ip Filter Internal Traffic Google Analytics

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ip Filter Internal Traffic  Google Analytics

hey it’s David farmer and today we’re going to talk about how you can exclude internal traffic to your dealerships website from from customers and employees at your dealership’s physical location we all know that dealership employees and dealership customers are going to be going to your dealerships website and google analytics is going to track that information unless you specifically set up a a special view to exclude any traffic from your dealership’s physical location in this Article we’re going to show you the step-by-step step-by-steps that you need to take to make sure that you are excluding any traffic from your dealership’s physical location and let me show you exactly how that works the first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to jump over and get into google analytics

now to understand how we’re going to do this it is important to understand the how the account structure is set up in google analytics now if you go to your google analytics uh in the upper left hand corner you select the dealership name there or the account name you’re going to see that there’s three different sections in the structure number one is going to be that top level which is going to be an analytics account number two is going to be the property and that’s where we would generate the code for your dealerships website and then the third is going to be the view now google does recommend a best practice to have at least three views number one a raw data view number


two a test view and number three a master view of course a raw data view is going to be all of the data that’s going to be collected number two the test view is where you can test different filters and different settings and then the third is going to be that master view in order to to make modifications to the views if you go down the bottom left hand corner click on admin the little gear icon you’re going to see the same three account property and view so in this case what we want to do is we want to


create a view that is going to exclude any uh internal traffic from your internal ip so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re just going to click the create view button and we’re going to create this and we can just call this internal traffic excluded so now we know that that is set up now it is important to understand that when you create a new view none of the data that you have previous is going to be available in this view so it’s only on a go forward basis so when i create that view this is when we’re going to start to collect data once you actually create that view also we do want to do a couple different things here the first thing if we go into view settings you want to make sure


that you have the bot filtering checked this is going to exclude any hits from any known bots or spiders so we want to make sure that that is excluded and that’s going to be on by default i’m going to go back here and go into uh go back into the view setting actually if i open this back up again you’ll see the account the property and the view underneath our newly created internal traffic excluded view if i go down to filters


 now we’re going to be able to create a filter also when you create these filters the way that google analytics works is we’re actually going to filter out any of the traffic to be saved into this view so uh anytime that we add a filter it’s it’s just not going to allow that filter to actually get the data or save it so it’s filtering out anything we don’t want so it’s not going to be accessible from this view that’s one of the reasons why they recommend having a a raw data view so you can see the difference between all of the data versus the filtered data that’s available in these different views so i’m just going to go ahead and


click on add filter and i’m going to say this is going to be internal traffic now there are a few different types of filters you can create you can do a a predefined filter but we’re going to be looking at doing a custom filter actually my we’re actually going to be doing a predefined filter we’re going to be excluding uh any known ip addresses and we’re going to be able to enter that in right here now to find out what i p address you your uh your wi-fi is on if you just go to a google search bar and search what is my ip it’s going to let you know exactly what your ip is right there we can copy this and we can paste that right in so now we’ve created a pre-designed uh predefined filter to exclude any uh any traffic


i hit save so now from this point forward we’re only going to be collecting uh data uh from customers that are outside our external database now there are ways where you can add in multiple ip addresses if you have multiple wi-fi addresses all you need to do is just separate that by uh the pipe uh character which is the straight up and down one so if you had a couple different ones you can uh you can enter that right in for ip address that way so that is exactly how you have the ability to exclude traffic from your uh inside your google analytics account from customers that are in your dealerships


showroom this is going to be extremely important for you to be able to judge the success of any external traffic looking at users new users returning users how you’re going to be able to collect audiences to use for retargeting bounce rates all of those things now are going to be more accurate because you’re only trafficking you only um utilizing data from customers that are outside your dealership’s physical location i hope that you found some of this information uh valuable today


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