How To Succeed Your First Year As An Insurance

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 there’s some people that join the industry and they just kind of dabble right they just kind of work they just kind of buy leads they just kind of make calls they just kind of make sales they just kind of make money and then they end up at 92 and they fail this dude commits he goes all in he will do whatever it takes to win and help people and he’s extremely committed to the success this industry go back to the ca rising stars podcast love this thing i’ve been reading my book with you every single week for the two previous weeks this week we got a special guest in office in the house this dude honestly he’s a rising star and a power player truthfully okay the dude’s all of the above but we’re gonna air it on the rising star podcast so we can get out quicker and so we can share it with you because he’s still only been in the business for like less than a year and a half which is unbelievable okay so i’m excited for today’s interview then we’ll pick back up with the book


How To Succeed Your First Year As An Insurance

 and chapter three of the zero to six figures audio in the next rising star podcast but i can guarantee you you want to stick around you don’t want to miss a second of this because i’m going to give you so i’m going to give you some like details okay he’s right he wrote like a hundred and forty fourteen hundred and fourteen thousand in apv the last three months uh what’d you do in your first 12 months my first 12 months i did a hundred and ninety one thousand come on now right like is would you categorize that as a rising star freaking come on right if that ain’t a rising star in the insurance industry i don’t know what is and he’s helping a lot of agents and agency owners around the country now as well which is really cool please welcome the rising star podcast in office in studio all over pensacola for florida now


sitting here in spring missouri mr ashton delango londe yes sir dude great to be here uh absolutely stoked to be able to finally get meet you in person yeah man uh we’ve been chatting on the phone for a while now and really get to learn a lot from you yeah definitely enjoy a lot of the content thank you buddy i appreciate that a lot um and you got a lot of cool people you’re learning from and mentors absolutely so i appreciate you saying that um we’re also going to be jumping on a private jet together to go to the cincinnati roadshow dude i’m excited tomorrow morning and then we’re going to cincy we’ll have the private vip and speakers event and all that ashley’s going to be speaking there and then friday we’ll have the uh eight percent road show all day a bunch of incredible speakers bunch of motivation you


 know nuggets etc then we’ll go to the speaker dinner on friday night and then we’ll jump back on a private jet and fly back to springfield missouri yeah which i’m super excited about so i appreciate you joining that absolutely excited to have you a part of that thing it’s going to be incredible um here’s one of the reasons i want to have him on this registrar podcast by the way for those that are just joining us listening is there’s some people that join the industry and they just kind of dabble right they just kind of work they just kind of buy leads they just kind of make calls they just kind of make sales they just kind of make money and then they end up at 92


and they fail this dude commits he goes all in he will do whatever it takes to win and help people and he’s extremely committed to the success this industry i don’t know is it the ex-athlete in you where does that come from because there was no doubt in your mind that you were going to make this a success a lot of people doubt stuff yeah was there a doubt for you there was never a doubt i mean there wasn’t a single time where i was like i don’t know if this is going to work um i looked at the industry not just the company i was in but i looked at the industry and said well every the story is the same from every person i don’t care who you talk to what what they sell what they do if you work if you put in the work if you work hard yeah you do the self-development you constantly improve yourself and find those ways of


how can i learn more to be better to serve others if you do those things you’ll be successful and there is never a doubt in my mind that hey am i going to do what it takes in order to make sure that my family’s taken care of without a doubt uh and i i see it work for others so why isn’t it gonna work for me yeah yeah totally um you have a natural confidence about you and your abilities not an arrogance just a natural confidence where’s that come from has it always been there is it because you’re an athlete is the way you were raised i think it was the way i grew up i mean growing up i didn’t have a lot of a lot of friends so for me um i just had to have that confidence in myself that i knew what i was doing and why i was doing it yeah and so it didn’t matter what someone else thought um you know whether it was about how i dress what i did nothing yeah and so growing up i always had to


