Start Your Own Insurance Agency

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Start Your Own Insurance Agency

outside of being a visionary and just staying ahead of the curve then you know being ahead of most people in the way you think and seeing what’s going to happen and what’s happening and you know you’ve been around the space i also think of you as someone that is really good at scaling companies um what have you learned when it comes to scaling like if someone has a company they’re an entrepreneur maybe they’re by themselves right and they’re doing well they’re earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year whatever but they’re doing it all it’s all on their shoulders like you see all those people all the time probably talk to them all the time too and they want to really scale something like you have that’s bigger than just them what advice could you give them um i’ll focus it on i’ll focus on the independent insurance the individual insurance agent trying to grow up because uh what i’ll what i’ll talk 

about that that’ll capture people resonate in wherever they fit in on that but if you’re if you’re out there and you’re learning how to sell insurance uh and you if you want to learn to sell insurance and you want to sell insurance you have your stable lead program you have the thing that takes to sell insurance forever and that’s all you want to ever do forever you don’t need a whole lot of discipline uh you can i mean you do need discipline but there’s a way you can do it and it kind of revolves around you uh and so you you know how to manage yourself and your routines and the things that matter um you know if you want to build a agency or later on an enterprise then you you don’t you know what all cuteness but if you’ll forgive me but you stop being a salesman and start being a salesman because there’s three levels of here you have you have salesman sales sales team and salesforce now if you’re a salesman you can probably get a buddy who sells with you and you know there’s a lot that’s pretty much


most of the agencies in the world there’s three or four guys they know guys gals they know each other uh he does what he does and do what i do we kind of know each other and we help each other out and all of that a salesperson can become a sales team but he’ll never become a sales force unless he has a certain disciplines at the very beginning yes so for instance i had to learn to be a salesman when i first started business and what that means to me is i’m doing my behaviors i’m making my behaviors and my actions my routines everything that i do comes under scrutiny to be a replica table


 uh thing so i’m not just winging it even though i’m good enough to wing it with a client i can you know my dad used to choke he’d say sit him down at the kitchen table do all these right things i go in he wouldn’t even tell him to turn the tv off in the living room walk out with apps uh he’s like well i’m good enough i can do that but then he got in slumps and he had to go back to the basics and stuff like that but uh that’s being a salesperson you can get away with it yeah but then if you want to get better you have to learn how to do the same thing every time the more routine i can get where i can say the exact same things i can go through the presentation the same way i can do the same you know we do a thing called a i’ll talk about technique another time but we do certain things to to transition into closing the deal certain stick


 techniques afterwards on the phone and afterwards you do all of those things correctly and you do them every time to where they become nothing but habit now if you’re doing that yourself now this guy comes along that your body wants to do something you have something to teach you’re not like hey yeah i don’t know what i’m doing i’m an unconscious competent but we can go out and sell some stuff and yeah we got one yay great um yeah you know you’ll hit a certain ceiling with that but if you teach him look you do this you do this you do this you do this and we do it exactly this way then you start having not only predictable results for yourself and even when you’re feeling sick you can still sell something because it’s so routine um you know but you’ll get it for him and then the next guy and the next guy and now you have a team that does things in a replica table way we have a thing that we do that works


 and we know that if we do this thing it works we all add our own personality and uniqueness to it it’s not reading a script like a robot yeah but it is a method of how we do things uh now we can turn that into a sales force because the people on that team who want to um you know who want to come out and have their own team and they want to build off of that uh they can you know they have something to teach and that what they teach there is congruent with what everyone else is doing and now you have a whole organization that’s focused around a certain methodology of certain core values certain way they treat customers the way they do it that anytime there’s a problem you don’t have to run around trying to diagnose and there’s


not a lot of he said she said and flipping around and having to play detective to figure out what’s going on you simply just come in and say where on the script are you having a problem you know when when you answered the phone did you answer it this way you know whatever it is did you do the stick technique during the cooldown um you know it you get to where it’s that simple it’s like no i can well you’re going to have to start doing these things or how can i improve the way you’re doing these things um so the most important thing is have a method that you use and that your team uses it doesn’t have to be exact uh but it has to have loose rails it’s the


skeleton you know the personality fills in there it’s like framing the house you frame the house of the organization and then you know the person figures out his own sinks and his own walls and pictures and stuff like that yeah does that help that’s that’s so helpful that’s good man that’s awesome um we’re going to do we’re going to do something live at some point because i bet we’d be getting we would be getting a ton of questions if this was actually live right now by the way let’s do it yeah a ton um and i want to keep i’m going to have you back on in the near future because i want to talk technique next time like you’re talking now because i know that you when it comes to phone cells i bet you would hold your own against anybody


