How This Insurance Agent Went From $30,000/year To Making $1 Million

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How do you go from 30k to like this dude making a million bucks you know like that’s strong that’s what clicked so you know just first off i think a lot of people when they start the insurance industry or they start working in the insurance industry you know they think this would be a lot easier than it is right because everyone that’s trying to get you to work with them they’re telling you how much money they’re making how easy it is and all the leads and everything like that right so you go in there and you have expectations that it’s not going to be that hard well selling insurance is a little bit different 


 than anything i sold in the past because you’re selling something that the person is never going to really use right and you start realizing that it’s going to take a little bit more work than you think right and then i think another thing that happens with new agents when they start is as soon as they hit that wall right as soon as they start having some issues they start looking around okay maybe i’m selling the wrong product maybe i’m the wrong company maybe my commission’s wrong maybe my leads are wrong you know and they start looking at these all these external forces yes and wondering like which one of these external forces they’re going to need to change to be successful  


 welcome back to the ca power players podcast live every Tuesday 8 a.m central center time today got a special guest this dude was the okay I’m going to set this up right because i’m telling you this is about to be crazy good this dude was the fastest millionaire in the history of senior life insurance company mr David price welcome to the podcast how you doing I’m i’m pumped to be here man i’m really pumped to finally meet you in person Cody and uh you know since uh since we first started talking man it’s it’s definitely been a pleasure and you’ve definitely been over delivering man so so thank you for that man dude thank you brother okay well i mean when you’re hanging out with someone like you as impressive as you are done as much as you have for the industry as successful as you are  


dude it’s easy to easy to hang out it’s easy to give a lot and and do whatever we can to help you so i appreciate everything appreciate that man definitely leading from the front over there thanks bro appreciate that um i would love to walk through your story for those that don’t know it to go from literally like how long have you been in the business three and a half years three and a half years total total all with senior life or somewhere else before i would see your life always in your life seeing your life all your life see your life all your life that’s it isn’t that a motto right nothing sure is serious so three and a half years um and you went from literally like how much did you earn your first year in the business so i got licensed like april 30th so i wrote my first uh application and got paid in may and my 10.99 at the end of that year was about 30 thousand dollars wow okay good cool and then you didn’t feel good at the time no i probably didn’t it was a lot a lot of work not you know it didn’t  


make sense what’s that nine months six months six months yeah six about six months yeah six seven months cool cool 30k and then okay so but how do you go from 30k to like this dude making a million bucks you know like that’s strong that’s what clicked so you know just first off i think a lot of people when they start the insurance industry or they start working in the insurance industry you know they think it’s to be a lot easier than it is right because everyone that’s trying to get you to work with them they’re telling you how much money they’re making how easy it is and all the leads and everything like that right so you go in there and you have expectations that it’s not going to be that hard well selling insurance is a little bit different than anything i sold in the past because you’re selling something that the person’s never gonna really use right and and you start realizing that it’s gonna take 


 a little bit more work than you think right and then i think another thing that happens with new agents when they start is as soon as they hit that wall right as soon as they start having some issues they start looking around okay maybe i’m selling the wrong product maybe i’ll have the wrong company maybe my commission’s wrong maybe my leads are wrong you know they start looking at these all these external forces yes and wondering like which one of these external forces they’re gonna need a change to be successful and i remember i was about six months in the business and you know the year before i got my insurance license was a very good year for me financially and i i was really rethinking everything i was doing right and i was thinking about quitting and i came to the realization that i was only six months in and if i quit i can’t really say i quit because i never really started right the truth of the matter is six months in it’s good there’s nothing you could learn in six months that’s 


 worth it and wow and i started looking at what i can control and what i can change and that was my mindset yes i knew i could control my mindset i knew i could change that and that’s what i did i made a deal with myself as a listener as soon as i wake up every morning i’m gonna stream youtube and whatever god wants me to see whatever that video is they recommend you know and it’s always like some positive video that’s me blasting in my house when i’m taking a shower when i’m eating breakfast when i’m getting ready so every day i go to work i’m going to be ready to to run through a wall yep and over the next two and a half years i earned a million dollars that’s insane so thanks to youtube dude that’s amazing man right uh we both have a lot we both have thank you in a big way thanks 


