How To Do $7 Million In Annuity Volume As A Financial Advisor

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what is up and welcome back i’m super excited for today’s interview my good buddy i’m telling you when it comes to like count having money counting money finding money this dude is as good as it gets mr ryan palamini welcome back sir thanks man great to be back thanks for having me back it’s uh you know we we do this at least once a year man i enjoy it every single time it’s great to be back and spend some time with you yeah buddy i mean i always want to one of the things i always have you back by the way too is because i really want to i’m enjoying like right now what we’re doing is we’re really documenting the journey that you’ve been on which has been a crazy wild ride by the way over these last several years since we’ve met in 2018


How To Do $7 Million In Annuity Volume As A Financial Advisor

 four years ago um man you got a lot going on what what’s changed for for the people that don’t know you and where you’ve been and what you’re doing and what’s going on now which is unbelievable by the way yeah honestly cody i think the biggest change for me has been a shift mentally from being the salesman you know going out there and constantly peddling to becoming the ceo of my company and a lot has has changed internally in our in our infrastructure i focus a lot on infrastructure and team building it allowed me to become incredibly you know more efficient at what i do great man since i’ve met you in 2018 we now do retirement workshops for three va hospitals uh and nasa so super i mean you know some really long stuff yeah dude so we in the next six months in a row i’ve got six workshops for nasa


 so it’s been crazy but but that’s the kind of stuff though cody that people understand like i’ve been asked for 13 years right it wasn’t something that just happened overnight but there’s a formula to get into these kind of things you know that we’ve been teaching a lot on and and really again you know building infrastructure we now have our own internal marketing company and so i really started focusing on things differently man you know it’s allowed myself and my team to really be a lot more effective and efficient you know before when i met you i was doing you know five million bucks in annuity sales and last year we’re over 13. um that was personally you know this year will be somewhere around 30 you know just internally in my firm


 and not including the rest of our agents so but that’s a result of the relationships that we’ve made right uh doing the right thing consistently for 13 years and really building a solid brand in in a niche market that’s allowed us to really have that kind of success so a lot’s changed man it’s 2018 since i first met you and uh got to speak on stage at eight percent which is great but uh it’s been a fun journey man and it’s just part of the journey right there’s still a lot to go yeah


i was just in your neck of the woods for the unc duke game just the other night yeah yeah which was really cool um how do i how do i get a tan like you man that’s what i’ve been wondering it’s italian man it’s just a natural olive mediterranean skin i don’t know what to tell you i got to go back and change that that gene whatever that is man so i you know i love it um how does someone get in front of nasa and start doing workshops and helping nasa as like the go-to money man


 like how i mean what’s funny is as a kid you probably wanted to be a astronaut and then you grow up and then you start helping manage money for astronauts you know obviously they do a lot more than that but it’s just kind of funny to like think through that dynamic it’s been fun uh i’ll tell you it’s it’s just relationship building building a brand in a niche market you know i know a lot of people that follow me on facebook and on youtube you know i talk a lot about building you know building a brand in a certain niche right in a demographic that’s underserved and you know i’ve been doing that for now going over eight years and so it’s led to relationships so our relationship


 brought me to another relationship brought to me another relationship to meet someone inside nasa doing a lot of work before i got into nasa doing a lot of marketing to you know nasa employees and so naturally going through the process and doing the right thing and and knowing my stuff you know allowed me to get introduced to the right people man and that’s that’s what a lot of people don’t get cody especially as you can start kind of get up this higher level financial planning it’s it’s marketing is is key obviously where you gotta get in front of people but relationships aren’t equally as important you know when when you’re trying to get into these different facilities i mean you know again nasa and and three hospitals i do four retirement workshops


