New Tips Sell Life Insurance in 2022

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hey welcome back excited for a phenomenal interview today I’m telling you what the dude in the chair to my right Justin rosin from el dorado Arkansas is crushing it he’s building a virtual sales force that are selling over the phone and helping prospects all over the country and he is absolutely dominating at it so if you have if if you’re

 like okay i would like to sell more insurance any of this is true by the way you’re going to want to watch the whole thing guaranteed i want to sell more insurance i like hanging out and learning and talking to cool people this guy and or and or i want to sell i want to learn to sell virtually over the phone from home from anywhere from Mexico Canada doesn’t matter right well if any of these are true you’re going to love today justin welcome to the studio bro what is up man this is this is awesome yeah yeah i need to you probably get this a lot but like i need like i need the audio clip of that introduction just like yeah play it every 

day when you wake up right yeah every day when i wake up and when i go to bed so like i just remind myself yeah i think my alarm is like the rocky oh yeah um like like a rocky ring tone you know um if i was like acting like i was i’ve been messing around with lyrics today if i acted like i knew what it was i would totally butcher it right now however that’s what i think about so maybe you should have we should take that we should clip it out we can make we should make it your alarm who else is watching you’re like okay i’ll jump in comments and be like dude i need my own little audio clip that i can make is my alarm right when you wake

 up okay that’d be kind of fun to do actually it would be yeah well dude what’s your experience been like today man it’s been uh it’s been cool you’re from el dorado we’re spending the day together we’re doing a power day we’re really analyzing your business and how we can blow it up and scale what’s uh what’s been your experience from the moment you arrived man um the experience that i’ve had like right out of the gate was um well not out of the gate through the door uh you know actually i’m a backup before i even got out of my truck like just warmth you know you called me and then like before i got out of my my truck devin 

was was there waiting for me and then everybody just you know like not one person was just like skating don’t pass me like it is really cool it says a lot about you and everybody everybody that’s in this entire building which is like a little castle by the way um i’ve gotten lost like twice um but it it’s it’s very warm and inviting and um i think what you know you know it’s a lot of good energy too i mean some easter egg throwing going on yeah there was that was pretty fun that’s right that was cool we didn’t partake in that but i i’ve i’ve learned so much today so i’m i’m excited i don’t want to go home dude stick around man right just stay

 with us till friday jump on the jet go to omaha for the ultimate agent which i’m not supposed to be releasing where we’re going but i just did so that’s why you watch interviews right yeah dylan said don’t believe it i don’t know should he leave it in should you leave it out um just leave it um i’m coming home babe don’t worry coming home oh god there there it goes again it goes again i don’t know about you guys but have these random things where somebody says something a phrase or a word and i think of a song and lyrics and i don’t listen to music that much at all right so it’s really weird it’s hilarious it’s funny i don’t know where it comes from i’m also having some fun today too he’s a cool guy to hang 

out with um i appreciate all the kind words man about everything we have going on it’s cool it’s fun it’s been fun to have you here you can tell you’re a good dude like when we hang out with good people well it’s really interesting we don’t tend to attract a lot of terrible human beings which i’m we’re very thankful for i’m very thankful for that yeah very good because people are just typically really good down-to-earth people you said you’ve learned a lot of different things today what would you say is like the number one thing that you’ve witnessed noticed learned or a takeaway that you can share with our listeners um that we’re 

all in the people business mm-hmm you know he had said that you said that earlier and it’s so true um because i didn’t learn that just because he said it earlier it’s like what i was just talking about i mean we we’re all in the people business like um you know just the way that the way that everybody talks to each other the way that everybody reacts with each other and the way that you react with everybody man we are in the people business you want to know how to get like you know massive success you know realize that you’re in the people business and treat people good and you do that and everybody else here does that so i i love that it’s probably going to be the biggest thing that i walk away from um today

 you know but i i did learn a lot about um well just some good business talk i’m not going to dive into that too much but i i i i learned that um you need to get around um like-minded people like mine you can you need not like-minded people you need around bigger minded people like um that’s good yeah not like-minded people because i might have a good i might have a good think um but dude you you got a big thing you took one of my ideas and was like and i would i mean i i’m so excited now i can’t i can’t tell you man i’m so excited like it’s it stuff like that gets that that gets me excited and it speaks volumes to me so i i that’s that’s the biggest thing get around big-minded people yeah dude you’re giving 

