Galaxy S22 Review – All Good Things Come To An End…

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Samsung released the new galaxy s22 plus and s22 ultra as their annual refresh of their flagship lineup and while the higher end models have all the fancy new features and latest innovations they also have super price tags as well but at just 799 i think the regular s22 would be the phone most of you would be considering if you’re looking for a new android phone so that’s what i chose to use as my daily driver for the past month and there’s a lot to talk about starting off with the design man it was love at first sight i got mine in phantom 

 white and it looks super clean and the phone just looks stunning this year they put a glass back on the phone rather than the plastic on the s21 which makes the phone look and feel even better there is a slight downside of using glass even with the new more durable gorilla glass Vic is plus because glasses glass and glass breaks but want to see and feel a matte glass finish like on the iPhone 13 pro it’ll definitely be worth it speaking of the iPhone Samsung also started to use flat edges on their phones with a slight bit of curve and a tough armor aluminum rails feel really smooth in the hand and because of the smaller screen size and the lighter weight this phone 


 is much more comfortable to hold compared to other flagships like the pixel 6 and the iPhone 13 pro which all feel too heavy to me now there’s also a very nice silver metallic finish for the camera bump that wraps around the edges of the phone and it looks fantastic as well the size of the cameras also look like the perfect ratio to the whole phone and the lenses are all symmetrical with silver rings which make them look beautiful and stand out much more especially in a case and the beauty doesn’t stop when you flip the phone over right away you get a gorgeous 1080p  

120hz 6.1 inch display with perfectly symmetrical slim bezels there are so few phones that actually do this and it just makes the whole design look so much better the corners are also curved perfectly and there’s only a tiny hole punch selfie camera on the top which maximizes the screen size on the phone and as expected from Samsung the maker of most phone displays the panel itself on s22 is top of the class the screen is sharp vibrant and punchy there’s no color casting when you tilt the display and it also gets extremely bright  


at up to 1100 nits especially if the new vision booster technology that makes a huge difference in harsh sunlight I’ve also noticed that the auto brightness was working really well on this phone and i didn’t have to keep adjusting the brightness manually which is great and the 120hz refresh rate paired with the new animations in one ui4 does make the phone feel smoother than ever as well unfortunately it’s not an clop panel that Samsung initially claimed but instead an laps panel that only drops down to 48hz meaning that you don’t get as much power efficiency watching videos and movies on this phone is an amazing experience though the dual speakers of Dolby atoms enabled gives a great wide sound stage and can get pretty loud too for the size of the phone 


 and finally we get to the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor it’s definitely much better than the more common optical fingerprint readers being much quicker more secure and it’s supposed to work even if your fingers are dirty or wet but once you install a screen protector this happens [Music] uh [Music] ah don’t worry about the phone because you know why case defy is here to save the day remember those old chunky and ugly otter box cases people used to get to protect their phones well now i can get the same great protection of Casetify cases while still maintaining a slim profile and looking good the cases are approved for a drop from 6.6 feet and to do this Casetify uses their innovative chi tech dual layer impact absorbing material to line the insides and the corners of the cases these cases are also very eco-friendly as the impact cases are made from 65 recycled and plant-based materials and their impact crush cases are made from upcycled phone cases they all ship 


 in 100 compostable packaging and they use their defensive antimicrobial coating to eliminate 99 of bacteria growth by preventing the growth of microbes and they also have a huge range of design options you’ll spend hours and hours scrolling through and you can even customize your own designs and get them printed if you’re interested in these awesome cases you guys can save yourself 15 by using the link in the description below go check it out because they are awesome alright back to you fen son so as you saw if you get this phone make sure to check the reviews of the screen protectors first especially the tempered glass ones and make sure that the fingerprint sensor works with it I’m going to try how well it works with film screen protectors so let me know  


if you guys have any suggestions down below okay so the hardware all sounds amazing right but what’s this phone like to actually use if you’re interested you can find a lot about that in my day and life vlog of the s22 which i will link up here but anyways the first thing i personally noticed about this phone was the haptics Samsung is using a new x-axis vibration motor this year rather than the z-axis motor and there’s a good and a bad side to that the haptics do feel more controlled and precise on this phone especially from how well it’s tuned in the ui and it makes using this phone a much better experience the downside is the fact that you can’t hear the phone buzz on a table or feel it in your pockets anymore when you get calls because of that switch in vibration direction and while i have a galaxy watch 4 to receive notifications this can be a very frustrating experience for most people and definitely something to keep in your mind and now let’s talk about 