uh a year for three that’s 12 workshops for three hospitals you know that just happened again through relationship led me to another relationship led me to another relationship on top of the marketing that we do you know i’m saying so you have to stay consistent with your message but that’s how i got into nasa man it’s been a lot of fun i’ll give you i’ll give you an example one of my clients i know last year when they had the splashdown right you saw like the i know rocket came back down to earth or something from one of their nasa and i was on the phone with uh with a gentleman about a half hour after that happened and i was talking about


sight i was that’s really cool he’s like yeah you know the balloon that the parachute that comes out he’s like i designed that like 30 minutes after the splashdown i was on the phone doing financial planning with the guy who designed the parachute that exploded and like brought it down so it’s cool man you know this journey is interesting i never thought yeah years ago i’d be having these kind of conversations it’s really cool yeah for real dude i’m gonna have to come back and hang out and we’ll have to go back to the g you know uh we don’t we don’t have those in southwest


Missouri so welcome yeah it is kind of funny you talk about it how you mentioned this um and how important relationships are and we we tend to i’ve started to realize these last six months 12 months how much more important they are as you’re really starting to grow a bigger and like what you’re talking about um which is really impressive i mean one of the things that i’m super excited about and why i love having you around is you’re someone that loves educating and bringing value you’re a natural teacher at heart yeah right and and it always shows when you speak and teach and do workshops you know you can just tell and so as a side note i’m super excited about the event that we’re really doing together um that you’re doing and i’m just


special guest speaking on friday march 18th from 11 to 4 eastern time um which is the advanced markets boot camp which i’m super excited about um is it did they go to to learn more info info about that yep you’ll see it under one of the trainings tabs we’ll have actually probably probably the first thing that pops up on your screen when you come up a huge huge event you know and it’s been exciting cody because you know since you and i met in 2018 you know i back then i didn’t have a training system i didn’t really have it just i was up there just teaching man because i love to do it and it got to the point where you know a lot of people ask me about coaching and training and at the time i didn’t have an open


 platform and now we do and you know we have over 100 uh people just in our training platform that we work with on a monthly basis now and so it’s been great to be able to teach these kind of concepts that we’re talking about really high level concepts man you know i i could never teach insurance the way you do and what your team does and what you guys have done you know but what we’ve done is taken the annuity the aum the really big iul’s and whole life cases and and we’re teaching over 100 people every single month on how to really elevate their game that’s really what this boot camp is man it’s about it’s about how to learn the processes and the sales process that goes behind it but also the mindset the marketing um you know


how to build an infrastructure in your office all the things that allow you to build a multi-million dollar firm like we’ve been able to do and i’m just taking everything i know and just throwing it all into this boot camp it’s five hours you know and so we’ve got a lot to talk about but it’s gonna be really fun because i get to uh to really just open up you know which is not something i get to do very often especially on youtube right you can do a little bit but to spend five hours to really open up and just talk about it and this is exactly what we do meet my team this is this is the person that runs this department so on and so forth so it’s going to be a really good


 opportunity for a lot of people to learn how to get to that next level that maybe you’re at a million in the news and want to go above maybe they’re not doing aum to go above you know so all those kind of things should be a lot yeah that’s one of the things i’m excited about too and you always do a good job of like you you open up about like lead generation marketing branding choosing and dominating your niche like getting set up in the sales process you know like selling bigger cases and designing the cases like that’s that’s important stuff that um people have a lot of questions about that you always do a really good job of breaking down so i’m super excited for that event i’m to be joining you as a special guest speaker so thank you for that i’ve also got um jeff jeff rediger rediger as a marketing expert special guest on that as well which is awesome okay so if anybody has questions about that go to


 uh check it out and hopefully we’ll see you march 18th um as far as like what they can if someone’s curious i’m like okay why would i learn more from you why would i join that what can we expect um what’s your thoughts there because cody like most people in our industry for you know i was in the first five years of my of my life in this business i got my butt looked you know and i went through a lot of ups i went through a lot of downs and i’m really open about talking about those things right because i know some people come in and they have monster success from day one bro that wasn’t me like i struggled for a long time and so you know again doing