believe in myself before anyone else believed in me i i didn’t have that that coach that mentor whatever you want to say if that was ever pushed me towards something that that was better it was always the opposite that you’re not going to be able to do it you’re not going to make it you’re not going to do it just give up same thing you know when i was an athlete i was told i’d never get a scholarship and got a 1d offer a lot of d2 a lot of d3 and believed in myself and put in the hard work and just saw that reward so i knew if i put my mind to anything then it’s gonna get done and so much more so when you actually have that mentorship and that’s the number one difference i’ve seen coming into this industry is having someone that cares and wants to see you succeed just accelerates that growth beyond measure


 true which is a lot of what you do i mean you come alongside so many agents and agencies and help them grow by providing as much as you can for them yeah and content like this that’s right yeah thanks buddy um you mentioned a couple things i want to jump to one um your story but first before i jump there um you mentioned that you don’t tend to struggle with worrying about what everybody else thinks yeah and i want to jump to that really quick because it’s a really important point because most insurance agents they naturally and you guys listen and okay let me know in comments if i’m lying by the way okay call me out or be like dude you’re right i’m with you a lot of agents a lot of you watching by the way or listening


 care whatever else thinks and it holds you back from really diving in and going with this thing full force man absolutely um that’s a limiting belief that a lot of people place on themselves why don’t you care like most people do man that’s hard and wha how have you dove in to overcome some of that and has that benefit a lot of your early success in the industry so to speak i think it has a lot to do with my early success i think a good part before getting the identity is uh that’s worked much to not my benefit and my benefit being stubborn uh being hard-headed uh thinking hey i i know better you know when i got in this industry every single person


 said don’t get an insurance license an insurance salesman are you know they just scam people they take all your money and don’t do what’s right um and i was like man that can’t be the case did some research not much um so that helped but in terms of identity for me you know my background is uh ministry and so for me when when i look at identity i go what am i basing my identity in is my identity tied to what cody askins thinks of me is it tied to what my my wife thinks of me my friends my my family or is my identity tied in something else and for me my identity is is tied to christ that’s that’s my identity correct that’s who i am who who


 i am to christ i’m made in his image i’m perfect all those things not not perfect but made in his perfect image and that’s where i find my identity so if i find that identity inside of myself maybe if i’m not a believer but if i find that identity inside of myself and that self-worth from from me from from scripture from christ yeah then as long as i do everything i’m doing unto the lord then i’m not going to have to worry about what someone else thinks i’m not going to have to worry about their opinion or what am i doing as long as the end of the day i go man am i doing this for the right reasons if i’m doing this for the right reasons and my identity in some


 is in something that is solid and not going to to shake and crumble correct then everything else is going to fall into place and that’s whether you’re you believe in the bible believe in christ or not if that identity is something that can be shaken or changed then you’ll always be looking to find self-worth in something other than yourself that’s always going to fail yeah it’s good yeah it’s good i love that you’re sharing that too a lot of our stuff that we do is faith-based even though we don’t always say it is you know but it’s just how you live and what you do and and you definitely do that um before i jump to your story what is in your opinion after


what’s it been 15 16 months now yeah november was one year okay november 2021 which is awesome yeah um and you started in 2020 yeah started talk about that first before even just my next point talk about that like starting during cove supposedly yeah it was definitely a a big difference i mean living in the state that i lived in um i always tell people you know obviously kobe doesn’t exist in florida yeah uh so that made it a lot easier in person never really changed there so when i started out i was heavily heavily in person my first like nine months i never did anything other than in person yeah can you imagine starting in new york versus


a florida not politically but insurance wise right yeah starting in those more closed off states it it’s harder if you don’t have that system to fall for the virtual sales yeah um so now you do but you didn’t at first maybe you did you just maybe wanted to start in person i think a lot of people maybe should start in person i don’t know what you’re thinking yeah i mean i always tell people i think it’s it’s best to start in person it’s the easiest way to learn how to build rapport


