Tips For Insurance Agents 2022

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Tips For Insurance Agents

i call it the oreo r-e-a-o method and that’s what i’ve really been trying i just did the training on my team today about it so i’m going to spill the goods to everybody out there but in essence r stands for research um e stands for educate a stands for add value and o means offer solutions to complex problems and so what what that means is when i get a lead most people just pick up the phone and dial for me i take five minutes on the first time before i call the lead and i’m gonna go to google and i’m gonna do a google map search i’m gonna look at their house from google maps i’m gonna stare at their front yard i’m gonna see if they have toys i’m gonna see if they have a boat i’m gonna see how they live i’m going to go to google

 and do a regular google search i’m going to go to white pages and do a background check i’m going to go to facebook and see if they have a facebook page i’m going to go to linkedin see if they have a linkedin page i want any kind of intel i can as an example i had one last week where i did the research on her facebook page it was like 15 posts in a row about gardening so in my first conversation with her i just slipped it in there i didn’t say hey do you like gardening that’s don’t do that what you want to do is put it basically slide it in there we’re like you know what i’m so excited that march is is almost over the april’s here because now i can plant my flowers i just i just love having my butterfly garden every year and then i did i was on the phone with her so i couldn’t see her but i could hear in her voice she just lit up and then we spent i don’t know 15 minutes talking about flowers and gardening tips and all this other stuff at the end of the call i circled back around and then i finished my fact-finding and i got the appointment right but that that’s that’s so good no nobody ever thinks to do that like that’s so so so good that’s one of the most unique tips i’ve ever heard

 on a podcast because no one ever thinks to take a few minutes and look at their social media that’s freaking brilliant yeah yeah no i i like to get as much information as i can before i call and even look at their house sometimes um yeah like you have to drop it in creatively because otherwise you you look suspicious like why the heck do you know what color my house is or something but um you could figure out a lot about people by just looking at their house just looking at the neighborhood they’re in just looking at and when i’m on google maps you always want to find the closest landmark the closest gas station closest church closest library and say oh yeah you’re right down the street from blankie blank that way they think that

 you’re local and explain to them what it means to be local so the advantage that i have in person is i know all the hospitals i know all the doctors i know all the plans the call center agent calling from from tampa bay has no idea what mcr means i know exactly what hospital that is when someone says mcr so those are the little details i feed into somebody to help emphasize that they don’t want to just answer any phone call they want to answer my phone call and they should be happy that we’re talking so yeah my the first phone call phone call to appointment i was telling my team today we don’t get paid for appointments we don’t get paid for leads you get paid for turning a lead into an appointment and turning the appointment into a sale and each step of the process you’re double or tripling your likelihood that you close the deal and once you’re face to face um it should be virtually a dunk at that point yeah so so let’s slam dunk it let’s walk through that okay so i’ve got the

 appointment i’m showing up at their house what do i do now so there’s two scenarios in my mind i’ve already done fact finding i haven’t done fact finding yet so if i’ve already done fact finding i would have already done the research and i’m really just showing up to present the one option some people like to narrow down the good better best that kind of thing for me they didn’t come to i think i don’t go to my my doctor to say okay give me the top three options to treat 

my illness or treat my injury i want the one best option that’s going to fix my injury and my illness and so for me i when i get all the information i narrow things down to one plan you can always figure out a way to narrow things down and have tie breakers that kind of thing whatever it is but just remember whatever plan you offer is an opinion it’s okay to have your opinion and as long as you have the reasons behind it and so if i’m going in with that i’m going to do the presentation for me it’s pretty 

straightforward that i go through the fact finder again i emphasize i find the points of pain we want to make sure we keep the doctor you have three very expensive meds we want to try to make those less expensive you also have a chiropractor and you have your your your eye doctor that you want to keep in network and so i emphasize the points of pain potentially and then i go over and highlight the the reasons why i make the recommendation and then i go line by line through the summary of benefits at the end of the summary of benefits i’m ready to close during the summary of benefits it depends on what type of product i’m doing if i’m doing a medicare advantage plan then i’m immediately as we go through