something like this allows me to relate to somebody who’s been there right and just like i was and what it took to kind of you know elevate my game but also just go through the evolution of business right and really what it takes to go step by step because one of the things that we teach a lot of is you know look i know you want to do 10 billion dollars in annuities the reality is you’re not going to do them next year you have to take time right it takes time to develop the skill to be able to speak the right way deliver the right message and so i really want people who attend this workshop to really understand that it is a process and i’m going to walk through a lot of my ups a lot of my downs uh what i did to overcome that kind of adversity to get you know to that next level how we built the relationships to get into places like nasa the va so it’s more than just sales i can teach somebody how to sell an annuity in an hour it’s so much


 more than that and that’s what i you know that’s the kind of message that we’re always trying to deliver and teach people about true yeah so true um what do you think if you had to look back over your career okay you said 13 years i think totally um what’s been the biggest mistake you made when it came to transitioning to trying to find and sell bigger cases is there like a glaring mistake that stands out trying to sell a product instead of a strategy i really fumbled hard early on right it’s a lot of people who are selling annuities they try to sell a product um you should buy this annuity because it’s this bonus you should buy this annuity because it’s just a plus rating i


don’t sell like that i sell based on a strategy an annuity is a part of an overall larger strategy and i wish i knew that even 10 years ago because if i had known how to build a complete holistic plan for somebody and actually a strategy i would be i would have been doing 10 million dollars a long time ago but it took me time because i had a great mentor about five years ago that started kind of you know putting this in my head and it took me long some slow to really pick up on a lot of stuff and so last few years really the biggest change has been becoming a holistic advisor instead of just being a product salesperson and and that to me really held me back for a long time to really


peek and you know kind of hidden you know i don’t see my full potential nowhere near there but to really get to this level of 10 million plus you know you’re not going to do it peddling a product and i think that’s one thing that people make a lot of mistake on that’s that’s my mistake yeah that’s strong uh why shops like everybody talks about prospecting and how do i find bigger cases and that kind of stuff right and we’re going to we’re you’re going to teach that a lot on the 18th but why workshops for you like why was that the prospecting method and really the niche that you’ve owned and crushed it by the way thanks it’s good question um i like growing by multiplication versus addition and what i realized early on in 2015 when i started the seminar world was i could keep buying a mortgage protection or life insurance lead i’d go see one person at a time


 or i could spend you know if i’m gonna spend two thousand dollars on mortgage protection leads i could spend three thousand dollars and fill a room full of 30 people right and so it allowed me to grow my calendar right and my client base with multiplication versus just one client at a time i now have a room of 30 and being in front of a room or now we’re doing everything webinar based being in front of 30 40 people at a time allows me to deliver a message the way that i want to deliver it you know educate people on the things that they need to hear but also have the ability to speak the right way deliver the message that have a call to action and what i love about it is the what i love about workshops is that when it’s all said and done


45 minutes later after we start you know i now know what those 30 people know meaning i taught them taxes for 45 minutes right so i know that they know a little bit about taxes but not enough where they can just walk away and not have to do anything with us right so it’s enough the message is enough it’s clear it’s concise um it’s nerve-wracking for some people right where they have to go i need to go sit down with this guy there’s something to this and so you know at the end of the workshop i would have if i had 30 people in a room i’d have 25 people book an appointment that night you know so my entire calendar was full for the next two weeks and so i liked growing by multiplication versus edition and now like we got a workshop next week we just started promoting for it on friday of last week this morning we hit 200


 registered for our next webinar two hundred dollars over a week so you know it’s the right message that’s the thing that people need to understand when it comes to marketing it’s the right message it’s a simple message but it has to be delivered clearly concisely with a purpose with a call to action and i think it’s where people make mistakes on on when it comes to their marketing yeah i do too how big do you see this thing getting like what what where is because you’re still how old are you i’m done you’re 35 next month i mean you’re a lot older than me but you’re still only 34. okay well it’s only three years right i’m 31 yeah it’s kind of crazy i was