because you’re going to be able to go there and almost a burden is taken off a little yeah because it’s easier i’m sitting down to you kneecap to kneecap and i’m building that connection just naturally as you do as a person as opposed to now we’re on a computer screen and i got to find those ways of building that rapport that’s unnatural you know the last however old you are 20 30 40 years of your life you’ve built rapport in everything you did school teachers classes everything you know friends yeah you know you’ve always built rapport naturally and so when you’re able to just start in a natural environment that can really propel that a little easier to then go make that transition into something like that but i mean starting in the


 middle of covid i was like i was i got hired in july and i didn’t get my license till september it only took me 15 hours of study time and i did it all in three days but i didn’t do it until september because i was just working this other job and i was like you know what i got to be serious i got to be committed and i told my boss like listen what were you doing uh serving a barbecue restaurant ah dude at least it was a barbecue joint yeah free barbecue barbecue yeah and so i was like hey could you get tired out of barbecue if you had everything honestly no uh you got to switch it up you know we learned how to like mix things together kind of make some creations and yeah you also i mean you got sausage you got ribs you got pork you got a brisket you know we could we can exactly chicken turkey a lot of stuff yeah so that helped uh i gave him my two week notice and he’s like you know what uh we’re slow we’re actually trying to find ways to eliminate shifts don’t even show up for


your your whole week at work he’s like just don’t show up actually oh yeah see you later and i was like what were you thinking that moment like oh crap cause you need the paycheck for two weeks or no um well i had a little bit in savings so i was like well it’s not a huge deal but i was like it would have been nice to still go make a couple extra hundred dollars yeah going into this like you know we don’t normally accept two weeks but people either but by the way that’s just funny yeah i know a lot of people don’t but also you would have done this a lot of people just you know if that’s the case they’re gonna maybe just don’t show up for work yeah or or barely show up or like not be focused or mean you know whatever um or or it can affect the culture of morale with the rest of the group you know you wouldn’t


 have done that but just in general um okay so then do you think he helped you burn a bridge a little bit it did yeah because i mean looking at uh and i did that i would say i think in in august uh because i got hired in july but i wasn’t doing anything so then august i was like i gotta gotta make that switch yeah and then i got my insurance license pretty quick i took a little break i was also getting married in october of that same year so i was doing a lot of wedding planning and figuring things out barely employed getting married yeah yeah that’s the way to do it yeah yeah no it’s not the way you spend all the time with the with with your significant other then yeah yeah you don’t have to worry about it yeah yeah all the time to build their


relationship that’s right um and so when i sat and i finally did it that was really the catalyst for me but i worked there five and a half years i knew everyone all the way to the top of the company is it a big bigger joint uh all the way from kentucky to south florida oh so there’s more than one location yeah it’s a big big franchise wow there’s three in our city sunny’s barbecue sundaes barbecue sunnies sunnies yeah they don’t have it in missouri yeah i think it started i wish you did in south florida oh yeah they’re good i loved it a great company i had no issues with the company at all i loved it and my my goal when i got into this was i’m getting


married either work 60 80 hours a week to make what i need to support my wife so she can finish a medical degree or just find a job working 40 hours like i am now but can make that money that can support two incomes uh support two people and so found this job ad and i was like well it’s really as good as they say what did the job ad say it was you know if you love helping people you love helping families you know part time you can make five thousand you know ten full-time you know you can make 10 000 starting out i was like all right most i’ve ever made in a year was like 18 000 and i was like well i’m going to get your salary up for part or full


whatever yeah we’re part of part yeah i’ll clean the toilets for extra money whatever you need yeah this takes a half part-time shift and i’ll still make double exactly i don’t make my months uh income in in a week yeah absolutely yeah and so that’s what i saw hey you know i love helping people i love serving others and this can combine i can serve people much more effectively and have a larger influence on on their family on their life on their legacy by being able to help them with something like insurance that can make sure that their families taken care of as it helped me in my situation than just serving them a meal as much as serving them a meal helps there’s such a larger influence you can have for a family’s legacy their their generation that’s right because you’re able to sit there and care for them yeah as i’ve seen it happen in my life correct yeah what’s your story uh yeah my story with insurance is where where’d you grew up pensacola florida born and raised my whole life’s been there


