Handle Sales Objections As An Insurance

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hey welcome back to another rising star podcast today okay as you can see we are doing rising star live from Puerto Ricco we’re at the wydah grand rio mar here in Puerto Ricco for power players if you’re not a part of power players yet you definitely got to check it out go to kodiaksg.com check out power players it’s a private group we’re capping it at 100 members but it’s high level people six and seven eight figure earners they really want to collaborate they want to learn from one another they want to be a part of a community they want to be part of a network and they really want to do something special in the space and so i’m excited about this in puerto rico for power players and it’s going to be a blast we got some surprises planned something wild planned on the way to dinner one night we also have a surprise guest speaker coming in we’ve got a whole surprise list over the next seven we’re also launching and releasing a brand new eight percent speaker as a total surprise that we’re going


Handle Sales Objections As An Insurance

to be launching and releasing two power players so they get like inside scoops they get more access to us they get to hang out for a few days they get to do some really cool stuff which i love okay so um as i promised we were going through the book for rising star pocket also right after this rising star podcast i’m going to be interviewing casey peterson and lee wilson for power player podcast from idaho falls idaho and it’s going to be a cage match probably okay you never know what’s going to go down when you get these two in a room together okay so as i promised i’m doing the audio for the book so i’m gonna read through chapter three really quick um chapter three we’ve already run through chapter one and two and then i released a reading star podcast last week with uh ashton right dylan ashton delano londy was


our last episode and now we’re back to the book chapter two started on page 19 chapter 3 which is also pretty short starts on page 25 okay so chapter 3 is on handling objections if you can handle objections and i know you can you will become unstoppable here’s how to do it in five minutes a lot of objections are human nature think about it you walk into best buy and when the salesperson asks what you’re looking for or if they need help or if you can help them find anything what do you say no i’m just looking or i’m just shopping it is human nature to say no or give an objection even when you don’t really mean it here’s another example whenever i ask my wife hey babe where do you want to go to dinner what do you think she says ah no or i don’t know or i’m not sure well okay baby if you had to choose one place to go for dinner tonight where would you go this is something i use all the time i agree or acknowledge the objection and redirect the conversation by asking the right question these are two


 of the three a’s you should use when handling objections let’s talk about all three in more detail three a’s to handling objections agree first a psychology tells us that people will give an objection early in a caller in an interaction it is how we are wired when someone gives you an objection they do not mean the objection they are giving you in cells when we hear an objection most of us are trained to hammer them with information but that’s disagreeable it’s combative it challenges them and the number one rule of cells is to agree think about it what’s the best way to de-escalate a situation or a conflict in anything agree my wife and i will be fighting and i’ll say you know what babe you’re right she’ll say you know i wish you would stop agreeing with me i thought that’s what you wanted me to do right be agreeable it de-escalates and


allows you to move on and it works in all situations by the way answer second a after you agree with the objection you want to answer the objection here’s a common conversation you’ll hear prospect hey i don’t know that i can qualify i’m in bad health agent i understand and hey thank you so much for sharing that this program is actually meant for people that are not in great health you have agreed with their objection by saying that you understand and you thank them for sharing the information then you are answering their objection by stating the program is meant for them once you answer their objection the objection that they thought they had goes away it just disappears but you cannot forget to follow it up with the right questions which is the third a ask the psychology is if i don’t want to if i don’t finish with a question and i just agree and answer then they’re going to restate their original objection or they’re going to hang


 up but if i finish with a question i must reassume and control the call i’m trying to get back on script and trying to proceed down the finish line you should never respond to a fake objection or a real objection if you believe those exist without finishing with a question then agree answer and ask okay let’s go through a few real life situations so you can see how to handle objections okay joplin missouri i used this as an appointment in japan missouri years ago i said sir do you know where your life insurance policy is like everyone it’s human nature to say no and i don’t know so he said i don’t know some of you would have believed that he didn’t know where his policy was i said something that made zero sense and i still use it to this day after he said i don’t know i said sir if you knew where your life insurance policy was where would it be he said well if i knew where it was it would be in the filing cabinet right over there pointing across the room i said this one as i walked over and pointed the filing cabinet he


