Nothing Phone VS iPhone Review ACTUALLY Better than

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Nothing Phone VS iPhone Review ACTUALLY Better Than

This is an iPhone this is the new nothing phone one it’s a device that’s making three huge claims the android companies aren’t innovating anymore the apple is the gold standard in the smartphone market

right now and that this nothing company is the only one that can challenge it wild wild claims which is why I’ve refused to cover this phone until now until i was sure that i could actually give you an answer as to whether they are a threat to apple or if it’s all just marketing

nonsense i will say as far as the design is concerned this is masterful i mean they have clearly borrowed the skeleton of an iPhone the same chamfered edges the flat front and back the rough camera position to remind

users that this is an iPhone alternative and i could see how this similarity also makes it look a bit like a knockoff iPhone with the whole this was customized

in someone’s garage vibe that you get from the completely exposed spray painted components but i think it pulls it off i think there’s just enough uniformity to this chaos and because

it’s such a confident design because it so very clearly knows what it wants to be and isn’t scared to do it it’s one of those that you’re going to love or you’re going to hate but i love it not to mention the 900 led lighting system on the back but we’ll get to that in a minute

it’s not quite iPhone quality the glass on the front is gorilla glass 5 which is not as strong as apple’s ceramic shield but hey this is a 399 pound phone here in the uk this is 7.79 and so for the price i would

go as far as to say that this is a better design phone side note between the two colors white is the way to go it’s more defined so it stands out more the leds better match the color of the back and also hides your fingerprints

and dust better so then you flip the nothing phone one around and another one of its key aesthetic pillars becomes apparent the screen which is about as good as you can get for a

400 pound phone two reasons one the panel itself ticks the boxes it’s a big fat 120 hertz refresh rate oiled display

with just this little hole punch in the corner is the only interruption but also too this is one of the first android phones that doesn’t have a chin at the bottom almost all of them whether they’re 200 or 1200 they make this bottom bezel

thicker to leave space for their flat display to connect to the phone’s motherboard but the fact that this company has not done that and instead paid twice as much money to buy a flexible display for the sole purpose of being

able to bend that display around the bottom bezel just to keep the border symmetrical all round it’s a touch that i really appreciate and so even next to the iPhone 13 which is twice the price the nothing genuinely

holds its own its display is less bright but it has twice the refresh rate it uses slightly less high-end materials but it’s got so much more design

flair this is quite funny i actually handed this phone to a couple of people on my team and i asked them how much they thought this phone costs remember we are tech people

but one guy said 800 pound one guy said 950. and i could kind of see where they’re coming from but before we can get to the fun stuff the performance the camera quality there’s something i have to make really clear

there is a reason that nothing is only comparing themselves to the iPhone there’s a reason they’ve made their phone look like an iPhone and that their marketing basically

pretends like other companies aren’t even in the picture the truth of it is this phone one it doesn’t have message it doesn’t have face id no airdrop

no native face time it has three years of software updates not the five that apple gives you it’s not an iPhone killer because it’s not offering the features that an iPhone user would be looking for and as of right now it’s not offering

any unique equivalents either but the reason that nothing is so adamant about solely comparing to apple is to try and distract you from comparing it to other androids where the value illusion fades a little let’s pull up a spec sheet the 399 pound nothing phone one has a snapdragon 778 g

chipset 1080p 120 hertz oiled display 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage or in other words the core spec of the phone one is actually very similar to a 250 pound device that you can just find on amazon the implication being that the total power

available here is barely 50 to the iPhone 13. and when you try to push the phone you can tell this is one way of looking at it but i don’t think it’s the right way of looking at it because for the purposes of 98 of users

this will still feel like a really fast phone and while it does share a chipset with much cheaper devices those rarely have the polish that this does this tiny company they actually contracted 500 engineers just for software optimization that’s 500 people

working at the same time to make this one phone as fast and stable as possible and you can feel it and then on top of that even though the foam one does have a very ordinary amount of ram and storage it’s fast flagship quality

ram and storage which for the day-to-day experience and loading times it takes you most of the way to it’s still feeling like a premium experience it still can’t keep up with the iphone’s ultra fluid navigation of the camera

app it’s immensely fast shutter time and it’s unhinged level of smoothness even when you’re pushing it to the extreme but it’s not as far off as the specs might lead you to believe and i just as often find it faster thanks

to the more responsive screen and the surprisingly faster Wi-Fi and this brings me onto nothing’s extra features because yes while this phone one is just yet another reasonably priced android it does have a couple of unique