me goosebumps as i’m sitting here it’s it’s cool that yeah it’s really cool like we don’t also too we’re talking about it earlier we even got in the interview yet because we’re just spitballing but this is kind of the fun stuff this is the good stuff i love it this is like behind the scenes pre-interview okay um you shared and we talked about how that really yes we all think differently as people think bigger than others you know um but when i get to sit down with someone and like think about their idea and talk about what they’re doing and just add some flavor right if they got you know some some chocolate and vanilla going on we’ll make 

it cookies and cream maybe because that’s better you know i don’t know i’m down uh so that’s what’s been cool about today is just getting to spit ball think of ideas you’re already naturally doing really well um you know he’s dudes uh i mean shoot i i think you’re gonna make seven figures very very soon by the way very very soon oh yeah for sure and and and beyond i mean you know 10 million that’s the goal yeah yeah i know how long you think it’ll take i got it wrote down two years okay so dude um yeah we’re talking yeah so and i’ve got it down you know i got the math down exactly what i need to do to get to that in the next two years and um you know i’m not gonna speak in existence it’s not going to happen but if it didn’t happen i’m going to be a lot better off than yeah than than

 most people but i mean in two years well you’re already in the top half a percent probably of all people in our industry at your current income level i love that so if you guys understand stats or can do research you can figure out how much money makes okay uh have you always lived in el dorado where were you born no i was i come from texas a little town called paris texas paris texas i’ve heard of it where’s it it’s it’s famous for its eiffel tower and it’s got a it’s got yeah it’s uh it’s got a red uh cowboy hat i haven’t been there in a while on top of the eiffel tower yeah yeah it’s a little miniature eiffel tower it’s uh that’s what everybody that passes through paris they got to stop by and see the eiffel tower um

 it’s got a really awesome uh veterans monument they’re right next to it now they went they went like way out of their way for it’s really really an honor wow um but paris has that’s i mean that’s that’s where i grew up i was born and raised what part of texas uh northeast northeast arkansas okay northeast texas i’m in northeast texas yeah arkansas now yeah uh okay and then you when did you what did your childhood look like like who was justin how do you know uh i’m sorry 24 34 30 well who was who was justin like 20 years ago when you were 14. oh man you know i i hesitated on the age right there for a second because when you when you said who was justin back then it actually hit a nerve um why uh yeah i don’t i don’t haven’t even told you this kind of stuff like i have i have one of those um i like to call it a cliche testimony because you you hear you know the bad testimonies

 and you’re like oh there’s another another goal cast motivation type testimony um you know but i i i i had that uh you know i i come from uh um [Music] you know there was a lot of uh drugs and alcohol in in my family and in my life and uh and most of my family was um [Music] was either doing drugs selling drugs or on their way to prison or in prison um or dead um and as cold as that sounds i mean it it’s it’s the way it was and i was going down that road unfortunately um i joined uh i joined the military as soon as i as soon as i uh graduated when i i didn’t even graduate like i was in my last year of high school and i i signed 

up and uh that was the army thank you for your service thank you great man what was that experience like that was that was the first time i found something i don’t really um i was good at besides music i i was i played music when i was in in in high school yeah i loved i didn’t see that yeah i i i did i had i used to have long hair yeah you guys envisioned that i can’t see it look at it look it up on facebook i’ve got go to my go to my uh go to my photos you’ll you won’t be disappointed let’s look him up justin and then rosin r-o-s-s-o-n super simple um but uh yeah i i i the army was my last ditch effort to survive like um i was

 i was a i was going down a bad bath like i like super bad like um i had um i had od’d in front of my mom like i i was oh my gosh um like right i mean you miss 17 18. can you remember i like i i had in in like i had taken i had done some bad stuff and like i was like my mom was just so worried like about me like and she didn’t even know like that like that i had fallen victim to that lifestyle um is that when she learned yeah yeah yeah like yeah she she uh you know i don’t even remember all of it i just know that i i was completely out of it and on the side of the road and my mom came in came and got me um and talked me

 out of some some dark stuff there on after that um but um guy i love you mom um but um i joined the military man i had to i had to do something i i gave up on music which was like my dream but that lifestyle like at a young age i i just wanted to party and so i joined the military um and that man it changed my life so it helped yeah it helped all the way until i got out um i this is the word i was looking for purpose um like i loved music so much and i was doing really good in music but it i didn’t have my purpose because i was i was doing all the wrong things when i got into the military it was like i’ve got i’ve got something to live for now and i’d i mean it was pretty incredible like i mean that’s why a lot of people fall into something bad in general bad choices because they don’t have some type of purpose in life absolutely look forward to something to do absolutely yeah absolutely because once i got out of the military i didn’t have any purpose anymore you know what