 to youtube yeah yeah um when you think about like okay you were streaming something positive every day those first six months when you were struggling you weren’t doing that i wasn’t focused on you know i was focused on things external right and you know i was trying to you know what i think a lot of agents do and what i was doing is i was working on making sales yeah instead of what i should have been doing is working on developing my skills to make sales yeah right a lot of people are so focused on the outcome that they forget like hey listen you need to learn this business you need to learn how to sell you need to learn how to get presentations how to make people feel in control and and that’s that’s what happens right but you don’t realize that right when you first 


 start you start realizing it after you get down the the path yeah okay now i know what i was doing wrong just like you know when you’re a teenager and you think you have life figured out and then you get a little bit older like man i had that all messed up but now i understand yeah so i think that that made a big difference that’s awesome um what’s your story like where you originally from i’m from new jersey i grew up in the the jersey shore right and you know we call it the jersey shore before the show the jersey shore yeah and um grew up by the by the beach i was born up north i lived up north in northern north jersey okay um i was just in cherry hill a couple weeks ago okay yeah so that’s that’ll be like further south and then um just to grew up there i joined the army when i was 20 years old 


 wow thank you i was in the army from 20 to 24 from there i was always chasing money and always looking for opportunities so while i was in the army i met some contractors and actually went to djibouti africa i went out there worked out there for a year and i think i was making six seven thousand dollars a month i thought i was making all the money in the world at the time right rolling i made it at 25 years old you know no bills 80 000 a year tax free money because it was overseas so i felt like i was a baller yeah and uh came back and worked in the oil industry for a bit and just was just always trying to find the what was gonna give me the life i dreamed about you know since i was a kid i wanted to live in a mansion i wanted to drive lambos i wanted all that stuff you know i dreamt about that stuff and any ferraris in there too or jets or anything or just i mean i i like it all i want it all really i mean  


there’s not much i don’t like so and uh yeah so i was just always looking looking for that thing that’s cool so when you okay so when we talk about new we talked about jersey like who was david price let’s say when you were like in high school okay junior high high school like who were you then compared to now right like who were you there so i was definitely always a positive person very competitive i was always competitive i was the first person to go to states in my high school in 17 years so that was cool we were for wrestling so i said edward in the chair a few minutes ago he was a previous wrestler too awesome yeah yeah so i actually just recently started helping out coaching at a high school 


 that it’s their first year as a wrestling program wow and i’ve never seen a it’s a lot different than what i remember so so it’s definitely uh challenging great so i’ve been trying to help out with that but uh so you wrestled a lot very competitive did i yeah i wrestled a lot i wrestled in the summer sometimes did some tournaments and stuff like that i had a scholarship to go to college for wrestling end up joining the army instead okay and then at a certain point i was able to try out for the army wrestling team and that’s when iraq happened and i actually decided that you know let me let me go serve my country instead yeah  


so i because if i took the all-army wrestling team then i would have been able to deploy to iraq okay okay so then you’re in you’re you’re in our you know let’s fast forward you’re in iraq right you’re in the army yeah um what was the experience like what was your experience like in the army i enjoyed it i mean there’s not much things that i don’t enjoy i remember one of my friends said one time they asked somebody that someone asked me about going on vacation somewhere they’re like hey did you enjoy yourself like dude you can’t ask dave because no matter what he’s gonna enjoy it yeah right it doesn’t matter where i go like i’m gonna have fun i mean i had fun in iraq right you know yeah so 


 it’s it doesn’t matter i’m gonna make the best out of anything i love it just and you’re just a very positive individual you know i mean there’s a lot of agents that can learn from that because it’s this business is tough 92 percent of interest agents fail most don’t make it but we can leak can learn something from you for sure and we can have some fun along the way you know absolutely you should be having a lot of fun yeah what if they’re not well if they’re watching they’re like dude i’m freaking miserable well i’ve been there right so i understand that like i’ve been there so first off is that the first year you’re talking about yeah thirty grand you’re like dude i was making seven eight grand 


