and you can make some


 pretty nice videos this is the successor to movie maker and it holds that title pretty well tip number three i want to show you how you could use emojis very easily on windows 10. to bring up the emoji picker all you need to do is press the windows logo key together with the semicolon key at the same time and that will bring up this this is the emoji picker now i have all my recent emojis and i could go through and however i want to communicate my feelings and my emotions i can choose an emoji that represents that here you see a very wide variety all i need to do is click on the emoji and that’ll insert it into my document it’ll insert it into a comment on youtube if you want to test this out right now within the comments for this video


 feel free to leave an emoji i think that’d be kind of cool to see what emoji you pick out tip number four this solves for one of the necessary evils now we all know that it’s important to keep your computer up to date but it feels like often times the computer updates at the wrong time i’ll be finalizing a video for YouTube and right when i’m ready to start uploading or rendering my video i get the message saying that windows needs to update yes i know you need to update but please not right now to adjust when your computer updates let’s go down to the taskbar and in the search field again and type in windows update as a best match this pulls up the windows update settings let’s click into this within windows update settings you can pause updates for 7 days so if you’re finishing something very important just push


 off those updates you can also change your active hours and the updates will not occur during the active hours and instead they’ll occur when you’re not actively using your computer so for me it would occur overnight tip number five did you know that you can copy and paste multiple items now these are probably the most used shortcut keys ever on a windows computer ctrl c to copy and then control v to paste everyone knows it everyone uses it however there’s an even better way you can use it and you can copy multiple items and then paste multiple 


items and instead of pressing ctrl v to paste instead you’re going to press the windows logo key together with the v key at the same time i’m going to press windows v and that opens up my clipboard i can go through my clipboard now and i could paste text that i might have copied i could paste images that i might have copied in fact i could even pin items if let’s say i want to copy it and use it again in the future but it won’t be the last item or a recent item

that i added and then you can even clear the list if this is your first time ever using the windows logo key nv it’ll first off ask you to enable it but once it’s enabled you now have a clipboard that will contain multiple items tip number six you can very easily take a screen capture on your computer using an app that comes pre-installed with windows 10.


 it’s called the snip and sketch tool now there are two different ways you can launch it you could go down to your taskbar and you could type in snip and sketch and that’ll show up in the best match alternatively you can press the windows logo key shift and s at the same time and that will also launch the snip and sketch tool now i’ve launched the tool you could take a rectangular snip free form you could take a snip of a window or you could even do just a full screen snip here i’m going to take a snip of this window and let’s take a look and see what this looks like once i open it up it brings it into the snip and sketch tool and i can annotate 


it highlight it i could mark it up or crop it and then i could export it as any file type if i want to add say arrows or text on top of it i can copy and paste it into Microsoft paint and then make additional edits so a very nice tool especially if you want to take screen captures on your computer tip number seven is the calculator app now before you laugh and say really the calculator app it has a lot of advanced and feature-rich functionality packed in to launch the calculator app let’s go back to the search field and type in calculator and click on the best match this opens up the calculator app and on the surface i agree it does look simple but let me show you what all you can do with it first off you can now set the calculator


window to always stay on top when you click on this button this will now require the app to be on top so if i pull another window in back there you see the calculator stays at the topmost layer this is helpful if you want to run some quick calculations with a browser window open or maybe a PowerPoint open or a word doc you can now keep your calculator on top next over on the left hand side let’s click on the navigation within navigation you can launch all sorts of different calculators whether it’s a standard scientific graphing and so forth and my favorite new functionality you can run all sorts of conversions within the calculator app


 whether it’s currency volume length weight and mass and so on let’s click into speed to see how this works when i click into speed here i can convert between kilometers per hour and miles per hour if i click on this drop down i could select what type of conversion i want to do let’s do a quick example here in the city of Seattle the speed limit on the highway is only 60 miles per hour for people who don’t work with miles you’ll see that it’s 96.5 kilometers per hour and yes that is a pretty slow speed and in the city of Seattle when the speed limit is 60 miles per hour that truly is the max speed limit and no one goes above that speed also just for fun we could see that it’s 1.33 horses i guess that’s somewhat fast tip number eight is dark mode windows is pretty bright and especially when it’s late at night it might be nice to relax your eyes a little bit so how do we turn it darker let’s go down to the taskbar and within the search field let’s type in dark mode you’ll see a best match for color


