Sell Multiple Products At Once As An Insurance

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 if we’ve got a book of Medicare clients well guess what they also need long-term care they need life insurance they need retirement income planning they need social security planning so get really good at one when you kind of got that on autopilot and you can do that in your sleep add another one and all of a sudden you’ve got a one-stop shop for your clients and they don’t need to go anywhere else because you know what they’re going to buy those products and they’re either going to buy them from you or they’re going to come down the street and buy them for me and i’m going to take the business away from you that you’ve already placed there [Music] hey welcome back to the ca power players podcast live every single Tuesday 8 am central center time today i’ve got a special guest someone we’ve done a lot with in the past he’s been to a bunch of events he’s he’s been we’ve done webinars together and YouTube


Sell Multiple Products At Once As An Insurance Agen

 interviews together but he hasn’t been on the power player podcast yet so i’m excited to welcome mr ron ray to the power player podcast what’s up cody how are you sir i’m doing great man i’m doing great dude i appreciate you uh everything you’ve done i appreciate our friendship our relationship you’re someone that’s helped a lot of agents that watch her be with medicare or your popular annuity course transitioning from Medicare um were you always someone that was uh just super successful right out of the gate or did it take some time oh no no it took time yeah yeah it took time i i i did not follow your path cody going out there making something for the first year yeah no i i did it the hard way and yeah the the i took not yeah the hard way yeah the hard way i think i haven’t quite learned my lessons yet so yeah no it was it was not


easy and uh and i like to tell that story too because it’s i don’t want agents to you know get discouraged if they’re not you know overnight superstars and correct it can happen you know how uh our friend galen hendricks likes to say she’s a 35-year overnight success exactly when i’ll get there one of these days well you have been super successful you’re doing a lot you’ve done a lot you’ve accomplished a lot um what would you to someone that’s out there that’s like okay um i don’t know that i should uh ever learn anything else i should just keep doing what i’m doing and do it well what would you say to that you know i i that’s fine and if you’re fulfilled doing that that’s good good most people though it’s human nature you’re not going to be fulfilled forever doing the same thing over and over and over again there’s a small percentage


of people that can be perfectly fulfilled uh just doing one thing and one line of business or one occupation forever doing it the same way day in day out and they’re they’re perfectly satisfied and content and that’s great i’m not one of those people and i think the majority of humans are not like that yeah yeah were you ever like that or have you always been um i mean just always wanting to do more and learn more and push for more yeah always always learning yeah always learning even in in my uh in my previous law enforcement career you know that’s my background


 where i came from before i got into insurance was always going out and doing something else even if even if my department didn’t send me to the training i was taking time off and and paying out of pocket to to go to training and and get new skills and i love you know eventually you know became an instructor and went to go work at the academy and and passing that on uh the same as i’m doing now in the insurance business yes well and thank you for your service as a as a police officer by the way i appreciate that a lot you mentioned um i mean we’ve talked with us before um what would you say was is the best cause because i’m about to get into like holistic retirement planning and some of the fun stuff you’re doing what was one thing one or two things that you picked up from law enforcement that you brought into this career because a lot of people come from different careers right so i want to give them


 a different variation take something that they previously knew to help them in this career because we’ve got a bunch of new agents that are coming in that are you know new to the industry or aren’t in it yet what are a couple of relation to that yeah well i’ll tell you i’ll answer your question but first i’m gonna tell you what i brought with me that i thought would be an asset but didn’t actually work out was uh i thought you know i i’ve got people skills you know i can be a salesman and and uh and i can persuade people to do things that they they should be doing and and thought that that would translate well to the insurance business but the fact is it’s a little bit different because you know in law enforcement i can always let you have


the last word because i’ve got the last action well it doesn’t really work in sales quite that way so yeah i was a little bit surprised by that but i tell you what i brought with me that’s very important in insurance or any kind of sales and that’s a thick skin you know i’ve been called every name in the book and and uh some names you’ve probably never heard before and uh yeah and it just it’s just rolls right off your back nowadays and you’ve got to have that you’ve got to have that ability to just kind of roll with the punches and and have that thick skin and not get offended it’s not personal yeah those people that are hanging up on you on the phone they don’t know you they just you just caught them at a bad time totally yeah this is a good point too because in this business it’s not easy it’s part of the game having a just continuing


 to push forward and move forward is really important um when it comes to holistic retirement planning i know you’re helping helping seniors with like four different parts of their retirement you know whether it be insurance or whether it be wealth or whether it be you know home um you’ve really built something pretty special with with the with with homestead you’ve got you’re really helping people in multiple different ways it’s almost like um a one-stop shop if you will for seniors right i mean i was talking to my um attorney yesterday about like some stuff he’s doing to to kind of mimic some of the things that you’re talking about um why