 and i’m working in africa now i’m in wherever i remember thinking in my head like i am better off working at mcdonald’s for time and a half for the amount of time i’m putting in and then selling insurance i remember thinking and sitting there and like telling yourself this story and making you looking at all these different things and why i’m not making money and what’s wrong and meanwhile i mean i don’t care what company you’re at there’s somebody making money at that company correct right it doesn’t matter where you’re where you’re working or that company would end up not existing exactly right right exactly it wouldn’t exist right so so you know and that’s the thing i held on to like okay like i don’t know what’s going on i don’t know what i’m not figuring out i don’t know what’s 


 not clicking but i’m gonna stay around and figure it out what was it looking back like there’s a lot of agents that make you know they’re making 30k 50 grand you know whatever less i had a lady the other day that commented one of her youtube videos and dylan thought she made a mistake she said like i made 5 000 bucks my first year and he’s like do you think she missed a zero my dude i don’t know like in this industry who knows right um but if someone’s out there man and they’re they’re they’re struggling like that and they’re in that capacity we’re like dude i can’t relate to being a millionaire yet but i can relate to making 30 grand um what advice would you give what did you learn from that experience that you can pass on well the biggest thing is i i really came to a point so i used to do hurricane work so when a hurricane came i was there and there’s always different ways 


 to make money whether you know a lot of roof damage vegetation debris all over the place flooding there’s there’s always a lot of ways to make money and so i was there and i was the one you know finding the work and hiring people to do the work and and that’s what i did and then the recruiting basically right you’re wondering why you’re such a good recruiter basically yeah that’s what you’re doing right you’re finding the work and you’re finding people to do it so when i was looking for an insurance well i wasn’t even looking for insurance i was looking for a business opportunity right so when you’re looking like buy a business maybe just just start start a business i was just looking for something different because the thing with stormwork is it wasn’t scalable by the time you  


have everything figured out it’s all cleaned up so you couldn’t wait right you had to wait i mean there was a lot of storms back to back but you just you just hit a ceiling and then you then it’s like okay then another storm comes and it you can only make so much money in that short period of time so when i was looking at a business opportunity i look at the demand right and that’s the leads right so a company that’s creating a ton of ton of leads that’s the demand so now i just have to meet that demand yes right and i think that was important but back to your question so what happened was about six months in hurricane michael happened and i was already in the panhandle i actually went and worked hurricane michael for three weeks so i had my insurance license that’s the last piece of hurricane work i did i made thirty thousand dollars in three weeks compared to what  


you had just made and that was the same six month period so i made thirty thousand dollars in three weeks i made thirty thousand dollars in six months seven months yeah and so hurricane Michael came i’m like man i i’m already here i already got the logistics handled i already have people calling me up to work like hey Dave i see you there like what are you doing and you know it’s funny because i could have quit right there and that would have been my story my story would have been David joined the insurance industry made thirty thousand dollars in six months it didn’t work for him yeah and then he went on and did something else but instead i stayed i continued to go down that path and now my story is all right Dave made a million dollars in three years in the insurance  


industry as an licensed agent so it’s real simple so when you’re that’s struggling you have a choice what’s your story going to be is your story going to be i quit before i actually even started or i mean it’s the financial industry yeah we’re not in the cupcake making business right is known for making money yeah you just got to find your niche but you have to stick with it long enough to make the money yeah yeah i mean a lot of people quit just three feet from gold right or just too soon exactly or they they bounce right it’s like okay i’m selling final expenses this is too hard let me go to Medicare oh my god i got in no way too much stuff let me go to uh mortgage protection oh man this is rough pnc i heard it’s really easy and they just keep bouncing and bouncing and balancing 