and be able to help agents as much as anybody to which is really cool that’s what people need man you know what i mean they’re they’re moving into virtual cells a lot um you mentioned agency and then enterprise um talk through the difference there i think you said like hey you become an agency then you become an enterprise is that how you said it yeah so you know if you remember you know uh well i said skills force you know you become a a salesperson a sales team in the sales force then you can kind of become an enterprise when you have a sales force that can take on multiple levels and then that’s when you really start getting into it’s not just


about us sales guys anymore we got to have some you know some people who understand accounting and technology and all the other stuff yes multi-location stuff and all of that um that’s when you really become um something that’s really hard um yeah and and less fun than just having a sales team for sure yeah but yeah so i i consider for when i’m teaching this i consider a sale a salesperson to be a single person a sales team to be up to five six people and a sales force to be more than that uh and everything above that and the and the the real thing is is without being having the scalable disciplines you can always move up one level but you’re not gonna


 be able to move up the second and so if you learn when people are building a business i’ve been through it more times than i wish but you start doing really good and then you hit a certain point and we call them break points where you just start crashing because to get beyond that it takes a whole different skill set than what it took you to get there and for people to learn that is very very difficult so what i try to teach people to do is start doing things in the beginning the right way so that you can just cruise right through those break points and scale scale rapidly yes if you have those skills that you’re gonna need to learn two steps ahead and you start it now you’re


gonna be okay when it comes in uh you’re gonna be suited to handle the challenges at least yeah yeah there’s a lot of people that just have an agency to where you know you’re really building something bigger with an enterprise which makes a ton of sense um what was it like having 40 people on the phones selling medicare all at the same time like most people can never comprehend that um you gotta have the technology i mean that was a bit that was the biggest thing you gotta have the technology to handle lead generation you gotta have best practices when you know your customer calls in my customer calls in i’m on the phone and all of that um you gotta know how to build an office you gotta know how to have human resources you gotta know all those things um it’s it’s a lot of fun um especially if you have the right people um and so there’s some i’ve had a lot of ups and downs with that and i’m getting a lot more


 strict on who i let into my world which is i guess probably the most wisdom i can put on to anyone um but you know i mean it’s a lot of fun it’s chaotic uh and i’ll i’ll admit i got um you know it i got it where it went a little bit above what i was capable of at the time uh even with the technology and all that and plus on a personal note why we had some problems there um you know i had some some family issues and my i lost my my dad’s alive but i lost him as a partner in my business and so that suffered a lot because we we had a division of labor and it took a long time to catch up for that and i trusted some bad people so um there were some problems in that


but um rebuilding is like where you learn it’s like what happened what happened there and how can i uh have just as much success with 15 20 people i’m in love with and i would you know lay in front of a bus for as i can with 40 and going to 100 people and and having chaos yeah i’ll ask you if you like my new headline because i’m going to do a teaching on this how to scale without the hail i love that that’s good sign up for it because that’s like the question i’ve been asking myself forever these


 these call centers are opening up and they call them call centers because they come from the you know the utah long distance company mindset or electric company mindset where they think put butts in seats and you know it’s a call center and it’s a contact center and we’re going to have it and then they try to do that with agents and then they get hundreds and hundreds of agents and they’re all hating their life and they don’t have anything that they can depend on and care about uh they don’t have stake or equity in anything that they’re doing uh and you know their


jobs change every day because it’s in that uh and most people and i found it myself the harder the bigger you get the harder it is to keep a good workplace dynamic yes uh so you know that’s a question of my life how do you how do you have technology to solve all the day-to-day problems and keep things consistent and then how do you have those uh routine things of what we do in those disciplines and the right people in place and then i think if you can do that there’s some small group dynamics and stuff you can put into that uh that can really help but i will go to my grave not wanting to have a 500 person organization if it’s going to become like not fun to


work at because i’ve been there before too i had over 200 people in my whole contact center at one time between prescription lifeline and medigap 360 was going in 200 people in in the office doing some very complicated things that’s a hefty payroll too bro that’s some serious empty payroll yeah um it was


um but we helped people get a billion dollars of prescriptions and you know we built a pretty good organization there uh that did some good but yeah it did a lot of good i mean i know i i’m starting to understand a little bit of what you’re talking about i mean i’m looking at my slack we’ve got 53 members of our of our local slack between the case llc and the secure agent marketing company not even including any of this stuff on my dad’s side you know so i mean yeah it’s once you start getting a lot of people it’s a new dynamic you know i mean it takes a lot more of these things you’re talking about hey if you enjoyed this i got another one you’re gonna


love it’s right there click on it see you in there there’s some people that join the industry and they just kind of dabble right they just kind of work they just kind of buy leads they just kind of make calls they just kind of make sales they just kind of make money and then they end up at 92 percent

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