Facebook LIVE Tips and Tricks in 2022

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Hey everyone thanks for tuning in today I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks on how to do lives live videos are a great way to get in front of your audience engage the community and build awareness for the product or service that you offer so getting right into it the first big tip

 that I want to talk to you about is move your phone if you’re doing it by phone horizontal this gives a bigger a wider screen for viewers to actually see you as well as it shows up better for advertising if you want to do so later the other big tip that I’m gonna share with you is making sure that you’re not down here nobody wants to see that angle we see so many people great people do lives from kind of below the fold if you will so make sure that you’re above a little bit above your eye level just like you were having a conversation with a friend or a colleague and it makes it look more natural when you’re scrolling through Facebook


 or LinkedIn or YouTube when somebody is looking looking at videos so above above eye-level turn your phone horizontal and next if you have the opportunity go ahead and get a mount or a tripod so that you’re not like this and completely unstable during the broadcast again especially you’re representing your business you want to make sure that you put forth the the most professional output as possible again this is not a huge production it is just a live video and it’s nobody’s going to judge you

for it as long as you’re producing some educational and relevant informative content but you still want to make sure that you’re representing the business in the best light possible so if you have a mount or you have a tripod it’s completely recommended as well as if you have the capability of purchasing a mic you can find expensive mic on Amazon


Target Walmart for twelve to twenty dollars hookup and it gives your video a great sound so that great sound so that your you’re not muffled it’s completely clear and especially if you’re a soft-spoken person I attended I tend to not have a problem with that it I feel like I’m too loud however if you are soft-spoken a mic is gonna make sure that you stand out when people are tuning in so those are some of the tips and tricks

 to know a little not even tricks but just tips to know prior to going live on your broadcast now once you do click live if you’re walking around or even if you’re sitting sitting stationary you want to make sure that the background is relevant to your audience as well as you have good lighting if you have poor lighting it really makes it grainy pixelated and hard for viewers to see your actual lies so great lighting make sure that whatever is in the background you make sure is relevant and professional to the business and this helps Facebook Instagram LinkedIn


 wherever it is helps the algorithm show the video in more search results because you can actually see the video next you’re gonna want to make sure when you log in you log into your business page the business page is again when you log in to the Facebook or LinkedIn it should be tied to your personal page if it’s not that’s another video but if you don’t have a large following on your business page that’s okay you can still do it your live video from your personal page and share it to the business page after but for the sake of this video and if you want to keep you know your personal page a little separate from business


 go ahead and make sure you’re logged in to your company and business page the next portion of this this tips and tricks is to make sure that you have a great title so you want the title of this live to be compelled you don’t want to just have something generic because people aren’t gonna click to tune in so not that you have to have this huge hook or offer but give a potential viewer a reason to click through and learn more so if you have a new product or service a lot of people might not know the actual name of the product or service so give them something that is informative and makes them want to click in and at least watch five to ten seconds of your live video compelling title so you’re logged in to your company or personal


 page you’re you clicked live you put in a compelling title the next is to press GO and you’re gonna get or start the live and you’re gonna get a 3 2 1 countdown once you get the 3 2 1 countdown you’ll see in the upper left hand corner of the screen live once you’re live don’t sit there and say okay I’m gonna wait for people to tune in or okay I’m gonna just you know look over here and not make

it relevant time is so precious and you want to make sure that even if nobody’s tuning in for your repurposed content later and people that tuned in five days from when you did the live video you’re not wasting their time so immediately


once it says three two one introduce yourself and have a compelling statement so hey everybody this is Jenna Ahern and today we’re gonna talk about tips and recommendations on Facebook and LinkedIn lies give the reason to why somebody should oh I’m gonna I’m gonna tune in and give this a couple seconds because I want to understand or know more about the topic that Jenna or yourself just referenced 

so again three two one launch go think of it like you’re gonna give your little elevator speech on why someone should tune in to this video and what they’re gonna learn and then once you do that you can kind of back step and say hey you know this is this is what we do this is from a company standpoint and give almost like your business elevator pitch so they understand who you are why you should be the authoritative figure


 on this topic and build up your credibility a little bit so you’re gonna then kind of take a step back tell them why they should continue to engage and trust you and the recommendations that you’re giving so again hey I’m Jenna iron I’m the owner of Guardian out digital and today we’re gonna talk to you about some tips and tricks on how you can make your and how you can go live on Facebook or LinkedIn at Guardian now we help businesses Sur show up in search engine results higher and more frequently and do this all the time so kind of you see there where I set back to introduce myself but then introduced the business


and next you’re gonna kind of give a call to action so tell them to like the video share the video if they think that it’s valuable comment on where they’re tuning in from or if they find the information valuable have a question you can just ask them to leave some information in the comments this helps the algorithm on social search engines show your video organically which means for free to more people once the video is completed so you’re gonna engage your audience quickly from a call-to-action standpoint after you introduce yourself why they should tune in and then why you’re a credible source for the information you’re about to talk about next you are going to give a what before I guess you end the video you’re gonna then give another call


 to action so I’m talking about here are some easy ways tips and tricks of the trade at the very end of this video I’m gonna again tell you to like the video comment or visit our website to learn more information at guardian out digital calm you can give us a call 502 eight two two six six nine five or tune in next week or at a certain time to learn about an another offer on our business so you can re-engage your audience to tune in at a later time or if you’re having a special promotion or offer send them call-to-action to the


 website give you a call or again even if it’s just something as simple as leave the comments or liked this video you want some type of action before call to action before you end the video okay so now you’re done you click end it’s not over yet I know you’re you’re finally feeling like there’s a weight off your shoulders you’ve completed your first live video so high five great step in the right direction but now you have the opportunity to almost put some makeup on the video that you just completed so if you don’t like your title you get to have the opportunity now to edit the title edit the content put some hashtags in there add captions change out the thumbnail so this is the time before you have people that later in the day later in the week


later in the month year as that video just stays there and resurfaces use the opportunity to make some edits and make these edits are going to help your consumers re-engage with the content thumbnails always help social and search engines show your content more frequently and results if you have captions oh it’s huge captions help search engines understand what the audio is saying it helps people that are impaired hearing wise read the video oftentimes people they’re at work and they shouldn’t be watching these videos and so it allows them to understand what the video is about while they’re viewing instead


 of just can’t watch it or I can’t turn on and hear what the heck Jenna saying so think about captions I know that it’s a harder step but it’s just kind of like if you’re working out and you’re trying to get 10 reps every time and you’re stopping at 8 you’re not getting those extra reps in that you need to captions and updating the thumbnail image these are kind of those last last steps those last reps in a

 workout that is going to help you in the long run so don’t be afraid you don’t have the time still do the video you can go back and edit it later this is just something we thoroughly recommend because we’ve seen the benefits we’ve seen our clients have have better results and we want you to – so I’m gonna practice what I preach I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks of the trade when it comes to going live don’t be intimidated leave a comment

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