 instead of and they’re like competitive with my home and auto oh my gosh what should i do next right right i need i need 400 carriers to make sure i always have whatever you need like cody it doesn’t matter what you need i have it and i have the best price yeah it’s gonna take me three years to sort through this paperwork and figure out which one to use and remember the application process but but i got you yes so true so funny okay so then you what clicked like 30k 30 then 30k of hurricane work 30k insurance 13 hurricane work then something clicked and then what happened the next 12 months after that see i don’t know if it clicked or if it was just it was just i paid my dues i paid my time i put enough energy out into the universe to start getting paid on it did you buy more leads set more appointments every you know my i always got leads every single week okay even when it didn’t make sense right you know i didn’t make any money off my last week leads what should  


i do the answer is never not get more leads like the answer is always get more leads right so i i always did that good i was always at my first house at nine o’clock yeah i was a door knocker we didn’t set appointments we first house at nine o’clock set her out so i did all that um i think one thing that definitely did slow me down is i was trying to build a business from day one right so i learned from that so when i brought on new managers or new agents that were going to be managers i had them focus on selling and then i worked on the management part for them if they brought on an agent or someone wanted to work with them i took care of that stuff so they could focus on making money because when you’re brand new in the business and you’re trying to build a business you don’t make a lot of money off that at first right your money’s got to be with your pen so that’s one thing that i was trying to build a business from day one but i was doing it with the pockets of time 


 i was doing it when it was dark out i was doing it on the weekends and stuff like that but you know i look at it like you have 100 energy points you could use a day if i’m losing 50 of them to build a business that’s not going to pay me for a while and 50 of them to to write business i’m only going to make half what i could make but i’ll be using 100 of those energy points to to create some income by writing some business well now i get to take advantage of making some money that makes a lot of sense actually how many leads were you door knocking every week i get 20 leads a week 20 to 30. for uh like a leads or what are you yeah okay always i always believe in working it’s funny people look at the most expensive list as the most expensive lead but typically the most expensive is actually the cheapest lead when you start backing in the numbers yeah i mean it is you know so so yeah we brand new direct mail leads knocking so let’s just say you had 20 direct  


mel leads was there a typical week of like when you knocked or how much you knocked or what results you got like what did that look like from week to week off of these 20 new directions yeah so the goal is i think for a brand new agent or an agent that’s out in the field is you want to submit right there’s a difference between submit an issue right you want to submit five thousand dollars minimum a week that’s what i say i say if you’re a full-time agent that needs to be your bottom right and it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing you know i think a big thing that i was doing is i was coming on the top of the leaderboard or within the top three yeah and i was using that to gauge my success right but really i i could have been doing a lot better because i brought on a brand new agent that never did anything before and she was doing ten fifteen thousand dollars like she was just doubling what everyone else was doing because she had no governor she had no limits she wasn’t aware of what was going around right going on around her um so so with the 20 leads 


 i would start door knocking at nine o’clock until dark you know i’d even lunch in my car i mean i grinded i grounded a lot and that’s again that’s what makes you second-guess things because it’s not like okay i’m not not putting in the effort correct right because there’s a lot of people that you know might be working 10 15 20 hours a week not getting the effort but they’ll say well i’m not really doing it and yeah and like i don’t get that they’ll confuse the the results with the effort or the effort with the results yes instead of just saying hey if i put in more effort it’s weird i’ll probably get more results probably probably right so double the effort you may may not get double results probably so probably so yeah okay so the first six months you did try to build a business you tried to recruit a little bit yeah do you wish you wouldn’t have no i obviously had not right because it worked out it worked out and clearly and again like when i joined and i think the big difference is when i joined the insurance industry i didn’t join to be an insurance agent my goal was to build a business 


 that would let me do what i want where i want from anywhere so that that was that was my focus from day one even from springfield missouri even from springfield missouri people are being hired right now as we speak business is being submitted as we speak right you know i mean like nothing stops and that was my goal from day one so i knew that it was gonna be tough right i just didn’t realize it was gonna be that tough yeah you know the the year prior i was in puerto rico and the virgin islands for seven months after hurricane maria i wore flip-flops and cargo shorts for those whole seven months lived in equal parts in puerto rico saint thomas and saint croix and lived on the beach in all three places never made less than five thousand dollars a week wow that was the minimum 