 always been there um what did your what did your parents do i think did you think it’d be an insurance today no yeah i mean well obviously so in kindergarten i’m like what do you want to be i was like insurance agent for sure 100 of the first thing i put down like a lot of you two right exactly i mean it’s like their dream career it’s not being sarcastic he just loved the idea no but he saw this like 60 year old white dude that was out of shape that always wore a white dress shirt and a tie and a suit every single day and went out and knocked doors and it’s just like wow that sounds incredible i just want to be just like that person yeah uh ironically i love the door knocking side not not i didn’t do it i actually do too but when i was a kid for fundraisers i was always the number one salesman in my school every single year why i love talking to people was it you were better with talking to him or you just did more or both i think


 both yeah so what i do every day after school i take my my little magazines talk about how you get good with people by doing more too exactly the skills it’s developers uh we we just had another uh agency owner in our company do a training and one of the things he said that i loved was it’s four laps on a track to do a mile you can you can sprint you can and get that done in four minutes you can jog go get it done in 20 or you can walk and take an hour to do it and what’s going to propel and change your business is how quickly you get that mileage and how quickly you do that activity so if you want to take three months to put in you know 20 hours a week and get over that learning curve well you know you’re just kind of going at a walking pace but if you want to come in here be fully committed and give it your all when you’re here whether it’s part-time or full-time and you put in the work you’re going to see yourself come over that curve so much quicker yeah than you know walking but my parents both uh were in the post office okay so my mom was there for about 24 25 years wow


 until she she got cancer uh and then my father still still works uh at that post office and and that’s where they were steady job salary benefits yep all of which you said don’t work in insurance yeah exactly come work at the post office benefits yeah yeah well i mean my mother-in-law said that early on you know hey you don’t have benefits and stuff why doesn’t it get a real job so it’s it’s funny uh did you ever get that from family or parents absolutely absolutely yeah everyone in my family uh on every side uh a lot of them were like you know listen do you really want people to hate you oh do you do you really want to be that guy what’s funny is hang on the the job ad is like hey do you like helping people do you care about people


 and then it’s like the the the other side of the coin is do you want people to hate you yeah like you want to be that guy making these cold calls and bothering people you know selling things they don’t need so you can make money and and i was like yeah well that’s not what i’m gonna do i’m like i’m gonna actually help people and then everyone’s like well in order to even make money you know you have to do unethical things if you want to make an income and be able to support your family you have to do the things that aren’t right and i was like well i don’t like that about the industry yeah let’s change that let’s flip that it’s on on its head and make a great income doing the right thing um so i i had a lot of that coming


into the industry but then being stubborn you know like well hey if it doesn’t work i can go back to serving it’s true mcdonald’s place would take you back too yeah exactly that’s the cool thing about like people that are good people like after i worked at apple market the little grocery store in rogersville for a year we have an apple market do you really yeah freaking way dude for a year and i worked there never called in one time and showed up in work do whatever they said and then after a year i left and i i was going to be an intern yeah um and they said hey if you ever want to come back we would take you back in a heartbeat yeah they’re like were you one of the better employees you ever had i’m like i’m getting


 chills just thinking about talking like that’s cool right and you probably had a similar experience absolutely i loved it that’s why you shouldn’t burn bridges either because you never know what’s even relationships because you never know what life is going to throw at you and what you’re going to need to do later or you’re going to go back to you know so many people burn bridges and just do stupid stuff when they like burn the building down their way out and then later they’re like they grow up and mature and realize crap i should have done that yeah the thing i love the most is i always tell people if if you’re forming good relationships when you’re telling someone hey i’m gonna do what i think is best for me my family you’re not going to burn a bridge they’re going to be excited for you go man i hope you do well yeah and if for some reason it doesn’t you’re always welcome back and that’s when