 i’ve trained myself and if you haven’t already if you do face to face train yourself to read upside down if you can over time practice writing upside down too it’s a very neat trick that people are kind of impressed by in a weird way but what you want to do is you want to put the book in front of them where they can read it and you don’t want to be sitting next to them there you want to be

 across the table from them and what you want to do is you want to you want to go line by line to the summary of benefits and then when i get to the hospital in a medicare advantage plan summary of benefits line one on every plan for the benefits once you get past premium deductible drug deductible then it goes to hospital copay and hospital copay happens to be the core benefit of a hospital indemnity plan and so immediately i’m having them highlight hospital the hospital copay and having them write in what the benefits of the hospital indemnity plan are the way i would build it and then the next one is surgery etc and so i’m cross-selling the advantage plan at the same time with the summary of benefits yeah 

they’re cross-selling themselves yes and i use my mom for that and so what you want to do is you want to create two characters and so for me i use me and my mom the reason i like to use my mom is most people love their mom and most people want to be my mom when i do the scenario so i say i say me first so you always want it whenever you’re giving whenever you’re negotiating if you didn’t know this you want to give the option you don’t want first and you want to finish with the one that you want because most people when they default to whatever if they’re equal they’ll default to the last option you give them so i always give them the option i don’t want them to take first which is look if you’re more like me you’re a risk taker you’re a gambler those are two two labels that people 

don’t like people don’t want to be called a risk taker or a gambler i’m happy to be that guy and so i say if you’re like me you just get the medicare advantage by itself and then you complain because you’re taking a risk and the second you have a hospital bill that’s a 1500 bill you’re going man i wish my plan was better or on the other end of the spectrum is my mom my sweet old mom she’s retired she’s on a fixed income and when i talk about a 1500 hospital bill she can’t sleep at night and so for her she’d rather spend a little bit of money to have

 a little bit better coverage where if if something happens she’s not worried about the hospital bill the surgery bill or the ambulance ride or the skilled nursing and then i tell i look them right in the eye and i say are you more like me they risk taker gambler or are you more like my mom or somewhere in between if they’re like me then they’re like me and they basically told me don’t try to cross sell me hospital dummy so i don’t even bother if they say i’m like your mom or anything else and nine out of ten times 

they say i’m like your mom then i go through the presentation and i basically say you’re getting hospital indemnity there’s my job as the expert is to give them write the prescription your doctor doesn’t go hey you know do you feel like taking this medicine or would you rather try something else or they’re very certain they’re very direct they’re very confident in the advice they’re giving you same thing with a lawyer or a plumber or anything else and so when you’re conducting yourself you want to have that same level of confidence that the advice the opinion and that’s what it is again you’re giving your opinion on what’s going to match up to that person best but so the the in-person close for me ideally

 i have the fact-finding done i know where the points of pain the points of pleasure are and then i go through that if it’s not then it just takes me an extra 15 minutes to do the fact-finding process and then i do the exact same thing i’m going to go through the the product i’m going to pitch it if i’m doing Medicare supplement then instead of hospital indemnity i’m going to go over a cancer policy or critical illness i i like both equally i like a critical illness a little bit better because it covers heart attack cancer and stroke and they can see themselves having all three of those things more so some people will say there’s never been 

one person in my company that had cancer and so they see no value in cancer insurance which is one of the questions on my factfinder do you have a personal or family history of cancer and that’s a question that basically everyone can say yes to if they’re honest but if they say no to that then i don’t even go down the cancer road which is so fact finding is important when you’re in the home if you don’t have a good fact finder get one you want to ask all the questions that they’re thinking about and then you also want to ask the questions

 that maybe they weren’t even considering that’s where you really separate yourself from an order taker to a true expert that’s going to guide and help someone pick out the right option okay so but how do you go from 30k to like this dude making a million bucks you know like that’s strong that’s what clicked so you know just first off i think a lot of people when they start the insurance industry or they start working the insurance industry you know they think it’s to be a lot easier than it is right because everyone that’s trying to get 

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