 i made so i had the easiest best financial year so then coming to i got to wear pants and shoes and knock on doors and a shirt and a shirt that a collared shirt are you kidding me so it was it was definitely out of my comfort zone but again like i knew what i wanted to do it just took some time you know i guess the biggest thing is you know when you hire new agents like you think they’re going to come on and do what you do yeah and most of them aren’t right and that’s like man i don’t understa how i don’t know how to get people to work yeah right but but eventually you get somebody that goes to work and you’re like okay okay you know so i definitely had some you know agents just show up out of nowhere and then do very well a lot better than i did as a personal producer still hanging out yeah so what have you done to set those expectations with them to help them along to not 


 get frustrated with their lack of immediate overnight success which is super rare anyway right so i mean i’m real honest i think i think uh i think a big thing with um agents and like the whole recruiting game and you know people i don’t even really like the word recruiting like look at like walmart yep like walmart loses employees every single day right they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars try to hire new new employees because they have to at least replace them to stay the same yeah if they stopped hiring today walmart would disappear right so and if they want to grow they actually yeah if they want to grow they actually got a higher at a faster rate than they’re losing people wow right and that’s so that’s any business so so so a lot of times you know we have like a bad  


name with recruiting in the insurance industry yeah so i think the biggest thing is when i talk to a new agent who’s thinking about working with me you know i had somebody i think it was in a facebook group and like hey or they message me like hey you know will be easy for me to make six figures my first year i said absolutely not and especially not with that attitude right because it’s not like you know i mean like i want to be real honest with the person i love that you were a lot of people are like oh totally absolutely part-time from your from your bed yeah yeah you’re gonna need to get up yeah exactly we talk to anybody at all self-closing leads they’re already closed we actually close them for 


 you yeah big deal that’s it so but but i think it’s it’s real important because it’s about building the trust with the agent right because i’m like hey cody you know absolutely you’ll make six figures part-time like you didn’t have to work three hours a week right now now we’re married right and and you’re realizing life’s not what you thought it was gonna be so now i’m stuck with an angry wife right yeah and that doesn’t work out because if i can get you to do every single thing i tell you to do yeah you’re going to be successful but you’re not going to do it right because most people aren’t because everyone’s skeptical so i need to build that trust from day one so at a certain point you say you know what dave’s never giving me bad advice yeah i should probably just listen to him and and that’s where my success has been having you know some agents that just still do whatever i i think they should do because every single time you know it works out for them yeah and do you are you 


 doing uh face-to-face virtual like your team so we do um we actually just launched a virtual call center a few weeks ago and that’s been awesome i think every single week since then has been a record wow as far as how many people producing how much production we’re submitting so we have some of the best telesales agents in the country i mean i got to tell citizens that will submit 10 15 000 on a week regularly while hiring people and training people right because that that makes a big difference there yeah so they’re on the virtual call center they’re closing deals so you’re listening to them how they’re going through objections because that’s what it’s all about how to deal with objections then if you’re a new agent on your and you decide you unmute yourself we’re going to coach you on how to close that sale wow so it’s been a game changer it’s going like a zoom yeah it’s it’s everybody’s on zoom everyone’s on zoom video on you have to yeah yeah that’s  


it that’s it you’re at work you can’t go to work with a bag on your head yeah that’s that’s that’s the way i look at it that’s good do you tell them that absolutely absolutely and they’ll get put in the waiting room with their cameras off um and then yeah it’s been a game changer so you know we went from a door knocking force cobit happened right and luckily we were very telesales friendly you know a lot of carriers weren’t correct right and i never thought they would lock us down like they did but i knew people weren’t going to want us at their house people were getting scared and i saw that from the news so i called up all my field agents and said hey guess what you’re tell a sales agent now you’re not allowed in the field anymore take every single direct mail lead you ever got make a big pile and you got to call that pile until it’s smaller and i had agents breaking field agents i had a field agent she issued 48 000 in the month of april wow never stole on the phone and the whole time she’s calling me up saying dave i don’t like selling the phone this sucks i don’t like it i’m like jen j 


