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Social Media Insurance

 Today speaker is the most active dude on social media he picks up insurance referrals every single day all from organic social media without having to spend a penny and now he’s here to teach all of us the exact way of how he does it he’s rocking the Kobe lacers jersey the mamba please welcome to the 8 virtual stage the vp of sales for redwood agency group mr joe camper let’s go type joey ready to hear from joe man type joe in chat if you’re ready to hear from joe i love it love it i always like to start with this though with a grateful heart and thank you cody um thank you cody for everything you’ve done personally for us but thank you for this right so everybody give a round of applause to cody because

 without him this doesn’t happen right and so this is a movement dude thank you man um and thank you for allowing me up here this is a dream of mine right and i was um it’s funny i don’t typically get nervous i got a little nervous but then i instantly went back into what cody what everybody really has been talking about is i was meant for greatness i was meant to be on this stage um and honestly someday you guys may be too um so again my name is joe camp and i’m the vp of sales at redwood agency group we are a pnc dominant operation so you’re going to hear me reference some pnc but all of these strategies that i’m about to go over with you they can be applied in the life and health medicare space okay so again we’re going to be going over organic facebook group strategies and this is going to be client facing as well as right especially in the life and health space i’ve learned

 a lot of it’s about recruiting and team building as well right so this is going to be again client facing but also how to build groups in order to recruit to bring people into your organization and ultimately drive more revenue to to your bottom line okay so before we get going i would like for everybody to go to the insurance syndicate look it up on facebook real quick and go join that group and that’s the number one rule on how to grow a group hundreds of members within 30 seconds is by speaking at the eight percent nation virtual conference and so now if you guys can go jordan the insurance syndicate would love to have you guys all in there um and then real quick before i get to my first bullet point i wear the jersey i wear the jordans i wear a hat because you got to be you right and that’s 

one of the first rules on facebook i think a lot of people try to be somebody that they’re not so i’m also going to give you about 10 seconds if your profile picture is 15 years old from when you first got in the industry right or if it’s a picture of like your baby which hey your baby’s really cute go change it to who you are put your face on there let people know who you are and that you’re a real a real person we do business with people right and if we’re going to use my first point facebook as a business tool they need to know who you are right they want to do business with people so you need to make sure you’re utilizing it that way and again

 when we’re using it as a business tool y’all this is not something that if you’re if you’re not using it for business if it’s not driving revenue to your agency stop and i don’t care um a lot of my strategies are facebook specific if you’re on social media if you’re on twitter wherever your linkedin if it’s not driving revenue to your agency you need to stop okay social media needs to be utilized as a business tool people ask me they’re like joe how are you freaking everywhere on facebook how are you so active how because it makes me freaking money right like that’s why i’m active and if it didn’t make me money then you wouldn’t see me everywhere and you wouldn’t see me spinning up facebook groups every other day because i had an amazing idea right so again utilize it as a business tool and guys there’s a lot that

 goes into this if you stick with me through this i’ve got a surprise for everybody that’s going to be sent out to y’all i’m going through bullet points there’s a lot more to this so again if you stick with me you’re going to have access to kind of more of the deep dive okay so again utilize it as a business tool if it’s not driving revenue don’t do it um this one’s funny there is a group for everything like facebook is not lying when they put that on the commercial like there is literally a group for everything you guys want to know the largest group that one of the largest groups that was ever created it was a guy i can’t remember where he lived and it was about it was about going into area 51 because there’s aliens back there and it’s like let’s all let’s um stomp or go in and raid area 51. millions and millions and millions

 of members literally overnight to go raid area 51 now the event that was launched in that group i really wish that people hadn’t have gone to that because they got shot with rubber bullets and things like that but again there is a group for everything okay so keep that in mind we’re using it as a business tool and i promise you if we’re using it as a business tool there’s a tool or excuse me there’s a group where you can really utilize that and drive revenue okay three join groups and this is something i’ve really kind of recently tapped into join groups and create groups okay so we’re talking join groups to where we’re going to go try and uh drive clients but also if we’re going to create groups okay make sure it is congruent with 

your business model okay so i’m going to tell you guys a quick story just about really the groups i’ve joined but also the groups i’ve created and in really why it all has to tie in okay so really type or write that down if you’re taking notes if you’re typing it needs to be congruent with your business model okay so i’m going to tell you about this trucking group this is again pnc specific it is um a trucking group that i joined probably gosh it’s probably been almost two years now um that i’ve been in the group okay and i went and joined and here’s another rule when you’re joining groups be honest i get a lot of questions like how do you get into these groups it’s like well i just told them why i wanted to join the group and they let me in and the funny thing is people lie they say yes i’m a trucker i’m a i’m this i’m this you know or i’m a broker i’m a freight dispatcher whatever it is to get into these groups

