Edit FREE Stock Photos in Microsoft Word

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Hi i’m  M U Sunny in this article i’m going to Edit FREE Stock Photos in Microsoft Word recent features in 365 versions of t word it may also appear in some of the other more recent versions of Microsoft word but what this new feature

is now you can insert free stock images into your documents in addition i’ll show you how to edit those in a new way using a brand new feature in Microsoft word so here i have a document about technology tips for teachers and i would like to add some pictures to this document

i’ll click here on the pictures button and for many years word has had this feature where you can search online images for pictures that you want to use there’s also been this option to search this device for photos

that are on this computer but now we also have the option to search through a huge collection of free stock images when you click that option you get a pop-up and you can use this to just browse if you just

want to take one of the random photos that appears and use it that’s fine you can also go into some of these categories you want modern photos do you want travel photos and here there’s an arrow that you can use to see even more categories

of photos that you might want to look through but in many cases you’re just going to want to do a search for a specific kind of image for example i’d like an image of a laptop and i can just type in laptop if i want to i can also add a file type like

dot png but that’s not necessary and you can see that word has produced dozens maybe even hundreds of images that i could look through in addition to just searching images i can also click here on icons

and it searches through this giant collection of icons notice the message that i’m getting here at the bottom as a Microsoft 365 subscriber you have access to the full library of creative content so that is a nice plus

to being a 365 subscriber other versions of word if they have this option might not have the entire collection so here in this collection of icons if i search for laptop i get several good options to choose from

i’m going to select this one here but notice i could pick more than one and that’s what i’m going to do just to showcase how this works and then i’ll click the insert button and now i have two images added to my document let’s try it again because i want to show you that in addition to images

and icons there’s also cut out people now at first you may not appreciate how useful this is but imagine in your word documents or even in PowerPoint

imagine being able to just quickly add a person to your document click insert and this person is pointing to the side here and then i could place the image of this woman in the spot where i want the image

to be and it’s like she’s pointing to some key information now as i’m trying to do this the classic problem with images in Microsoft word is coming up and that is how do i want the image to interact with the text that’s already

in the document and a lot of people never figure out how to handle this in their documents so let me help you with that now if you select an image in word notice that the picture format tab opens up and we have a bunch of different picture options well one of those says wrap text now you may also get a little pop-up here

and that’s a shortcut to the same options so i can click there or i can click here either way i’m getting some options like i want the image to be behind the text or in front of the text or through the text or i want it to be tightly added to the text

so let’s look at that one this is tight and i can click and drag to move this lady over to the side now she’s clearly pointing at paragraph two let’s go back into the insert pictures stock images so i really think these cut out people are going

to come in very handy and be very useful for people using word we also have stickers so if i do a search for laptop here i get some cartoon like images some stickers very colorful and kind of fun i could also click on illustrations

let’s search for laptop there that one looks great i’ll insert that and jumping back in we also have some cartoon people you can see the different categories we have and then some sample images and you can do a search for a specific cartoon person that you might want to include how about this one here and again

him down using the corner any of the corners will let you do that so now that we’ve looked at how to insert free stock images and the various kinds of stock images there’s some really powerful options

here we’ve also looked at how to wrap the text in other words to change how the image interacts with text there’s one other feature i want you to know about another brand new feature in Microsoft word for Microsoft 365.

i’m going to select this image of this woman in this case and notice that now the picture format tab is enabled i click on it and look at all these options that i have for adjusting how this image appears in the document

and many of these have been around for a while but you’ll notice that now the transparency options are much improved you have a lot more to choose from i can quickly change the transparency of this image in my document

if i want even more options i can click this picture transparency options button and a panel opens at the right and i have a slider and i can adjust and fine-tune the transparency of this image to exactly where i want

it to be so in this article we’ve looked at a couple of the newer features in Microsoft 365 versions of Microsoft word specifically focusing on how to insert free stock images and then how to click on them and use the picture format tab to adjust the transparency of those images

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