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now i want to jump to um from really call to close okay when we think of Joshua young’s and everything you’re doing everything you’ve learned and the agent the the agents that you’re training all over the country um when you think about that what is your initial call look like let’s talk about like where you find your leads and when you call them to book appointments and what you say or who calls them and what they say and how you’re fill really filling up your calendar hey welcome back to the ca power players podcast live every Tuesday 8 am central standard time today a special guest he’s been on the channel multiple times he’s an absolute beast he is the Medicare machine known as the Medicare piece of mind mr Joshua young’s all the way from Colorado to Missouri how are you sir i’m great cody thanks for having me Emma always enjoy my time with you that’s for sure dude i i love um yeah i mean i love spending time with you too man you believe in your brand you help a lot of people you make some sick gross amazing money you help agents 

all over the country and you do a lot of cool stuff and so and you continually invest in your business you know i mean is there ever before i get in this also too by the way i’m going to ask a question but for those listening i want you to continue because we’re going to talk through sales process appointments closing scripting we may even role play a little bit we’re going to make this very much agent interactive from a training perspective but is there a point where you stop investing so much in your business and you’ve just arrived and made it well i thought i did that before i met you i think backwards um they say the most dangerous thing is a little bit of success which i would agree with um when i got to well between 10 and 20 000 a month of revenue that’s when mentally i i thought i was comfortable um after meeting bigger fish um my best best way i could put it meeting people that are more and more even more successful than i have ever imagined someone could be in this business um but it can open my eyes and help me recalibrate that maybe the maybe i’m just getting started maybe this got me into the game maybe there’s another level of this maybe there’s another room to go into with bigger and better players so really for me i try to keep the focus on for me the investment part of it didn’t always didn’t always look like an investment 

to me in the beginning it was an expense because i was looking at it wasn’t looking at it as a business i was looking at it as creating a job for myself and i through the power players mastermind and other entities i’ve learned a new mindset that i need to start progressing towards working on my business instead of working in my business and so i’m in the process of doing that now yeah yeah how can someone develop that specifically um and maybe they maybe they view everything as an expense they’re not investing in their business they’re not around people they’re not around in the network ex i mean eight percent’s coming up around the corner et cetera et cetera how do they shift that what do they do to go from where they’re at to more of an investment in their business 

so they can grow well my advice is to find um the right mentor i guess is the right word for it i don’t like the word mentor is thrown around a lot find someone that knows what you don’t know that you can plug into that you can either pay them to give you the information you need or not but being around people that are at the level you want to be at very quickly you’ll find um some numbers i’ve heard through around some people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on marketing and creating leads and other stuff like that and so those numbers for most people make your brain rattle and go oh my gosh i i get stressed if i have to spend four thousand dollars in a month to get um leads so to speak and leaves is just one part of it uh for me probably the best investments i’ve made is in in staff and my brick and mortar um when i made that change it elevated my game it elevated my ability to do more with less time um and all of those things are investments but to cross the threshold across the bridge just like anything else the only way to find out if the pool is warm or cold is to jump in um and and you can find lots of evidence that if you take a a baby and throw it in a pool it’s gonna swim for the most part um and so for for most of us um adapting and surviving is part of it but you just gotta as i like to say now all the time i said a few times in my training i did earlier today with my team uh fire ready aim is is said that to me yes you said that to me the first one of the first times a couple years ago and i was like

 i love that that’s so good yeah yeah yeah that’s to me that that epitomizes Cody asking um you you find an opportunity you say we’re doing it and then you work out the details after the fact um where i used to try to measure things out is this a good opportunity or not do i need to make modifications am i ready you spend all that time getting ready when you could have spent all that time getting it done and so um if you’re on the fence about investing into a coaching class or going to an event like eight percent and should i get the should i get the vip or should i get the diamond i don’t know if there’s any diamond left or not but if it were me um at this point whether i can afford it or not i get the highest level ticket i get in the room with the biggest fish i get in and i invest and so for me investing into the business has become um normal at this point but this year i’m being much better last year 

by the time i we you and i sat down this time of year when we first started really getting going on conversing um i went and blew all of my money in three months so by the time i was sitting with you i was basically out of my aep money and i was now having to generate enough revenue to get to the end of the year where this year i’m still investing i’m investing more i’m investing into my team i’m doing more lead jobs i’m doing more seminars i’m doing more everything but the revenue i still have a three-fourths of what i got from aep still sitting there waiting to be used on the next opportunity so my next thing is i’m looking to invest in my own brick and mortar so i’m not renting it i i want to what i’d really like to do and i’d advise anybody if you’re going to build an office build it twice as big as you think you’re going to need and add in some spots that you can have tenants so that they can pay for the real estate for you that’s one thing that i’m going to do moving forward is really invest 