 you know you’ve actually built a good relationship yes no matter what it is exactly um you sell a ton through zoom now i do how’s that transition been at first it was hard uh i didn’t understand the value of setting solid appointments i remember it was in march so i guess this time last year the first time i was really transitioning into zoom i was like dude i’m going to crawl let’s do zoom not drive everywhere and i booked 12 appointments week one cool i was like okay so we can book appointments yeah people will do it absolutely uh and then my show rate was really great i ended up seeing a zero percent uh so zero for 12. this zoom thing’s definitely gonna work yeah and i was like all right uh back to in person let’s make


 it is that what you did i did exactly i was like all right you know i got scared from it did you go see the leads in person or door knock them or you just i tried calling them back trying to rebook them and i might have done a handful but definitely not all 12 without a doubt and so it’s crazy went back to in person and then we had a good company training on how do you set a quality appointment in order to make sure that a zoom appointment shows these are people that hadn’t you know 70 80 show rate as well as a 70 80 close rate and so i said all right let’s implement that like actually tying down the appointment well my first week i think


was like a 75 show rate after that and so zero to 75 yeah zero to 75. uh not zero to six figures but zero to seventy five yeah yeah yeah and so wild that’s when i saw that booking a solid appointment that’s what leads to it then i was i was 100 zoom from really then on wow what what what we’re going to end up doing a i’m going to end up doing a selling life insurance virtually event i love ashton actually do some training on it by the way that’s coming up soon can’t release the info yet because not even a page built for it but um you just spoke to a rising star training call recently and did a phenomenal job and i loved what you shared and i thought it was a could be a perfect fit for that event by the way we got a lot of positive feedback


what have you what did you do differently to go from zero to 75 percent show rate on the phones when you’re booking a zoom i’m not saying you got to give it all away except the script whatever but yeah you got to make sure they come with the the virtual conference that’s why i can’t give it all uh no the the biggest thing was connecting with the client there’s a way to do it on the phone and i know i know we’re gonna you know dive in as deep as you want today


 and sure obviously a lot more later but connecting with the client on the phone and making sure that you have uh either a script a system a process some way to do it yeah because when you connect with them on the phone and you hit on key portions that’s going to make sure that they’re actually at that appointment and they know why they’re showing up and why this is needed and that’s the key i think that’s the point you should train on it’s like appointment setting i love it i love people to stick and you love dialing that one’s my favorite actually i love darling i remember i the first set of leads ever got uh my my upline uh griff he he got me i think there were like three year plus old leads he said how you’re not going to book anything i was like cool all right well just talk to people i like talking to people uh everyone says i talk too much sure then why not all right so you know started down through these


 leads in my first session i was like i put my first appointment what do i do i just keep down i was like okay i get it i was like i booked seven appointments i was like what do i do it’s like awesome uh you know i’m i’m still dialing and i get seven appointments he’s like uh have you done three hours yet i was like no it’s like well keep it i was like but the first one’s tomorrow he’s like ah we’ll worry about it then i’ll keep doing i was like okay and i love just down through those leads and even when you have those unfun phone calls yeah uh yeah my mindset every time was how in the world can i make this person my friend and the way i related that to ministry was it’s like starting with a bad testimony yeah hey you know you’re the person that was always talked about you know xyz oh you know there’s ashton here’s you know xyz


uh and there’s this negative testimony that you have to overcome and that’s what it is an insurance when you call someone like this is the guy that if i tell him to leave he’s not going to if i don’t need this he’s going to sell me on it until until he makes me believe that i do and he’s not going to care about anything i say whether i can afford it he’s just going to get me to buy the most expensive


thing and i’m not going to get him out of my house for four hours and i knew that that was the mindset of every person i called yeah and i and i immediately approached that in the beginning like hey i’m here because i care about you because i want to help you you know if we don’t have a need for this i’ll be the first one to tell you and i’ll be done in 10 minutes if we we sit down and talk and there’s not a need i’ll be out the door your time is valuable i don’t want to waste it um and we’re hitting on a lot of those pain points yeah yeah like oh man well i can’t really do this i don’t have time but let’s have time either i got about 60 other families to call i’m only gonna really have about 15 or 20 minutes to even sit down and talk with you um you know oh so this isn’t gonna be three hours you’re not gonna be in my uh the real this is what they’re thinking though that’s so no this is what they said to me oh so you’re