 one ui to be honest it’s still not my cup of tea in terms of how it looks and functions but i have to say Samsung has gone a long way to improve the software and as of right now it’s probably the most functional and stable ui on android and that’s coming from someone who hated one ui for years and with the new one ui 4.1 we do get a lot of nice improvements like smoother and more fine animations new material you color theming a much nicer and simpler camera ui and finally a google discover page on the home screen there are still a couple minor complaints i have though such as notifications being too compact and hard to read no hotspot toggle in the notification shade which is just annoying and there’s also no option to search in the app drawer 


 by default but overall the s22 has a very solid ui that’s only going to get better and you’ll have no issues using it at all best of all Samsung’s committing to four years of android updates and five years of security updates which is even longer than Google’s pixel phones themselves alright it’s time to talk about cameras which are now becoming the biggest focus of new phone releases although all the best and most crazy camera hardware went into the s22 ultra the s22 and the s22 plus don’t miss out on much and still get a triple camera setup on the back you get a 50 megapixel main lens three times telephoto lens and an ultrawide lens as well images coming from all three sensors are accurate and consistent across the board and all have the classic vibrant and punchy Samsung 


 look the pick just felt a little soft though especially when compared to something like the pixel 6 which was quite disappointing the 50 megapixel high res mode does work some of the time to enhance the details of the image but it does mess up the photo once in a while with artifacts and bad dynamic range especially of the inconsistent detail enhancer mode the her also works great in being able to expose each part of the scene evenly although Samsung does tend to push the blocks pretty deeply and expose the highlights just before they start clipping for that punchier look that’s actually an issue that i noticed on the s22 especially during indoor shots where highlights started to be overblown which ruined the image but that’s something Samsung would 


 be able to fix in a software update and they do have a good track record for that what impressed me was how well samsung’s portrait mode was using the new ai stereo depth mapping feature the phone is able to create near-perfect cutouts of both people and objects and the results really do speak for themselves another improvement with this camera was in night mode and the photos coming from the phone actually look pretty great images are mostly sharp and noise free but i would say that the highlights do need to be toned down sometimes to prevent them from being blown out images also usually look accurate to the scene with pretty accurate white balance which can be an issue on some other phones and although it’s not quite iPhone 

 level the video quality on the samsung s22 is also great the video looks sharp with plenty of detail great hdr and punchy colors the stabilization on the phone is also pretty impressive due to the new ois technology which is pretty impressive the selfie camera can also shoot up to 4k 60 and the mic honestly sounds pretty good and when it comes to night video it’s still pretty decent but this is where the s22 falls behind with more noise and jittery stabilization i know i kind of glossed over the details about this camera but if you’re interested i do have a full detailed comparison of this camera versus the pixel 6 and you can check it out up here but before we move on i also shot a short little b-roll montage with this camera to test out its video capabilities 


 and here’s where all good things come to an end battery life honestly this was going to be the absolute perfect android flagship to take on the iPhone in terms of design cameras and hardware but with the new power hungry snapdragon 801 chip Samsung’s poor battery optimization and its tiny milliamp hour battery that’s put into this phone this phone just cannot last you through the day especially if you’re using it outside of data all the time i’m not even much of a heavy user and i usually just text and check social media yet i’m only getting just over three sometimes four hours of screen on time if i’m lucky you also do lose quite a bit of battery life from standby and you’ll definitely need to recharge the phone throughout the day which can get really annoying you can get around 55 in 30 minutes of charging and a full charge in around an hour and 15 minutes 

 but that’s just not fast enough to make up for the short battery life and for this reason i honestly just can’t recommend this phone because battery life is such an important aspect of a phone and if it can’t last long enough to get you through the day it’s honestly not a good choice especially for the long run the bigger s22 plus is like 200 more for basically the same incredible experience and can last longer but again it’s a thousand dollars and that’s a tough pill to swallow but anyway 

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