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Hi first six months you did try to build a business you tried to recruit a little bit yeah do you wish you wouldn’t have no i obviously had not right because it worked out it worked out and clearly and again like when i joined and i think the big difference is when i joined the insurance industry i didn’t join to be an insurance agent my goal was to build a business that would let me do what i want where i want from anywhere so that that was that was my focus from day one even from Springfield Missouri

even from Springfield Missouri people are being hired right now as we speak business is being submitted as we speak right you know i mean like nothing stops and and that was my goal from day one so i knew that it was gonna be tough right i just didn’t realize it was gonna be that tough yeah you know the the year prior i was in puerto rico in the virgin islands for seven months after hurricane maria i wore flip-flops and cargo shorts for those whole seven months lived in equal parts in puerto rico saint thomas and saint croix and lived on the beach in all three places never made less than five thousand dollars a week wow that was the minimum i made so i had the easiest best financial year so then coming to i got to wear pants and shoes and knock on doors and a shirt and a shirt that a collared shirt are you kidding me so it was it was definitely out of my comfort zone


but again like i knew what i wanted to do it just took some time you know i guess the biggest thing is you know when you hire new agents like you think they’re going to come on and do what you do yeah and most of them aren’t right and that’s like man i don’t understa how i don’t know how to get people to work yeah right but but eventually you get somebody that goes to work and you’re like okay okay you know so i definitely had some you know agents just show up out of nowhere and then do very well a lot better than i did as a personal producer still hanging out yeah so what have you done to set those expectations with them to help them along to not get frustrated with their lack of immediate overnight success which is super rare anyway right so i mean i’m real honest


i think i think uh i think a big thing with um agents and like the whole recruiting game and you know people i don’t really like the word recruiting like look at like walmart yep like walmart loses employees every single day right they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars try to hire new new employees because they have to at least replace them to stay the same yeah if they stopped hiring today walmart would disappear right so and if they want to grow they actually yeah if they want to grow they actually

got to hire at a faster rate than they’re losing people wow right and that’s so that’s any business so so so a lot of times you know we have like a bad name with recruiting in the insurance industry yeah so i think the biggest thing is when i talk to a new agent who’s thinking about working with me you know i had somebody i think it was in a facebook group and like


hey or they message me like hey you know will be easy for me to make six figures my first year i said absolutely not and especially not with that attitude right because it’s not like you know me like i want to be real honest with the person like i love that you were you could

a lot of people are like oh totally absolutely part time from your from your bed yeah yeah you need to get up yeah exactly we talk to anybody at all self-closing leads they’re already closed we actually close them for you yeah big deal that’s it so but but i think it’s it’s real important because it’s about building the trust with the agent right because i’m like hey cody you know absolutely you’ll make six figures


part-time like you didn’t have to work three hours a week right now now we’re married right and and you’re realizing life’s not what you thought it was going to be so now i’m stuck with an angry wife right yeah and that doesn’t work out because if i can get you to do every single thing i tell you to do you’re going to be successful but you’re not going to do it right because most people aren’t because everyone’s skeptical so i need to build that trust from day one so at a certain point you say you know what dave’s never giving me bad advice yeah i should probably just listen to him and and that’s where my success has been having you know some agents that just still do whatever i think they should do because every single time you know it works out for them yeah and do


you are you doing face-to-face virtual like your team so we do um we actually just launched a virtual call center a few weeks ago and that’s been awesome i think every single week since then has been a record wow as far as how many people are producing how much production we’re submitting so we have some of the best telesales agents in the country i mean i got to tell citizens that will submit 10 15 000 on a week regularly while hiring people and training people right because that that makes a big difference there yeah so they’re on the virtual call center they’re closing deals so you’re listening to them how they’re going through objections that’s what it’s all about how to deal with objections then if you’re a new agent on your and you decide you unmute yourself we’re going to coach you on how to close that sale wow so it’s been a game changer it’s not like


a zoom yeah it’s it’s on everybody’s on zoom everyone’s on zoom you got the video on you have to yeah yeah that’s it that’s it you’re at work you can’t go to work with a bag on your head yeah that’s that’s that’s the way i look that’s good do you tell them that absolutely absolutely and they’ll get put in the waiting room with their cameras off um and then yeah it’s been a game changer so you know we went from a door knocking force cobit happened right and luckily we were very telesales friendly you know a lot of carriers weren’t correct right and i never thought they would lock us down like they did but i knew people weren’t going to want us at their house people were getting scared and i saw that from the news so i called up all my field agents and said hey guess


what you’re a telesales agent now you’re not allowed on the field anymore take every single direct mail lead you ever got make a big pile and you got to call that pile until it’s smaller and i had agents breaking field agents i had a field agent she issued 48 000 in the month of april wow never saw on the phone and the whole time she’s calling me up saying dave i don’t like selling the phone this sucks i don’t like it i’m like jen just keep calling it’s gonna work out you know and the thing like we didn’t know what was going on like back then correct i told him i was like listen like you need to work every single day like i got everyone pumped up every day you need work every single day like you don’t know if we work tomorrow they might shut down the who knows like i don’t know


i never seen anything like this before but that’s how you got to treat every single day and the month of april was our best month at that time and it was a bunch of field agents on the phone that’s amazing and that’s what opened my eyes about telesales and from there we just been really doubling down on telesales and hiring more television i used to never want to hire a telesales agent people would be like oh i want to work on the phone and what i learned is people want to get paid from home but they don’t really want to work from home there’s a difference and a big difference so i would make people go out in the field and and i learned that you know if somebody’s actually committed they can make it from the phone yes and and you’re hiring um how many agents


a month yeah so last month was a record for us which the month before was also a record and and i’m hoping this month even though it’s a short mother who was is another record but we did 77 agents last month um 25 agents last week so our weekend’s thursday so today’s gonna be our uh waiting to see what the numbers are tomorrow morning but yeah you plug them all in the virtual call center they’re all they all have that opportunity believe it or not so it’s up to them believe it or not you’ll hire 77 agents and a lot of them won’t like a lot of them you know they just don’t commit i i don’t know if they just think it’s a good part-time thing for them i mean obviously they’re independent they could do whatever it is that they want but it from somebody that my life personally changed so much from this opportunity it it hurts me every time i see someone else not take advantage of it yeah it’s crazy um and i’ve helped many other people i mean i got people


that made over two hundred thousand dollars last year that never made 500 in a week before in their life before doing anything else you know so it’s like you change lives man i mean you know i’m sure you’ve changed plenty try to we we’ve helped a few along the way i’m sure you’re so modest hey if you enjoyed this i got another one you’re gonna love it it’s right there click on it see you in there one of the best things i ever did was i actually sent emails to 10 people who i very much trusted that my dad my grandpa you know you look at things like fellow co-workers previous travel insurance

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