 nodded okay i said top or bottom drawer he said probably the top can i open it he said yes i open the top drawer the filing cabinet guess who was sitting right there on the top drawer his life insurance policy but eight seconds before when i asked him where it was he said i don’t know it’s human nature have an objection in psychology of cells the number one thing we dealing with objections is to always agree life insurance policy when i was consulting for an insurance company in new york they told me their prospects were saying they didn’t want to talk about life insurance because it gives them the heebie-jeebies whatever that means my response excellent tell the client hey i agree with you talk about life insurance give excuse me the heebie-jeebies do i hate talking about it however with everything going on in the world you’d be


 amazed at how many people are trying to qualify for life insurance right now and i want to make sure we didn’t leave you out so tell me what do you currently have your where do you currently have your life insurance with outside of work boom that’s agreeing it’s it’s not natural because most salespeople are trained or not trained that way when someone says i’m not interested we respond aggressively new agents will say well what do you mean you’re not interested you don’t have enough information to be interested yet this is our first response because that’s how we’ve been trained when what we should do is agree with them when they say they’re not they aren’t interested they showed interest in speaking with you and responded


 to your call when they say don’t have any money homeless people have money right because i give it to them sometimes right when they say they already have coverage that’s fantastic that’s awesome they believe in the product so they’re more likely to talk about it now let’s pull all of this into practice with common objections you’ll hear in the field role-playing every single morning i have my team trained we role play i ask each of them what is most frequent objection you get i want one that is so false to begin with what is the biggest objection you’ve received how do you rebuttal the false objections people give you if you give validity and acknowledge


 the objection you are making the objection more real to them they didn’t mean it right it’s fake or as in the book i wrote it’s freaking fake so we role play back and forth and we put our agents on the spot we want to make sure they’re prepared for when they will come face to face with a false objection if i were role playing with you right now i would say hey i’m busy i’m going to meeting coming back can you call me back agent will say perfect i’ll be very brief let me ask you a quick quick question boom then instead of pausing ask a question pausing shows a lack of confidence like if you don’t know what to say you don’t know what to do or you aren’t ready for the call if you ever had state or struggle with what to say then you then you’ve gotta role play every single day objections i’m busy people answer the phone when they’re busy if they were truly busy they don’t have enough time to answer their phone here is how the calls should


 go prospect i’m busy till i understand i get it everyone is so busy these days let me ask you a quick question i’m not interested prospect says you say i understand it’s my job to simply get you information since you requested it now i’m going to be out in your area on friday should i just drop it off in the morning or in the afternoon which is better for you prospect says i’m already insured my daughter takes care of that agent says excellent i promise i’ll get you the uh i promise you’ll get to talk to your daughter so tell me again how do you spell your last name ask the question


to get back on track and take control of the conversation prospect says just put in the mail absolutely hey it looks like i’ll be out in your way next couple days i’ll bring it with me does the morning or afternoon work for you in that example you’re kind of like mailing it in person prospect says i won’t qualify or i don’t think i’ll qualify agent says hey i totally understand a lot of people have that concern what is it that makes you think you wouldn’t qualify prospect says i can’t afford it agent says hey i totally understand that we have a lot of different payment options does 50 a month sound okay or would 40 dollars work better for you okay i’m going into a meeting you have to call me back i’m heading into a meeting you say agent says totally understand i’ll be very brief let me ask you a quick question then ask a question voicemail texts an email as we wrap up chapter three the following can be applied to leaving a voicemail


 sending a text or an email you can always use a normal script and leave a voicemail just remember to always make it concise and make it simple saying something like hey buddy it’s cody i’m just getting back to you you request the information i’m just calling here to give it to you now i’ll be out in your area call me back as soon as you can that’s a good voicemail or i would say hey betty getting back to you from your request for the new information hey i’ve got some great news i want to give that to you coming back as soon as you can leave the phone number twice that’s a good news call back which is phenomenal and gets a lot of callbacks


 good news quick question could also be a quick question call hey miss betty i got your call i just have one really quick question coming back as soon as you possibly can leave the phone number twice if you’ve called them a bunch of times and you can’t get ahold of them try this fourth variation hey notice we haven’t heard back from you no big deal we went ahead and processed your information if you have any questions about what we process you can call me here’s our number give the phone number twice that’s processing it and that’s good for when you’re working the phone they will panic most likely that you’re prospecting the information and they will