 i started doing same thing dumb stuff um how are you in the military 11 years well 10 years wow yeah it’s a long time yeah um i i i just kind of kept on extending you know a year a year at a time and then um i started working on power lines and i really didn’t have any purpose until somebody um and my uncle uh he’s gonna be watching this you know what’s up hunk how are you doing um he uh he showed me a 1099. i told you the story earlier yeah you did share the story it was that was such a good story cool which is really cool well there was a couple a couple of real reasons that recruited me you know he he recruited 

me and um he said uh um he doesn’t know this i don’t think i’ve ever even told him so he’s gonna he’s gonna watch this you’re about to learn something okay um something new you know um because because i don’t you know i think when you’re family sometimes you you don’t pass off um uh gratitude enough you know and so i i don’t i haven’t done this and he he he does deserve it but uh i uh i literally um i told him that that kind of money wasn’t in it it wasn’t in my life like i wasn’t i wasn’t meant for that and he kept on he didn’t stop

 i wish i would have listened to him when i was 21 like you know uh like you know uh yo anyways a couple years later he kept on he kept on kept on and um he said uh justin you’re a good person and i don’t know there wasn’t there wasn’t a lot of people that like were willing to bet on me and he and he did and and and he he he was willing to put put himself out there and say justin you’re a good person yeah i want you to give this a shot so i was going to i was thinking about it and aunt misty you’re the one that recruited me just so you know i wanted a family and she said she said justin your uncle uh your uncle said i i if he made as much money in one month as i make in a whole year i gotta quit my job and i said ann 

you know yeah kind of entitled little brat you know and and she said uh she said uh justin i hadn’t worked in four years wow and i thought that that was so cool and i i immediately i was like you know what i want to i want to you know if when i’m married i want to be able to uh i want to be able to to give my wife that opportunity you know that option you know um well but my wife’s not gonna take that option she’s a she’s a hustler so like yeah what’s she doing she’s an agent man oh that’s awesome yeah she’s an agent and she you know she used to work in in marketing but um she’s an agent she’s a top producer at the marsh group wow yeah so that’s her name hannah hannah hannah ross relations hannah that’s awesome yeah she’s beautiful go follow her she’s awesome cool i mean he’s a sales person right hey she’s she’s good she’s knocked out apart that’s great 

i love that as you you talk through the military finding insurance what were your first 6 12 months like in insurance when you joined okay um you smirked why’d you smirk you still are he’s still doing it why do you do it uh it well it’s just it’s just funny um i i actually had a decent first year yeah um i i’m not gonna get into exactly what i made the first year it was uh but i mean but but uh because i don’t i don’t really i don’t know the details okay um but i made it i made a pretty good i made a pretty good chunk but i didn’t the first two months like and that’s also why i don’t i don’t want to shed too much light on how much i made because

 i like telling people to suck first like man my first why was the first two ones so hard i didn’t listen okay i i’ll be honest like i um i moved here you know i was listening to my ankh listening to a couple managers and uh man i just i just didn’t listen like i wasn’t putting in the time um i wasn’t i wasn’t really going to like i i wasn’t really going to work if i’m being honest i took out leads because they told me to take out leads all right check that box um but i wasn’t i wasn’t doing anything man yeah i was being a little bit lazy yeah why um i think um it’s because you were used to being told what to do in the military you didn’t have

 to like get there was a lot wasn’t a lot of guesswork no i i i think that i was uh i i think that i came over here not really committed okay like i i mean i had a plan b to go back to power lines yeah like like that and like i left texas pretty much thinking i was going to be coming back to texas so i was still part of you that thought i’m not going to do this yeah at the end of the day like i that’s 100 what was the problem but i wasn’t listening i was a little bit lazy um yeah it like i and i and i couldn’t close to save my life like like the people that i did get in front of like i i just i couldn’t i didn’t make one single cell for my my first entire month when points

 did you run like none oh yeah it’s hard to make it with you don’t talk to anybody bro yeah i didn’t well i didn’t do anything right like when i say i didn’t listen like how was month two month two was was just about as rough i’ve i got one cell why’d you stick it out for eight weeks if it was so difficult um that’s a really good question i don’t know i i if i can say anything about myself i’ve got this i’ve got this ability to suffer like um yeah i i got this ability to suffer like it it was it was like it was bad like um and and just positive and negative it is because i mean sometimes you’ll go way further than you were supposed to go in suffering and i i’ve been there very like a lot of times hey you don’t have to do that all right but um yeah and i only did that one other time you know after that second month i started making i started making really really good money about how much a month in premium were you writing oh i mean just just you know anywhere between 12 and 15. i mean

