Make $100,000 As A Brand New Insurance Agent

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 i’m gonna walk through how we can expand your brain this morning before i kick it off and bring up our first speaker okay again i need a black marker okay um here’s what i’m gonna walk through i don’t care if there’s a sharpie it doesn’t matter okay i wanna walk through what’s called a possibility index because i want you to right off the bat

be thinking about what is truly possible today okay thank you alex okay i’ll be walking through specifically what is possible for you today okay it’s called a possibility index okay possibility index can you guys see that show of hands yes if you can see that from the front camera if you can actually see okay all right i may have to scoot it up even more we’ll see i may have to also i may have to zoom in a little but we’ll give it a try okay this is [Music] a massive target in your life right like this is the possibilities that you had also let’s get a thicker marker if we can Cassidy

okay this is the possibilities in your life right i always want you to think about when you were not in the insurance industry you were out here you weren’t even in here you were over here somewhere why because this career seven figures six figures all the money in the world felt invisible to you did it not like you were

you’re like dude i don’t agree with you it’s no longer impossible for me like i i i i create my own luck right and you do you do so let’s just say that dude it’s impossible it looks impossible to me right it’s impossible then you start to taste a little bit of success you start to write your first app you start to set your first appointment you have your first nine thousand dollar

week and or month right or quarter and steve and amy it starts to become what you move from possible to probable then it becomes probable in your life that you’re going to achieve success right you move from invisible dude i don’t even see it then it’s impossible i don’t believe it though some of you still don’t believe that you

can have successes you can have but you can then you go for impossible and you move to possible and then you’re like dude it’s so possible i believe in myself i know i’m going to get it but then you start to actually do it and then it becomes probable like it’s like i i did a fancy football radio show for like four years my buddy Dallas Keithley

and in fantasy football you’ve got you’ve got inactive right you got out and active you got doubtful you got questionable you got probable and you got active right at least you’re starting to move into probable because josh and jasper and hilda you’re like man dude it’s probable that i’m going to have success in my life right like Edward McNeal

is that duke going to have success in his life or not right like ed is gonna do it why because he’s starting to see what’s possible the only lid on your brain is you who pours into you who do you listen to what are your possibilities and goals jorge and alendro and and Kathleen theo 4 20 22. then you finally at some point move from

probable and you wake up and your nade offered and then you’re in actual success right like then you go to actual i don’t know about you but type actual if you want actual success i don’t want to be invisible i don’t want it to be impossible i don’t want it to be just possible even though that’s cool because i’m starting to move closer right but i don’t want to just be probable like most likely i want it to be likely right i want to be active and i want it to be actual so i want to challenge


 you today to go get and have actual success like success is available there are more millionaires in insurance and financial services than any other career on the planet earth by showing hands who knew there was more millionaires in this than anything else in the world stephen did not realize it Muhammad did not realize

it right by show hands let me see who realized it right who realized most people don’t though right daryl does laurie does what’s up what’s up what’s up laurie okay like some people do and they start to see it but then we remember that oh by the way there’s more millionaires in this industry but 92 percent of insurance agents fell in their

first three years i don’t want to just be a number i don’t want to just be a statistic i want to create the statistic i want to be my own statistic like

 you have the ability to change generational wealth forever you have a chance to change your life your family’s future your kids your grandkids and your great great grandkids one day because the effort that you start putting in in 2022 most careers when you pass away your family stops receiving money immediately dude in

insurance you have a chance to get paid forever that doesn’t suck does it that’s what’s possible and guess what now it’s time to go get some actual success now it’s time to get some actual success so here’s what i want to do okay i’m going to bring up um let’s get rid of the flip chart for me um and let’s throw it back on this side um here’s what i’m gonna do i’m gonna bring up jay there we go joe Campbell

come on bro thank you thank you thank you i’m gonna actually keep you up here too after after you throw the flip chart to the side for me okay okay do what okay here’s what i want to do okay uh brett bring me another handheld mic please okay bring another handheld mic i want to showcase a couple people that have been a part of our

eight percent conference in the past okay joe come up here okay that’s what you get man you get close to the stage and you get pulled on the stage right you get close and you get pulled

 up give brett a hand by the way okay one of our top one of our team members okay what has eight percent meant uh the campers and redwood and i and i love these people by the way like if you haven’t met this family and been around them unbelievable people right like you you didn’t know what 8 percent was a few years ago

and now you do i do um and now he’s speaking today by the way give joe a virtual round of applause before he jumps in let’s go let’s go joe let’s go joe i would i would actually be wearing

my jersey too if i knew i was going to be up here just fyi you guys will see me later in that yeah um you know to me and it was a reminder last night when we were at dinner one event one event that we got to go to with cody and with a lot of people that are in this room changed our business and my personal life forever not in not just my personal life you know generational wealth

you’re talking my kid’s life you know i got two beautiful daughters and a wife back home and one event you guys are sitting on that one event right now so i just you know i want to encourage everybody you know i know that cody’s been saying it but be active be engaged be plugged in and i promise you even in this virtual

environment i mean look at this yes i’m like i don’t even know where to look but it’s amazing this is the life-changing event and i promise you um eight percent is capable of doing that so

thank you cody thank you joe appreciate you but let me grab that mic from is rakita in here is rikita in here by the way okay rakita bring her keyed up for a second okay i’m gonna get you warmed up for later okay bring her keita up um this is another individual that i’ve gotten to know

 her and her husband Anthony a lot by the way um anthony and rakita starks are unbelievable people they have a huge heart they care about people they’re mentoring and coaching and helping agents all around the world which is amazing um being a part of eight percent and and now you’re on stage hanging out with people

was already talking to everybody come on now but i don’t want to cut them off hey y’all there we go joe adam lola how are y’all great good morning right i love it i’d love you to share your experience with eight percent oh man so eight percent has been a game changer for us in our business

 and our lives because it makes you level up a lot of times we are around people who are doing the the bare minimum or mediocrity you know like it’s easy to beat a big fish in a little pond so getting in this room getting around people who think bigger who are bigger makes you play up makes you level up and so i love it i love eight

percent what the movement that you’re creating here the movement that we get to be a part of the lives we get to change the people we get to impact man it’s rewarding i love it give it up for rakita okay you’re gonna hear from her and anthony later today thank you so much rakita

appreciate you appreciate you appreciate you okay why don’t we have uh who else we got man it’s dark in the main room by the way Brian Thompson get up here give brian Thompson to mike for a second okay he knew i was gonna get him on the stage at some point by the way he knew i would okay let’s get him up here uh all

the way from cedar rapids iowa by the way right yes all the way from iowa mr brian thompson give my buddy brian a big round of applause and to say hello in chat okay there we go a little virtual round of applause dude appreciate you this dude shows up as much as anybody in my life i appreciate the heck out of you and i would

love for you to share a little bit of your experience being a part of eight percent the last couple years well i actually met cody almost a year ago exactly it’s been almost 13 months absolutely changed my life changed my outlook on the business changed everything that i’m doing um steal steal a phrase from eight percent last year burn the

ships i changed everything we teach the training we changed the staff and it’s it’s done nothing but open up opportunities for me it’s opened up new relationships

for me and if you’re not here you need to get in the room that’s all i could say boom give it up for brian Thompson dude appreciate you brother thank you thank you thank you i love it i love it i love

it it’s gonna be an amazing day who’s ready for me type type break through if you are ready to finally breakthrough in your life to some level right hey if you enjoyed this i got another one you’re going

to love it it’s right there click on it see you in there one of the best things i ever did was i actually sent emails to 10 people who i very much trusted that my dad my grandpa you know you look at things like fellow co-workers previous

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