return your call or try this face-to-face option hey miss betty we have we haven’t heard from you we’re just going to deliver it and drop it off to you i’ll be out in your area in the next couple days i’ll see you then if you don’t mean to do that call me you can see there are a ton of ways to do this just remember to keep it simple agree answer and ask agree with whatever their objection is so they know you’re on their side answer whatever objection they think they they think they have to remove the objection then follow up by taking control of the conversation by asking an open-ended question if you do this agree answer and ask you’ll be able to handle any objection that comes your way remember to role-play objections frequently your office


 to stay on your a game that was chapter three which went from page 25 to 32 and the book is called zero two six figures you can grab it on amazon if you haven’t grabbed it yet we’re recording the audio through the rising star podcast so we can give some of the audio away for free and then we’re also going to take it and put it into a complete audiobook that you can also grab and purchase for like 10 or 20 bucks okay so if you don’t have the book go grab that so you can follow along it’s really the book on how anybody can go from flat broke to earning


over six figures every single year i’m gonna go for about three more minutes and then we’re gonna end this episode of the rising star podcast a few things i want to share with you okay number one make sure you’re grabbing the book you’re reading you’re constantly reading for whatever reason i used to tell myself hey i don’t like to read i’m not a good reader whatever and so i didn’t read and so how you talk to yourself what you say what you do is really important if they


say readers or leaders right or leaders or readers either way either way you want to put it and that the average ceo reads like 50 plus books a year then guess what like i want to be a good ceo i also want to be a leader so i need to read more which is what i’m doing and you should too okay also if you’re not a part of rising star uh the price is gonna go up soon i can’t promise that whenever you hear this later it’ll it’ll still only be less than a hundred bucks a month as it is right now


but i can tell you or about a thousand bucks a year the price is going to go up at some point we’re having a ton of agents are joining that every single day rising star is to where you get access to a private accountability training and coaching call with me every single week you also get access to our entire ca cell system which is a so you get the private zoom you also get a private online university and then you get access to a private secret facebook group as well as it most likely will continue a two-day workshop in springfield missouri at some point throughout the year so if you listen to rising stars and you like it and you need help you want accountability you want some training some specifics the rising star podcast is for you and it will help


 you continue to level up in your business okay and then third we’re launching something soon april 5th and will probably still be available even if you listen to this after april 5th 2022 but we’re launching releasing a ca all access coaching program which is if you want private coaching and mentoring from me for an entire 90 days we’ll go deep into certain topics every single week for about 60 to 90 minutes every week we’re going to be talking about is scaling growth recruiting hiring staffing branding marketing and really how you can start to grow and scale what you’re doing vision casting goal setting team building etc and we’re going to go through a really really


 in-depth private coaching program for that so if you want to access to that let our team let our team know or you can go to kodiaks.com click on the coaching page submit your information and we will talk to you about that program coming up i am going to be moving into that instead of a lot of one-on-one coaching simply from a time standpoint also too if you are in rising star and you get really good and start making some money like i know you will then guess what the group that you want to be a part of is power players as i’m about to hang out with casey Peterson


 and lee wilson they came all the way from idaho falls idaho to puerto rico because they’re a part of power players and they want to get to a higher level in their business and they realize that a community and a network and learning from others and some of the fun special surprise incredible stuff we got planned for the next few days is going to help them see a bigger vision for their life get new information which will help their team and their staff and their local company companies and their local community and i know that it will do the same for you so you haven’t heard about that and would like to please look more information about that okay so here as


 i finish up today i want to challenge you to get really good at sales okay i was thinking about this this morning i’m like okay what’s the progression or the ascension for an agent it’s getting it’s figuring out how to get in front of people it’s getting really good at sales and then it’s eventually duplicating it through recruiting and scaling and so before you can ever start to help others you’ve personally got to get really good at two things getting in front of people and cells and so if we can ever help you let us know thanks for listening to rising stars grab the book we’ll probably reading chapter four on the next episode see you next week hey if you enjoyed this


 i got another one you’re goanna love it’s right there click on it see you in there there’s some people that join the industry and they just kind of dabble right they just kind of work they just kind of buy leads they just kind of make calls they just kind of make sales they just kind of make money

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