ust keep calling it’s going to work out you know and the thing like we didn’t know what was going on like back then correct i told him i was like listen like you need to work every single day like i got everyone pumped up every day you need work every single day like you don’t know if we work tomorrow they might shut down the who knows like i don’t know i never seen anything like this before but that’s how you got to shoot every single day and the month of april was our best month at that time and it was a bunch of field agents on the phone that’s amazing and that’s what opened my eyes about telesales and from there we just been really doubling down on telesales and hire more talent sales i used to never want to hire a telesales agent people would be like oh i want to work on the phone and what i learned is people want to get paid from home but they don’t really want to work  


from home there’s a difference and a big difference so i would make people go out in the field and and i learned that you know if somebody’s actually committed they can make it from the phone yes and and you’re hiring um how many agents a month so last month was a record for us which the month before was also a record and and i’m hoping this month even though it’s a short mother who was it’s another record we did 77 agents last month um 25 agents last week so our weekend’s thursday so today’s gonna be our uh waiting to see what the numbers are tomorrow morning but yeah you plug them all in the virtual call center they’re all they all have that opportunity believe it or not so it’s up to them believe it or not you’ll hire 77 agents and yeah and a lot of them won’t like a lot of them you know they just don’t commit i don’t know if they just think it’s a good part-time thing for them i mean obviously they’re independent they could do whatever it is that they want but it from  


somebody that my life personally changed so much from this opportunity it it hurts me every time i see someone else not take advantage of it yeah it’s crazy um and i helped many other people i mean i got people that made over 200 000 last year that never made 500 in a week before in their life before doing anything else you know so it’s like you change lives man i mean you know i’m sure you’ve changed plenty try to we’ve helped a few along the way i’m sure so modest um if you had to summarize how someone could be the fastest millionaire in their company and they’re brand new and you had to give them three steps or three pieces of advice or here’s the three things you gotta do to make sure this happens now they may not do them but then it’s on them right what would you share so the three things that i believe helped me be successful and and there probably are three now that you say that one is simplicity right you want something that’s so simple anyone  


can do it yes right you know and and you know not saying anyone’s system is bad or or anything like that there’s there’s tons of ways to make money this is my story but i use one carrier i’m an independent agent independent agent that only uses one carrier for the simple reason that it’s simple yeah it’s simple anyone could learn one carrier one underwriting guidelines and one application process so that’s the first one so now that it’s simple you take the training aspect and you just shortened it right so so now it’s it’s also true because because i hire you and i got to teach you 25 carriers well now i got to teach you 25 carriers and if i don’t i didn’t do my job and take care of the way but if i only got to teach you one carrot it’s not going gonna take much longer right so now once i got  


that settled well now it’s how many people can i hire okay right but then you need a good lead source okay that’s two well it’s it’s the hires right you ha because it’s all about how many leads work out so if you’re a business right and again just like when i did hurricane work right the more roofs that got messed up the more opportunity i have to make money if i’m a roofing company yeah right so the same thing so you need to plug into a strong lead program totally like like if the if the companies in the insurance industry didn’t have a lead program i wouldn’t be here yeah right i would have been looking for someone else if you’re like hey david i got this company and there’s thousands of people that want these volleyballs they’re really cool volleyballs that thousands of people want these all the time i need to help build a sales force to handle the need and you can make a million dollars in a year selling volleyball it’s like i’m in the volleyball right sign me up that’s it like i’m chasing the 


