This New Insurance Technology Could Change The Industry Forever

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 one thing i’d love to pivot to man is um how important is i mean you’ve talked a lot about technology and software today and how important it is in your agency and most of the industry is outdated when it comes to tech and software it’s not as good as it could be i know i i know you’re working on a super project when it comes to this um with that little logo and sure cells right behind you um how right under medicare guru is there um why is why is our industry so antiquated when it comes to anyone who’s watched this do not go to and sign up for the for the uh email list do not do that do not follow us on whatever social media you happen to be on make sure you don’t set an alarm on your phone right now to go to all the

This New Insurance Technology Could Change The Industry Forever

 social media places you can find and follow us on insurance sales and go to and sign up because you you won’t like it you don’t need it boom sorry we can end it there no no no no uh so insurance sales man insurance sales is my passion it’s my gift to the world um uh man i was at this point in 2007 8 where i had this opportunity to scale i had i was the first one in the medicare supplement uh telesales model invented this kind of thing um started doing sales i thought i’d own the internet so in that point we had success we had we had our own money we invested a lot in software and technology to be ordered and be able to scale um and so i had to build uh i didn’t get to 100 million agents or a billion dollars


 a year like i thought but what i did do over time was i built a pretty much turnkey front to back uh agency management system it does everything from quoting to universal applications to to back-end technology administration call center everything you can imagine in the call center i demo when i demo uh my platform to certain people in an hour i can barely touch what all it does but the bottom line is when an insurance agent sees it they say how do i get this because it does everything that everyone ever thought i should do because it’s built around the life cycle of the agent so insurance sales is going to is gonna is we’re polishing it up right now making it available to the public it’s basically gonna be an agency in a box and you can sign


up wake up before you have your coffee in the morning four o’clock or twenty four seven sign up and you’re gonna have better technology and scalable agency technology uh than all the big big agencies in the country than anyone in the country and uh the majority of it’s gonna be free agency in a box yeah and scalable so every problem that i ever had skill in an agency for 20 years you’ll never have to that’s it because once you figure these things out like i can figure out i don’t know i mean we could talk about anything how do how to integrate licenses and uh tell you when to have your licenses and and connect your appointments to your licenses

to a quote engine


to tell you exactly what to do if you’re quoting that policy right now if your contract is not contracted if you have a problem with the appointment in that state because 50 states that’s like one little corner feature that i probably saw 10 years ago but i’ve resolved it once and i haven’t had to solve it again right and so i can keep that for myself and say i have a competitive advantage over everyone in the world but that’s silly because everything i’ve seen in the insurance business is that that stuff’s in the way we need sales people talking to customers our industry needs to be have sales people talking to customers and all that stuff needs to go away so if we solved it why can’t i give that to you to solve it true true i’m actually


uh i’m i’m at the site you said not to do it which made me actually want to do it by the way okay i’m at there you go i’m cli i’m putting my email in and i’m clicking notify me right can someone make sure to take cody askins out of the email list gosh i want to know what i i want to know what’s going on yeah and if you don’t like me you don’t like anything about me just go ahead and click on there so you can spy on me and steal all my ideas yes yes i’m sure yes exactly uh dude i love the name where’d the name come from that’s like the smoothest cleanest


name i’ve ever seen insurance sells like that’s i couldn’t believe it was available i can’t believe it was available either particularly yeah you know the i had the organization that sure prize uh which owned medigap 360. and that was actually third string when you fill out the corporation form on the secretary of state office when i was filing the corporation it was like i wanted like 360 insurance marketing or something like that and there was someone on there’s a road here called 360 and it didn’t work uh and so it was the third choices like insurance enterprise and sure price uh and that and that’s what they gave us and it stuck uh and then we liked that and it’s


like ensure sales well is it available yeah so we trademarked it and went through um so yeah and then we got a lot of plays off that too that’ll be interesting for you guys to see that’s awesome that’s so good man i’m so excited for this because i know you we’ve been well um i mean i’m i’m excited for technology man our all right our our industry needs it you know um what what what’s what’s what’s the secret that you haven’t shared yet to do with insurance cells that it’s okay to silently secretly release just for our youtube and podcast audience right now is is there anything there’s a lot um it’s gonna come with the social media component uh so uh there’s a lot


of good social media out there all these social media platforms when you go there uh they’re a mess uh if you know everything i try to do is get the agent to focus focus on what matters give them the information they need when they need it i’m in utah here’s all the posts where’s outline of coverage here send them that click this button send it to them uh and what we found in talking agents all that is when we go on to facebook or linkedin or whatever else we end up getting distracted uh and so what so ensure link uh will be the name of the uh of the platform that’s integrated into our software engine and it’s gonna be a very clean very tight social media or uh social media network uh that’s 100 work focused uh so what i’m trying to do um honestly


 i’ve done what i need to do in the insurance business uh i have some other things i’d like to do uh i’m having fun right now uh but before i get out of the insurance business all together i want to take my life’s work here and i want to i want to empower the independent agent to to work on a new plateau so where they can do where they can focus on what they’re good at selling training and recruiting because that’s what we’re good at and everything else and stuff us sales people don’t want to do right so if i can bring the industry together and say look and like i said it’s going


 to be free everything’s going to be free for you you can now have this uh and hopefully we can come together as agents hopefully we can have a place that’s not crowded not owned by big tech silicon valley wall street no interest over there we can have our own platform where not only can we work with our customers and manage our commissions and leads and uh integrated phone systems all this other stuff but we’ll have a place to connect with one another and it’ll be work focused it’ll be simple and you know i think we can build a movement around empowering the agent in an industry that uh is going the complete opposite way hey if you enjoyed


this i got another one you’re gonna love it’s right there click on it see you in there there’s some people that could join the industry and they just kind of dabble right they just kind of work they just kind of buy leads they just kind of make calls they just kind of make sales they just kind of make money and then they end up at 92 percent

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