did you end up going down that road and what is it as uh you get after it i like the mug by the way yeah that’s good well motivation here cody just get up and get after it that’s it man that’s right that’s right um why did you end up adding some of these other silos if you will have because you built a successful insurance operation you know doing a a large chunk of revenue in the insurance space and now you’ve really expanding and adding and it’s cool to see yeah so a couple of reasons one is um as we just spoke before i’m not really content just to do the same thing over and over again right i get bored really easy i get bored and i get distracted and so


uh if i get even get really good at one thing i get bored and i want to go do something else so get real good at insurance a lot a lot of agents will do that they’ll get real real good at insurance and they’re selling you know medicare supplements say and they’ll say well i’m really good at this and i’ve got all this money so what am i going to do and what a lot of them do they go start dabbling in real estate or crypto or something else when um you know you’ve built this book of business and you’re really successful and you’ve got all these customers that already like you and they’re doing business with you and they’re already giving you money why


not just add another product for them right so you’ve got this um you call them the silos that’s that’s kind of the new catchphrase right for for we used to call it a vertical you know these different verticals that you can sell just bring them together and integrate them into one master plan so if we’ve got a book of medicare clients well guess what they also need long-term care they need life insurance they need retirement income planning they need social security planning so get really good at one when you kind of got that on autopilot and you can do that in your sleep add another one and all of a sudden you’ve got a one-stop shop for your clients and they don’t need to go anywhere else because you know what they’re gonna buy those products


and they’re either gonna buy them from you or they’re going to come down the street and buy them for me and i’m going to take the business away from you that you’ve already placed there yes so just keep them in house i mean it’s we’re keeping them in-house for everything that’s awesome you know i even you know i’ve not wanted to do this for a long time because it’s not something that’s kind of in my wheelhouse but we even added pnc i got my pnc license uh last month and oh we’re doing that so all of my clients have cars and houses and they all have to be insured and so why am i sending them down the road to the pnc shop when i can just help them right here yeah it’s a different um it’s a different way of thinking it’s a more business approach


than just like a salesperson approach right which i’ve always respected about you and everything you’re doing um when you think about what are those four different verticals for those that are kind of curious of like how they could maybe eventually implement this in their insurance practice yeah so if you’re working with seniors in any way whether it’s final expense or medicare or medicare advantage or or gosh even mortgage protection or or pnc [Music] pnc is probably not a good example we’ll leave that out for now sure but if you’re working primarily in senior market it’s going to be first health that’s the easiest way to get in the door with medicare because they’ve got this sense of urgency that’s placed on them not by you as a salesman


by the federal government they’ve got this decision they have to make when they turn 65 and they need help with that they want help with that so health medicare that’s it that’s the door opener that’s the easy one that’s the low hanging fruit the easy end and then to that you add legacy planning they all want to leave money on to their their beneficiaries right so add life insurance you could do small final expense policies which are pretty easy and make a good income really quickly or you can add more complicated life planning you know with uh indexed universal


life or or whole life funding or [Music] even annuities for certain types of asset transfers on the on the legacy side and then along with that is longevity people are living longer than ever before they’re likely 70 percent of all people age 65 or older right now are going to need some form of long-term care and they’re all really scared of that because they know how expensive it is yeah they’ve got their parents in a nursing home right now or they’ve got them at home they’ve been taking care of them and so that’s a very good opportunity and then finally none of that really matters if they don’t have enough money to retire on anyway so that’s where the


 income retirement income planning comes in yeah using annuities and life insurance for income planning it’s awesome and you’ve always done a phenomenal job of annuities which i know a lot of agents seem to struggle with um you used to write a lot of annuities oh yeah yep what’s some production what’s some production examples maybe last year a recent month or a week or a deal that you

can like talk um well this month february is typically my slowest month uh just historically over the years and the reason is because we do seminars and so seminars are kind of slower back in the holidays around thanksgiving and and christmas so then that makes february kind of a slow month but i’ve done uh let’s see this month to date today’s we’ve done three it’s not too too bad 365 000 in new assets this month boom yeah yeah in our slowest month that’s awesome yeah that’s great um say someone wanted to learn how to pivot and cross-sell into annuities i know you’ve done an amazing job of training reps over the years when it comes to hey i’m selling


this and i really want to also find and locate money we’ve talked about some of this before what’s some of the tips that you can share for somebody that’s newer out there that’s like man i have i don’t even know how to spell annuity you know maybe we should start there but yeah that’s a good place to start learn about them yeah don’t don’t kill yourself trying to learn every little thing ins and outs and indexes and par rates and you don’t need to learn all that it’s important to know but that’s not the first thing you need to know the first thing you know is how to ask questions and uncover those opportunities everybody that i talk to gets a full fact finder i’m asking four pages of questions whether that’s on a medicare supplement appointment or a final expense