 not nothing crazy i would i’m definitely i was never a crazy producer no that’s good um a lot of agents don’t do that yeah i would i would just i would hang out in that area um probably it was also more money than you ever made before it definitely was it definitely was and i was cool with that yeah yeah it goes back to like law of the lid you know it was uh yeah yeah did you get did you settle there for a while i yes i i did i i settled um i settled making that much money you know which was just a little bit shy of of six figures for a couple years i never really did anything um until i until i got into telecells mm-hmm and that was because it was

 a challenge um we we grew i remember this yeah we grew fast like like we had um i’m gonna i’m gonna throw out an astronomical number that i didn’t say earlier and please we like astronomical numbers don’t we in comments like if you know you know marty anybody you guys can test me you know test me on this and and let me know but uh my the first year in the call center the mars group we uh we grew um over 400 like it was it was astronomical but there was a little bit of a fire in me you know i had i had where was that during field cells though you know what i mean um because you’re naturally competitive yeah if somebody challenges you you’re gonna rise the occasion is it that nobody challenged you ah you just needed that i think so imagine the amount of money you’d be making right now

 if the person didn’t challenge you oh man because how long ago did you start the call center uh you know six years ago so yeah six years ago six years ago nobody challenges you but you still do you still try to do it how much smaller would it be today oh i mean i i would have been stuck in the same i think like i i i really i and i’m okay with saying that like yeah like yeah um it’s sad it’s sad that i’m that i am owning up to that but like yeah i think that i would be making a little bit shy of six figures now i mean it’s it’s insurance so i mean i would have gotten some resistance yeah so but it i mean it’s like a turtle pace like you know i mean that is um compared to what i’m doing now it’s a very turtle base yeah like five

 five six years in i probably would have been making like you know 125 like which still for southern arkansas yeah it’s not bad you’re like i mean they’re gonna give you the mayor a crown and you’re pretty much gonna own every building in the city i mean pretty close yeah that would be a thing i’m from i need to talk to him i’m from arkansas originally so i could make fun of arkansas yeah i mean there’s not much there in south arkansas so yeah um okay so it you got i had another question come up yeah that was another good one um you someone lit a fire into you and then you roast the occasion yeah and it’s gotten good maybe not great in your opinion though in your eyes right how long do you keep pushing based off of that initial challenge or now are you doing it just to see how far you can go and really test your full potential like why are you still operating at such a pace and even speeding up at this point more than ever because you you yes that carried you for a little bit i don’t think it’s carrying you today right no i think you’re past that right um and i think you’re 100 right like what and sometimes i think i think we all need

 like a little spark you know sometimes um i think sometimes we can fuse a spark with the fire explain that that’s good well i mean that person you know when people challenged me and said i couldn’t do it over the phone like i mean that can’t carry you to 10 million dollars in two years like that that’s that’s a spark you know but you know if you’re waiting because because then you’ve got to wait for the next person to say you can’t mm-hmm yeah exactly and and you’re going to get passed up every single time you can’t you’re not going to do it bro okay well you won’t look out i got mars group when i get back i can’t look out um but um now now it’s it’s that spark it it it did it it spoke to me um it revealed something i didn’t know you know that that was the cool thing that’s the cool thing 

about spark like i mean it revealed something i didn’t know was even inside of me like i did dude i was i was i i thought i was a mediocre insurance sales guy and i because i was challenged and there was a spark on my second phone call was able to rock a presentation have the confidence to take over the world and realize you know what i’m going to build a massive call center like it like it it it revealed something in me that i i didn’t even know it was there like i i literally had i mean i had i think i mean i i think that i was pretty much okay with being the mediocre insurance guy because i didn’t know that i could be better are you a better sales rep or builder leader recruiter um builder leader recruiter like but by landslide 