 settings let’s click on this within color settings we can choose our color let’s click on this drop down list you can go with the light theme for windows 10 which has been the standard for a long time or now you could switch into a dark mode custom allows you to do a mix of the two where you could set the windows mode to light or dark and you could choose the default app mode to light or dark let’s click into dark this now changes windows 10 to dark mode and all other windows 10 apps that run on windows 10 respect the setting that you select in windows so all of your different app experiences should now be in dark mode tip


 number nine windows 10 comes with a pretty feature-rich rich text editor and that’s called WordPad to launch WordPad let’s go down to the taskbar on the bottom and then type in WordPad let’s click on the best match this opens up the word pad editor and you could do all sorts of things you could choose different fonts you could adjust the font size bold italicize underline you can even set the line spacing within WordPad now it has a lot of the functionality of what you might find in say a Microsoft word but the biggest omission from this app is there’s no spell check luckily there are some add-ins that you can install for example there’s one app called tin spell that you can get at and that will include a spell checker in WordPad so if you just want a free text editor that has most of the basic markup functionality you can do that and plus as an added bonus you can include a spell checker with


 WordPad tip number 10 is the magnifier tool and read aloud yes you can have windows 10 read to you i don’t know maybe you want to have it read a bedtime story to you to launch it press the windows logo key together with the plus key this will open up the magnifier now just like the name says first off we could magnify on things or here we could zoom in to see things a little bit closer and there’s also an option over here for it to read to us so let’s click on this and 


see how that works check out that so my windows computer is now reading to me you could use the magnifier in any app you could be in a web browser you could be in a word document wherever you are you can have your computer read to you using the magnifier tip number 11 is night light now one of the problems is as it gets late at night when you’re sitting in front of your computer screen your monitor emits a lot of blue light now that causes your brain to think it’s day time and it makes it more difficult to fall asleep at night luckily windows 10 has a feature called night light which reduces the amount of blue that’s emitted from your screen to use it let’s go down to search and then type in night light and let’s click on the best match setting within night light you can set the strength for it so here you have just the normal monitor with all full blues being emitted and then you can make it so 


your monitor appears more yellowish or red or basically the absence of blues now my screen recorder won’t pick up the yellow effect because it mainly affects the light coming from my monitor but here you could set your setting and then you could turn it on and off you could even schedule it so as it’s getting later at night the night light comes on and then the next day you could have it turn off again tip number 12 is quick assist if you’ve ever had a family member who maybe wasn’t quite as computer savvy i’m sure they’ve asked you to help them the most frustrating thing though is when you just try to help them through the phone and you can’t see their screen luckily windows 10 has a tool called quick assist that allows you to connect to someone else’s computer see their screen and even take control


 if you want to just make some quick edits to launch it let’s go down to the taskbar and type in quick assist you’ll see the best match for quick assist let’s click on this this opens up the quick assist app and you could either get assistance from someone else or you could give assistance when you want to give assistance you’ll have to type in their email address and it’ll also produce a code the other person will receive that code and they’ll enter it here and that’ll allow you to see their screen and you even have the ability to take over so you can make changes to their computer it’s a very handy tool if you need to help other people with their computer tip number 13 did you know you could both enable and also disable startup programs


 one of the biggest complaints is my computer gets slower over time and one of the biggest culprits of that is startup programs to modify and view your startup programs once again let’s click into the search field and type in start up apps you’ll see the best match for startup apps let’s click on this this opens up settings where i can review all the apps that start when my computer starts here too i could see the impact that it has on the startup so high impact that’s going to