appointment or whatever they’re getting a full needs assessment and we’re asking those questions and uncovering those opportunities if you just ask the right questions the clients will tell you what they want yeah would uh if what’s your what’s your what’s what’s an easy question it’s a softball question that anybody could use an imp process um and is it that simple just have courage enough to ask a couple questions yeah yeah that’s the biggest thing the biggest problem i have when i’m coaching agents is getting them to ask the questions there’s this fear that if i ask too many questions if i pry if i if i try to dig in too deep the client’s going to get offended and walk away when that’s really just not the case if you set it up properly sincerely set it up as this is a needs assessment


 i need to get to know you i’m doing some due diligence that’s required by the state insurance rules and uh this is why i’m doing it this is who i am i’m not just a medicare supplement salesman i’m actually a holistic retirement planner and i need to ask you a few questions are you okay with that they always say yes yeah and then the one best question i can probably give you is if you’ve uncovered some money through whatever form of questioning you use and you find a basket of money you just ask them simply this this one question is this money to live on or to pass on [Music] and they’re going to give you an answer one or the other and regardless of what the answer is you’ve got a solution for it you’ve got a solution if they need

 to live on it well you’ve got an income product if they need to pass it on you’ve got a an accumulation and transfer product that’s simple too but it makes so much sense because it gives you like some next sense of direction as to where you should pivot yeah yeah and it’s not it’s a it’s an easy question to answer but it’s not really a a closed-ended question it’s not a yes or no correct i mean it’s i need it to live on they’re going to give you an an answer in the affirmative yep which answer do you get um which answer do you yeah i usually get a combination okay and the answer usually goes well we want to pass on some but we’re going to spend as much as we want to and if there’s any left over for our kids that’s great uh the majority of the time that’s the answer they’re going to give you yeah and uh guess what that gives you even


more of an opportunity to do some some planning for them yes and can also one question i had too i love the holistic retirement planner um approach can any agent call them that do they need to be they need to be licensed well i i would uh i’m gonna hedge a little bit here and say i think so but check your local uh regs but um yeah so you’re not calling yourself a financial advisor you’re not calling yourself a certified financial planner i’m just a holistic retirement planner and where i’m at the state of texas there’s that’s not a regulated term so you can you can say that um some states may have some weird rules but everybody that i’ve talked to that has wanted to use a a title like that has been perfectly able to i’ll say something about titles is i’m an insurance


 agent yeah i don’t i don’t try to hide what i do with a with a phony title but i’ve packaged what i do into this uh package of holistic retirement planning yep you bring up a good point because most agents do tend to like try to make it sound like they’re from somewhere they’re not or they do something they don’t or they sell something that they do like you know what i mean like why is that the case by the way is it like we’re just looking for the easy yeah i think it’s uh i think there’s some kind of false stigma attached to insurance agent salesmen in general that is undeserved and really probably unreal this isn’t that’s false yeah you know what what’s the the uh how does nate describe it when he thought uh insurance agent was the the greasy-


haired guy at church yeah i forget yeah i forget how he describes it but yes it’s not it’s not sexy that’s for sure we got to get him to quit saying that because it’s passing on that’s right that’s right but that’s what a lot of people think i don’t want to i’m not an insurer i got to come up with something fancier than that because i don’t like insurance agents calling me so i don’t want to be one of those either


but man you you provide an important service and there’s no reason ever to hide what you do or to to uh put that behind a veil of a phony title yeah yeah um are you still helping agents with some of the products and services that you that you do yeah yeah still do do a little bit of one-on-one coaching and and uh have uh the annuity course that’s still still going in i love it this is the those that don’t know ron ray okay this dude’s the money man he’s the he’s the medicare guy he’s the phenomenal at transferring and people helping people transfer successfully into annuity sells from products that you’re already selling um your course was uh was it was


it transitioning from medicare to annuities yeah just that’s just the title medic medicare to annuity i like it it’s good yeah so it kind of takes everything that i’ve just talked about is being a holistic retirement planner and you know it’s in the context of an annuity sale but you could turn it you could say medicare to life or final expense to medicare it’s all about packaging that needs assessment that fact finder and and and uh filling your all your clients needs is one session how would someone go about learning more about that about the course go to the ron i like it the ron that’s easy too like if i don’t know how someone can’t remember and type that in and go there right that’s good yeah um how else say they wanted to schedule time with you or learn more about you or plug into all the things that you have going on um


still this all right yeah so there’s actually a special uh for one-on-one coaching that is included with the um with the annuity course but if you want to uh just schedule some time with me just to kind of ask me some questions or or maybe get some coaching outside of the course just uh hit me up on facebook messenger and that’s how most people find me boom i love it um anything else as we close this thing out today no man i just appreciate appreciate everything you do and look forward to seeing you in dallas and that’s right and uh in the summer and and


uh keep up the good work man yeah you too buddy thank you so much for being on the power player podcast hey if you enjoyed this i got another one you’re gonna love it’s right there click on it see you in there there’s some people that could join the industry and they just kind of dabble right they just kind of work they just kind of buy leads they just kind of make calls they just kind of make sales they just kind of make money and then they end up 92

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