like i i’m i’m i am an average um sales well i can’t say that i don’t think you’re average no i i can’t say that that that sounded that’s happening i recruiters builders in our space right maybe your average there yeah yeah sales wise right but you’re naturally i picked up on it pretty quick like this dude is he’s um he’s a magnet for other people i i don’t know why but they probably see you like and they see yeah they see you as like man dude this guy is doing what and they become a believer like dude i can do it too man i know i can’t you know and then they’re attracted to you you’re also have a big heart you care about people which people feel right like if i well i lose if i lose that sense of touch for people right and still haven’t stopped having a heart and stop caring about the success of my team and people in the industry et cetera people will be able to tell my team able to tell i’ll lose everyone in my life you know yeah and and everybody can tell like when you have those moments because we all still have those moments yeah um uh and and and when you’re an influencer when you’re when you’re when you are a good leader like people can notice when like you’re hurting like a little bit when you’re off you know um true and the bigger you get the easier it gets for that for you to be affected just because of the amount

 that’s coming at you right you also get better just withstanding the storm you know but um what what have you learned today you think based off of like promotion marketing branding just like watching us really start to scale something and i get fun and surround myself a lot of other amazing people and all that and like market and promote because if i look back this is wild to say oh gosh five years ago no staff period what have you noticed today in relation to that just the promotion and marketing and branding and stuff we were talking about a little bit earlier on on you guys i mean it’s uh well that word astronomical comes back like because it really is it’s it’s not um it’s not like it’s not baby steps like i’m sure there were some baby steps in there but to the whole world like it’s like it’s it’s it’s the epitome of overnight success you know if you look at your last five years um and it’s very unfortunate

 because nobody nobody’s going to see the baby steps and the hard work but you’re like if your last five years on social media is like the epitome of overnight success because it was like all the hard work that was behind the scenes like it paid off like you got like i mean you you’re known like i mean you were known before but like like you’re i mean social media and marketing like you like i mean you put some you put some sweat equity into it and it’s it’s definitely paying off um and it’s it’s definitely causing um some uh some success in other people’s lives um so if you ever think that your hard work isn’t paying off make sure you remember that like um that’s cool to hear yeah i’ve got i’ve got agents that we that i mean they they love your videos so we faced time earlier yeah which is cool yeah oh man she’s we have a we have a private line like you know like group me discord type stuff and she is like just completely yeah i mean like she completely lost him

 like that’s awesome but i i love watching the videos and i love the fact i don’t know if you were going here with this question or with that statement but um [Music] i love what you’re doing on social media because in in in this industry i mean it doesn’t have to be this industry like i mean you do a lot to touch outside the industry which is really really cool but in this industry in in in the insurance world um like people can i mean they can latch on to you like it’s cool like like that’s that’s not like um and i wouldn’t say that about anybody like i mean i know i mean there’s some social media people out there that i wouldn’t i wouldn’t tell you to go latch onto yeah like um but what you’ve done and the material that you’re putting out and the um the um the the knowledge you’re gathering this is this is really cool i’m trying to think of how to word it but the knowledge you’re gathering and putting out from 

different worlds right you know because i’m going to say it like that like the insurance worlds because it’s sometimes it’s like we live in different worlds and what you’re doing by jumping into different worlds and bringing out knowledge from each of them for everybody to go wow that’s what i needed it’s incredible so keep it up bro i appreciate that that means a lot man seriously absolutely i mean where people don’t realize too you go through it we all go through it you know people watching go through it like it’s this whole thing of pushing and and and trying to make a career out of something right or blow up your passion or whatever it is man sell a bunch of insurance any of it it’s so challenging like there are days where i’m like dude we are floating on flipping air we cannot miss and this is the most fun thing ever yeah today’s been one of those days there’s i agree other days

 thank you there’s been other days where it’s like are we going to make a flipping bucket yeah i can’t make a layup today everyone hates me and what the heck is going on you know well that’s that’s business you know but as long as you do what you said and and do the right thing and know that you’re helping people and and try to help people along the way a lot of good stuff’s going to come to you as well you know which is cool yeah yeah and you know two things you opened up you opened up a that whole thing um it’s making me think of like two things okay uh one um is something i learned from brandon dawson and he says his definition of success and it’s like hey brandon if you’re if you’re watching this i’m on that like

 hey uh it it has become my definition of success because it’s so good and it’s it’s you know success is making success easier for others like and and you’re doing that like you’re like like yeah you’re this whole environment that i’ve been a part of today that’s what this is doing and it’s also what i’m trying to do you know like finally explain it yeah yeah going to do um it’s just bad dude this is a bad dude man i’m telling you i appreciate it explode oh yeah it’s it’s it’s gonna happen it’s gonna and i’m sorry dylan for like what what the the what’s gonna