in my 20s and you were like 30 when we first met right which is nuts um where do you see this thing in a decade when you’re about to turn 45 where do you see this thing how big is this thing gonna get yeah we’ll be a billion dollar company and but you know it’s not gonna be it’s not gonna be annuities you know we’ll have we’ll have a billion under management um you know we’ll probably be pushing around 100 million a year if not more annuities um you know and then obviously a ton of life but i but there’s no doubt because another thing that i’ve learned is you know growing by multiplication versus addition right i could probably get this thing on


my own to you know the next decade it’s about 150 million assets under management um if i really keep pushing that side of it with annuities but we’re going to end up going through the acquisition side of things you know and getting my way to a billion so in the next decade we’ll be a billion dollar riaa minimally under management it’s insane i love it um what advice for an agent would you give if they are [Music] like considering like they’re just open to new ideas new information they’re struggling with what they’re doing but they’re open to ideas and information about like okay i can make in one cell like ryan does what i would make it you know applebee’s in


a whole year you know or whatever right like what advice would you give to that person well you gotta understand your market i think the most important thing is um you know if you’re if you’re looking to get into let’s just say the annuity side right so if i’m gonna answer your question if you say i wanna make a transition to the annuity world which we get calls every single day so how do i do it the reality is this number one you have to know who your target market is right you have to know who you’re going after um because if you don’t it’s like the shotgun approach right just kind of shooting it out going everywhere i like the sniper rifle approach where i’m targeted on a certain thing you know so i think the thing you have to figure out is number one what’s your target market who do you like working with you know and if you start figuring


 that out you can start building a brand around there but even if you’re in the insurance world you’re out to selling mortgage protection life insurance like i did first thing you do is find a mentor find somebody who’s doing what you’re doing and that for me cody really changed my life because in 2015 you know when i was doing what you just asked contemplate like how the heck do i go on from this like i was doing more protection life insurance and wasn’t really happy kind of getting bored of it i was like i gotta find something else right what’s the next thing and i was lucky enough to find a mentor who was doing 20 million dollars a year out of his office and in annuity sales i was like wow this guy’s this guy’s got it going on right so i spent


 a year and a half working directly with him every single day and that really allowed me to learn the processes and learn how to build a brand in a specific niche market and really kind of understand the sales concepts and strategies and all stuff that goes with it so i think you know find something you like to do find a industry you like to work with find a mentor man find someone who can who can accelerate your growth no doubt no doubt i’m not smart to figure this thing out cody by myself i didn’t find that mentor i’d still be trying to figure out how to spell the word annuity you know you need to have someone in your life that can excel you to that next level and that’s what we try to do dude you’ve never had an ego you know like you you’ve and


yeah we all do from time to time sure but you’ve always been like the guy that just wants to win no matter what it takes like i just hired somebody in our company um i just hired an external coach for like for five figures that we paid to work with us and our team for 90 days on something specific that we need to improve and the first two calls have been legendary simply because we got our ego out of the way and said all right it’s time to pay to solve a problem right like you have over the years and now everybody listening to by the way can do the exact same thing by going to and joining us on the 18th for that private uh super super uh advanced


 markets boot camp um well dude appreciate your time brother um love spending time do and super excited for what we’re about to do here coming up well technically next week yeah excited for it too thanks for having me thanks for being a part of it man every time you and i get to work together it’s uh something special happens man so thanks thanks for the time and thanks for allowing to happen i love a brother okay thank you ryan you guys are watching and listening man i’m telling you guys okay this cat knows his stuff jump over there get registered we hope to


see you on the uh boot camp next spring hey if you enjoyed this i got another one you’re gonna love it’s right there click on it see you in there there’s some people that could join the industry and they just kind of dabble right they just kind of work they just kind of buy leads they just kind of make calls they just kind of make sales they just kind of make money and then they end up at 92 percent

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