 need i’m trying to fix the problem yeah right so that’s what the leads are the leads are the problem it’s people that need some type of insurance what or whatever the product is that you’re selling any lead right yeah so you find that and then it’s you got to hire the people to cover the leads the more leads you get out as an agency the more business you write yes so good yeah hiring people that’s strong simplicity strong leads higher people those three things fastest millionaire in your company as well now that’s it that’s it there’s a secret there’s a blueprint i love it um let’s close out with this if there’s an agent that’s uh thinking about throwing in the towel they’re struggling they’re just not feeling it man but they’ve loved your story and they can relate to it a lot what advice would you give to them again i mean i’ve definitely been there right i i know yeah and i’m glad i’ve been there because i want to be able to because like i said i have one agent i’m thinking about in particular and she did not struggle at all like she just she submitted over a thousand applications 


 her first year in the business she got licensed in december so she didn’t have practice the prior year her first year she issued her four hundred thousand dollars in business all final expense submitted her a thousand policies and her biggest issue in the beginning was mentoring other people because she didn’t understand the struggle it’s like oh well he said i don’t understand just get leads and go to work what’s the problem right yeah that’s it easy so she didn’t understand so i’m glad that i did struggle i’m glad that i did have some issues and i’m glad i went through that because i know how to walk you through that right and just you got to commit you got to focus on what you can change yeah right which is yourself that’s it you can’t control other people you can’t fix the leads you can’t fix the product it’s it’s in you and if there’s somebody at that company where you’re at that’s having success that’s who you need to be talking to you know people always look at companies and they’re like oh should i work at this company or can you talk about this company and like mentor over 


 company that’s it you know what i mean like you know if i was with patrick bet david at php and he was my mentor i’d probably be successful at php totally if he had instant access to him every single day and he could tell me what to do and actually listen to it correct i’d be successful at php 100 no doubt i mean you know and i think a lot of times agents join part-timers and and that’s where the issues is because the person they join isn’t really committed the person they join isn’t even sold on the opportunity yet because he’s part-time right so you gotta you gotta sell yourself on the opportunity first of all and you you gotta be a full-timer right and you got it you got to give it your all you can’t be doing eight things at once you know you can’t try to learn six different businesses at one time and wonder why you’re not successful not all of them right and you got to give it the time you know i don’t know how to play the guitar if i wanted to learn how to play the guitar i’d have to take guitar lessons if i took one guitar less than a month i’d probably learn in like seven years if i took a guitar lesson every single day i probably learned a lot faster yeah probably like seven months or something or maybe you know who knows i’d probably be really bad at it but yeah but but eventually 


 it’s it’s going to work right eventually if i didn’t quit eventually i’ll learn how to play the guitar correctly right if you don’t quit this business eventually be successful this business will it’s not about your your talent it’s not about your skill it’s not about who you know it’s about your grit the people that that go to work every single day that don’t quit they’re the ones that are making all the money that’s right dude i love it how can they get a hold of you how do they how do they find you where do they find you that’s it my email is david my website’s boom that’s it david price official on Instagram yes which i just tagged in a few minutes ago that’s it that’s right so that’s it i’m ready to help some people man i want to help some people build some businesses a lot of people teach how to be an insurance agent i’m going to teach you how to build a business in the insurance industry correct which you’ve talked about a lot today and i love and respect that and i’ve always wanted to build a business too so that’s the goal yeah that’s the freedom yeah the you know 


 a lot of people you know issue 300 400 000 in business and i made all this money but like okay well if you’re in a car accident you can’t go to work for six months what happens you know don’t make any money i’ll go to costa rica for a month and my business will continue to write business this is amazing if you go for a month let me know okay let’s go i’ll join you for some of that okay thank you for being on power point’s podcast thank you for having me phenomenal today okay let me know what you guys think of this episode so far by the way okay david price in the house thanks for being on brother appreciate you i appreciate it man thanks for having me okay see y’all the next ca power players hey if you enjoyed this i got another one you’re gonn❤a love it’s right there click on it see you in there one of the best things i ever did was i actually sent emails to 10 people who i very much trusted that my dad my grandpa you know you look at things like fellow co-workers previously 

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