 happen in this room when you know just the fire that you know the explosion um but um you know it it really is like making making things easier for other people that’s i mean that’s that will carry you so much further than all all the other stuff and i don’t even know what that what the second thing i was going to say was first one was so good we all forgot you even had a second yeah right right okay last question um what advice would you give to an agent out there that wants to reach your level of success one day but right now they think it’s totally impossible i remember now okay good does it relate to this it’s perfect it’s perfect

 um all scripted this whole thing yeah yeah remove the teleprompter yeah please can’t see it can’t see it um i said this this morning um um get get rid of your emotions business sells all of it like it’s not it’s not personal like i mean it is when it’s when it’s dealing with your vision and your dreams you need to take that kind of stuff personal but the only thing that you should be taking personal is you not acting towards those vision or dreams you know don’t get upset when somebody steps in the way of your vision and dreams like that’s part of the equation like that’s gonna happen like you can’t get emotional about it because you won’t ever get to your vision of dreams just like cells so i mean the best piece of advice

 i would give anybody is because i see it all the time i see leaders i see i see big um i see people with big potential lose it on on emotionalism like just just getting emotional um when they’re way better than that leaders we because we all are and i know that we all fall short like i get emotional sometimes and i mess it up too but man i’m just saying like if i could give anybody one piece of advice that would carry you to a whole different realm get get rid of your emotions like that’s so good yeah stay positive come on now come on somebody that’s good dude that’s that’s amazing appreciate that yeah an agent can just get rid of that because you think about it his point is about as good of an answer as we’ve ever got here’s why because i’ve asked that question a lot but if you think about it we somebody 

you know don’t answer the phone sad annoyed right what type of emotion we knock on the door somebody swims the door in our face we call somebody they hang up we go try to make a sale they don’t buy like it creates these emotions and then we let emotion be the driver of our whole life our whole business whole career and then that emotion ends up making a decision for the rest of the life of our life what we do we quit we throw in the towel whatever it’s because of those emotions and so i’m glad you’re sharing that it’s such a good thing to share and dude but you said something right there though and i don’t i don’t i really don’t want to skate past this because sometimes i think that i think that when you’re on these uh

 these shows or or you’re watching them you get this idea that like there’s superheroes sitting in the seats and that’s not the case like when somebody hangs up on me it’s not the absence of emotion yeah like it still happens when i get cussed out i don’t it’s not like i’m like oh nice amazing yeah that was great do it again um no it’s it’s it’s not like that it’s it’s directing my emotions where they’re supposed to be like you got to you got to get a handle on your emotions um so well like it’ll it’ll catapult you into into levels of success you’ll never because you’re gonna have them you’re gonna have a bad day and how you react to that is is i used to have a girl that like literally would like after she got rejected like you could

 see that she would be a little bit upset but she’d go high-five everybody like literally like in the in the whole call center that’s like that mel mel robbins high five yourself in the morning thing or whatever i’ve heard about yeah and she’d go high-five everybody and go make another call that’s good that’s so good dude this has been great this is you guys enjoyed this man let us know let justin know blow up his linkedin with his facebook messenger friends his ig it’s justin w ross w rossen on instagram blow it all up like you know is there anything else they can reach out to they’ve had questions email i mean whatever you’re willing to provide maybe it’s just social yeah i mean uh i mean social is is great facebook justin ross and we talked about that um you know he owns the mars the mars group we have i mean you can look up the mars group official on facebook and insert uh ig um and linkedin

 so boom you’re a beast bro thank you for doing this appreciate you this dude’s a stud he’s an animal he’s a problem okay i don’t know about that i don’t know that’s a listen song lyrics what is that what’s up i’m a beast i’m an animal i’m a mother effing problem i don’t know oh no i know where you’re going but yeah okay something i shouldn’t be listening to apparently okay i don’t even listen to music but i’m telling you it’s i don’t know it’s weird he does this man it does this it’s great though it’s great i’m like i’m not it’s like a it’s like a it’s like a karaoke like a broken karaoke you just sorry just just say a word and he’ll start singing very broken because i’m terrible at singing dude it’s been a blast hanging with you thank 

you for coming up for el dorado go blow this dude instagram and facebook and linkedin up mars group justin rosin and let him know how much you appreciated the interview with him today thank you buddy thanks guys how many clients do you have uh we’re close to about three thousand clients three thousand if you had to start over today okay you had to completely start over how fast could you get back to three thousand clients with what you know today what i know today may be three years 

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