not going to come to my house and sit here for three hours like the last person they they wouldn’t leave we kept telling them to leave and they were here for four hours so you’re like you’re not gonna come and do that so absolutely not i mean i like you guys but you know i got other things to do you probably don’t want to stare at my face all day you know you want to do other things yeah like oh well it’s gonna be like an hour i definitely got time okay let’s do it tomorrow then i went from book me out a month which means i don’t want to talk to you yeah oh this is beneficial for my family and it’s not going to take three hours and so that was a lot of what kind


of went through and kind of getting those first appointments booked and really learning how to overcome that on the phone it’s smart instead of dodging it or avoiding it you just attacked it absolutely you’re just honest they’re thinking it i’m thinking it that’s what you’re worried about that’s what i’m worried about i need i need to help other families yeah as much as i want to sit here and have a six hour appointment because i love talking you know that’s the ministry side yeah um i have other families that need help too so let’s just get the elephant out of the room yeah let’s let’s address it correct how did you overcome that you mentioned that you’ve always been told you talk too much yeah and sometimes the gift of gab isn’t always


 a blessing right in the cells how have you adapted and overcame some of that yeah you can definitely talk yourself out of the sale um you can give a client too much information for sure uh and that was one thing that my mentors kind of worked with me a good bit in the beginning of hey here’s a short simple script stick to it on the phone 30 minute phone call doesn’t mean that they’re going to show up as much as we’d like to think that that means oh you know what you’re my best friend now i always tell people they didn’t fill this lead out because they wanted a professional phone buddy yeah they weren’t looking for a professional pen pal they


filled this lead out because they were looking for a professional insurance agent not a professional pen pal so i’m in here to give you what you want and give you just that not not a professional pen pal so when i started down on the phone like that was the first thing i realized i was having 25 30 45 minute phone calls with one client you realize all right i just need to get through the script and i can build that rapport in the home and and go through that shorter process and so really going let me get what i need build a connection then have an appointment that was what was kind of that key and in the appointment that same same scenario that i’m going to spend five or ten minutes talking about you your family building that rapport telling you a little bit about me and then i’m not going to waste your time thinking i got to build


 30 minutes of rapport right i’m going to go right into what you’re you’re asking all right hey you guys are looking for that mortgage protection that final expense uh let’s go over that information i even have a little powerpoint that’ll even kind of help us get through this uh for you and we’ll be able to also visually see what we’re talking about and that helped that transition a lot just making sure to stick to the basics and give them what they need smart smart what does rising star mean to you rising star oh man that’s a good question rising star um i think it means that you realize in yourself i know i can do this if if i had that that extra push that extra coaching that extra training that mentorship if i had that person that believed in me if i had that person that could help push me that i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that i could


 make an influence and effect in this business that i could really help change some lives um that i could do this that i could support my family not only that but i could help others i could show others how to do the same thing that’s right that’s what a rising star is you might be making good money you might not be making any money but you know that this this might be your calling that this is your passion that you can help others and you can really make an influence in this world by helping a family yeah and you just you got to have those tools in your pocket and that’s what this is all about giving those agents those tools so good can’t think of a better way to end that they can find you on facebook absolutely ashton delangelo london spell your


last name real quick yeah um so yeah my mom made it up so it’s always fun so it’s a d e capital l a n g o capital l u n d a y boom the lingo londo dude only one in the world you can google me it’s crazy high school and when he says google me it actually works dude which is cool right which is cool uh dude phenomenal job thank you for sharing and thank you for being on the rising thank you for having us appreciate your brother okay thanks for listening ca registrar podcast


 every friday 8 am central center time don’t miss an episode thanks for listening to the interview with aston delangelo let go look this cat up he’s doing amazing things and we will jump back to the book audio next week see you next week hey if you enjoyed this i got another one you’re gonna love it’s right there click on it see you in there cody do you mind if i share a tip on how to write really big premium definitely don’t do that for sure right guys no oh please that’d be awesome so last week i wrote one app for 14

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