 make your boot up a little bit slower low impact it’ll probably make a negligible difference here i could go through and you could toggle apps on and you could toggle apps off tip number 14 shake and then separately snap so what do i mean by that well let’s say that i have this notepad window and my desktop’s a little cluttered in back i can simply shake my notepad window and everything else will disappear but maybe it’s getting a little lonely now how do i bring those apps back well let’s shake again when i shake again those windows reappear now what do i mean by snap well i could simply take a window and snap it to the edge and then once again i could snap the other window to the other edge and i could very quickly organize my desktop now this is also where shortcut keys are very nice if i click


 on my word window here i’m going to press the windows logo key and the left arrow that snaps it to the left i’m going to press the windows logo key and the right arrow and it brings it back to where it was and then the right arrow again and that snaps it on the right tip number 15 is cortana windows 10 comes with its very own digital assistant just like siri or amazon’s alexa and it’s actually getting better and better over time to use cortana you’ll see a circle icon on your taskbar let’s click on that to talk to cortana now what we could do is you could do all sorts of different commands for instance if you use microsoft to do you can add something


 to your task list add baked cookies to my to-do list nice what’s the definition of aardvark aardvark means open word there are all sorts of things that you could do with cortana you could ask what your day looks like tomorrow you could ask for definitions you could ask for the height of things you could ask how a specific stock is doing just like with the other digital assistants out there you can do much of that with cortana so it’s worth a look and test it out and see how cortana can help you tip number 16 you can open multiple desktops on windows 10. how do we do that down on the taskbar let’s open up the task view when we open up the task


 view this will show me all the different windows that i have open on my computer and up in the top left hand corner there’s an option to add a new desktop let’s click on that this opens up desktop number two so here i have my current desktop now i could jump to desktop 2 and i have a clean window so maybe you want to separate your work from your personal or maybe your school you can keep everything in its own independent window when i open up the task view again if i no longer need a window i can click on this x and that’ll now close the desktop


 and i’m not just limited to two desktops i can add any number of desktops now i don’t know why you would need all that many but you do have that option number 17 you can very quickly launch apps on your taskbar by using the windows logo key together with the number that represents the position of the app on your taskbar for instance let’s say that i want to open up file explorer this is the first app on my taskbar so it’s number one i’m going to press the windows logo key and the number one at the same time and that launches file explorer now i have this snip and sketch tool in position number two so here too i’ll press the windows logo key and the number two and that now launches snip and sketch so this is another quick


 way that you could launch apps that are on your taskbar tip number 18 you can add additional clocks to windows 10. when i go down to my taskbar i see that here on the west coast it’s almost 4 p.m if i click down here i can click into date and time settings and within date and time settings i can add clocks for different time zones now my mom lives on the east coast of the united states and that’s three hours ahead of the west coast so i could check this box to show this clock i could choose the time zone and i could enter a name and then i could click on apply now when i click in the clock in the bottom right hand corner now not only will i see my current time but i’ll also see the current time on the east coast so this way i know especially as it gets later at night i won’t call my mom after her bedtime


 tip number 19 did you know that windows 10 comes with its very own voice recorder and it works fairly well go down to search again and let’s type in voice recorder and here you’ll see the voice recorder app let’s click into this this opens up the voice recorder and i can click on this microphone icon to kick off a recording i’m now actively recording i could pause the recording i could even flag a spot in the recording so here i’m going to add a marker so let’s say i’m sitting in a lecture maybe i’m conducting an interview and the person says something especially interesting i can add a marker once i’m all done i’ll click on stop this brings it into my main recording list when i click on it it’ll play back the recording i could trim the recording


 i could delete it i could rename it or i could share it with others a fairly powerful app that’s easy to miss tip number 20 and this is the last tip of today you’ve probably noticed from watching this video there is a ton of functionality in windows 10. things are constantly being added things are being refined if you want to see those changes before the general public you can join the windows insider program to join the windows insider program go down to search on your taskbar just like we’ve done with all of the other tips from today and type in windows 

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