 to then try and spam you know dm people get clients that way you will instantly be marked as this dude is not a trucker obviously because i don’t really know how to operate the trucking business i know how to ensure all of it right so be honest when you’re going to join these groups um you know and i think that just says a lot about your intentions and about your integrity right because again if we if we’re trying to drive revenue we need people to believe in us we need them to know that we’re real and that we do so with integrity with honesty we’re there to help people okay so join the groups um and be honest when you join so again back to this uh trucking group i join i tell them hey i’m an insurance

 i really i’ve seen a ton of basically underserved new venture truckers specifically this is for amazon and i want to be able to help right and i tell i get in the group okay so at this point now it’s just about providing value and education okay so that’s another point here i’ve got for you guys anytime you’re joining these groups it needs to be about providing education and value right so for me i’m not going in and i’m not soliciting i’m not saying hey guys i’m a trucker or i’m a trucking insurance specialist use me you i haven’t given them a reason to use me yet right so we need to give them hey instead of going and getting to the dms help them actually start up the trucking business so what i did before that was i learned everything

 about how to basically start up with amazon how to get your d.o.t how to get your mc number how long it’s going to take for the filings whether you need filings and this might be a foreign language right but i learned all of that so that i could lead with value and education now here’s the really cool part when you do that they reach out to you they want to do business with you right and so i don’t even have to dm people i don’t and so i’m just going through this group and that’s another point is that always always always comment with value in education and if you don’t don’t comment i can’t tell you how many people i see out there where

 somebody asks a question and then they just use like an emoji and it’s like this and it’s like why why would i want to do business with you because you raised your hand like graphically right and so for me if you can’t comment with the education or the value really make sure you’re going in and hey this question if i can’t provide any type of education on it i’m just letting it go right there’s plenty of business to be had okay so going back to the trucking group i’m in there right i’m saying this i’m helping this i’m helping this people are reaching out to me well guess what the admins and the moderators start to take note man who’s this joe dude he’s not spamming the group he was honest when he joined 

and it’s like he’s helping a lot of truckers out on their insurance so i get a i get a message and saying and his name is prince and it’s funny he actually is from where we used to do missions trips with our church and so we automatically connected and it was really cool but that was besides the point he has basically just reached out and asked if i could do his trucking account he’s the admin now of what is a we’re probably 75 000 members growing about a thousand members a week right now but at that point i think we’re only at probably 48 maybe 50 000 members again i’m in there and i’m it’s what’s called mining the group right i’m trying to drive revenue but i’m being you know honest and providing that value in education so he reaches out we’re able to assist him on his trucking account probably another 

month two months he puts a post out there and it’s just a comment it’s not an actual post yet excuse me it’s a comment and he goes hey i saw the i saw that you need insurance i saw that you’re requesting this insurance you should you should work with joe he helped me out right and so then of course and he did it at like freaking nine o’clock at night so i got like 50 freaking trucking requests at nine o’clock my wife was not too happy about that but again he is

 now kind of what i would call my fan club right and so i’ve got this fan club i’ve got the backing of an admin and a moderator that already provides or gives people trust that hey you know prince wouldn’t be telling you to work with joe if he wasn’t actually helping out right so i’m in with the admin now keep going probably another two months jus providing value in education and trying to help the best that i can and still making money because when you lead with the value in education it’s going to come back well then he reaches out and says hey do you want to be an admin of the actual group so that when the insurance requests come in they don’t ever actually even hit the group so other insurance agents can’t work it and then i just get all of the leads myself right now again

 that was a six to eight month process but now i’ve got an in not just with the admin i am now the admin right now there’s multiple of us because we’re growing so fast um but now it’s the insurance request don’t even go in and it’s it’s funny sometimes i’ll play with agents like where maybe i missed one and it’ll go and then i’ll just like let them comment but then i i leave them in the group for a couple weeks and i just hide all of their comments so they’re like where are all my comments going and it’s that’s a little petty but it’s hey that’s the power of an admin so i’ll take it right um so again you get in with the admin now here’s the really cool part okay now that i’m in with this guy well now i’ve got access and a lot of people

 don’t know this it is a tool where you can we’re going back to the creating of the group side now now i’m going to go create a trucking group and when i go to create that trucking group i can now invite others from groups that i am a part of so so many people go into these groups they spam they solicit whatever it is but then they get kicked out i’m in there i want to be in there because as soon as i get the following the fan club now i’m going to go create my own group and then you can hit invite others you click on a little button that says groups in common and now i can go and invite all 55 000 of those trucking members to my trucking group where now i have full control okay so that’s one of those group strategies i’m already 

over time i knew i was going to guys because you stuck with me i’m actually going to send you it’s probably about an hour and a half long everything that i do for organic social media strategies i’m going to have cody’s team blast that out to you guys thank you so much for the time i hope some of this resonated with you guys go out there and crush it how many clients do you have uh we’re close to about three thousand clients three thousand if you had to start over today okay you had to completely start over how fast could you get back to three thousand clients with what you know today what i know today maybe in three years 

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