trades that lift it above the budget android pile like one a premium feeling vibration motor for sharp haptic stereo speakers that sound well not quite iPhone quality but also not cheap software that’s 100 bloat ware

and ad-free it comes across as sophisticated and respectful to the user both wireless charging and wireless reverse charging with additional mood lighting an ip53 splash resistance rating and then finally this glyph lighting system this is probably

the most different thing about the phone one and if i had to guess i would say that it’s going to be a big part of their marketing

it does four key things it lets you match each of your contacts with a specific animation so that you know who’s calling by looking at the back it could light up different patterns for different types of notifications like it could do one animation

for calls different one for emails it serves as an indicator of how much your phone is charged and it acts as a light source for when you’re taking photos and videos it brings me no joy to say this but i think it adds well nothing some

joy but hey a sub to the channel would be everything like why would i look at the back of my phone to try and figure out who’s calling when the front of the phone will literally tell me why try to guess my battery percentage

here when with one tap on the screen the phone shows me the exact number and then as a light source it’s not completely useless but it’s not nearly as bright as your flash so it only works in low light and it only works when you’re about 10

centimeters away from your subject i don’t want to grill it too hard this phone already has a good feature set for its price but I’m just saying the lighting system is not much more than a party trick so that just leaves us with the battery

and the cameras and the battery’s pretty straightforward it’s a 4 500 million power cell i’m getting just over six hours of screen on time in an average day that’s pretty good although equally nothing to run home about given that the vastly

more powerful iPhone can pull in seven hours do you know what though the lack of the charger in the box is a bit disappointing because this company has actually specified which type of charger they want you to use and so by not including

it they’re basically saying here buy it separately but it’s really the camera that’s the big question mark smartphone cameras are they’re more and more all about the image processing algorithms and so the obvious question

is how does a company come out of nowhere and try to catch up to brands that have spent the last 15 years refining their image processing software well you don’t really i wouldn’t think of this phone as an iPhone 13 substitute

as much as that is what it’s aiming for it’s putting a little bit too much pressure on it it can’t match the iPhone’s reliability and it does have some rough edges as you’d kind of expect from a company who’s just starting

out but when you start comparing it to similarly priced phones then it holds up much better shots have a gentle natural background blur the phone’s rather good at those really high dynamic range scenarios and it’s also generally

consistent with reality when it comes to color night mode is quite impressive too the phone does take a good five seconds to capture even in times when others might take two but i would take that if it means a better output plus while

that lighting system is mostly useless it does help out for the close-up macro shots where you need every bit of light you can get and it turns us into a very solid camera for that my only two grievances are the ultra wide camera

where there is a noticeable dipping quality when you move from the main camera and also the fact that it’s just quite a basic camera experience you don’t get hundreds of different modes and features to play around with which

is it’s one of my favorite things about most android phones okay so nothing phone one is it a threat to apple no not really right now this is no more of a substitute to an iPhone than any Samsung or xiaomi phone

it just it just looks more like an iPhone that it if you don’t mind a simpler less feature-packed software experience this is a really refined alternative to budget android phones it’s it’s a nice way of being able to pay just

a little bit more and to get something that’s had real attention put into the experience of using it and that’s what’s got me excited about the future while this company is not challenging the iPhone yet if they can carry on focusing

on what the user really wants instead of spec sheets then in two to four years time they might well follow through on the marketing hype and do so so you already know that the coolest thing about this phone is the way it looks

but is it going to sell it’s a new brand the availability is extremely limited and it’s probably not much more powerful than your current phone so you love the look of the nothing phone you’re probably not going to buy it that’s why brand

has come up with something divine’s latest skin basically takes the nothing phone aesthetic but applies it to the phone that you already have i wasn’t joking about that name by the way they have actually called it something

and it’s probably my favorite brand skin ever but the coolest thing about it is that it’s not just a copy and paste of the nothing phone’s design it is actually adapted for the real components inside the device that you

get it for the initial launch is limited to a handful of popular devices but brand says they’re already working on the next set of something designs so whether you want to buy something or you want brand to make something for your phone

  • Nothing Phone VS iPhone Review
  • Nothing Phone VS iPhone Review
  • Nothing Phone VS iPhone Review
  • Nothing Phone VS iPhone Review
  • Nothing Phone VS iPhone Review
  • Nothing Phone VS iPhone Review

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