into everything that i’m doing as an asset of the business rather than the liability but yeah pull the trigger if you’re on the fence pull the trigger buy the course take the class do the seminar buy the plane ticket to go see whoever um in fact one of my my most i’m doing a bunch of stuff this year traveling around a bunch over the next couple of months one of the things i’m most excited about is spending time with you and coach burt in tennessee in june um i think i think professional speakers class i can’t remember what what he sold me on uh that’s right but yeah no i’m really excited about all that stuff but investment is part of it for sure i love it it’s huge well i love that you there’s a little backstory there and you’re helping agents think a little bit outside the box and differently and have a bigger vision for their life which is super important now i want to jump to um from really call to close okay we think of joshua young’s and everything you’re doing everything you’ve learned and the agent the the agents that you’re training all over the country um when you think about that what does your initial call look like let’s talk about like where you find your leads and when you call them the book appointments and what you say or who calls them and what they say and how you’re fill really filling up your calendar sure um so there’s to me there’s leads and there’s referrals and there’s two different categories at this point i would say 80 to 90 of my business comes 

from referrals uh my my assistants and i were track we’re checking the other day this year i’m i’m averaging four referral calls a day so i have four inbound calls coming into me either myself or my office setting an appointment on my schedule so that’s if you want to fill your calendar do a lot to generate referral sources these aren’t referrals from clients most of them come from financial planners doctor offices churches food banks restaurants there’s a lot of creative ways that you can think outside the box to create referral sources so the referrals are easy to me lead call to close it’s recently changed to be honest with you i used to spend a lot of time in the first call um and i’m gonna take two different two different leads turning 65 lead and today i’m going to talk about medicare that’s my wheelhouse there’s a turning 65 lead and then there’s low income lead for turning 65 lead i used to do a much slower much more what i would call a romantic process where the first words out of my mouth are hi how are you today when you say hi how are you most sales training

 courses are going to tell you don’t do that the reason i like to do that is it gives me a barometer when you’re doing phone work you’re missing the physical interaction part of the process that your brain needs to help analyze and read somebody and so when i say hi how are you at the beginning i can find out what mood somebody’s in i can find out what kind of personality they have if they want to talk quickly i can match them and talk quickly if they go on and on and on about how beautiful the flowers are or something else i can start connecting with them on levels and i’m also using that time of hi how are you to listen what i mean by listen is i’m listening to the background i’m listening to what’s on the tv is there a dog barking in the background are there grandkids running around is there is there anything that i can grab onto in the room that they’re in to pull myself into the room with them and so that’s step one is to connect with the person and then i used to go into a process of if i can go into fact-finding and then if not tell them i’m going to mail them something that they requested and then we’re going to try to set up an appointment to follow up with them

 for a second phone call um what’s been happening lately and i don’t know if it’s because of covet or whatever else one of my new um agents she used to be a teacher and when i when i when i hired her i actually hired her to be an admin in my office i knew right away she was too talented to do that so she admitted my office for aep and then in january she went into the field as an agent but what she used to do is she used to be an appointment setter for a life insurance agency and what i started to learn watching her work the same leads that i would work she was using my process but she modified a little bit and what she was doing is she was just setting appointments um and what i’ve what i’ve learned and and i try to be adaptable in my process and so i as soon as i learn i change everything and so now uh my focus on both turning 65 and low income is get a hold of them and just get in front of them so and when with the best tip that we can give for that is set the appointment like you’re setting the appointment for somebody else so when lori calls a lead she’s calling a lead to set an appointment for me in her mind and that allows her to just go through

 and the success rate it takes all the pressure off of you if you’re setting appointment for someone else versus selling an appointment for yourself and so um what i’ve learned in my model i’m a face-to-face model um i know some respects the markets changing and some people are having more and more success over the phone however i want to see what happens in three to five years let’s all guess and check and see who’s retaining business over the phone or in person and i i would almost bet that my in-person model is going to have a much higher retention rate just because it always has um so i’m trying to set an appointment and so at this point you want to build rapport you want to i guess if i hear a grandkid i’m going to ask about the grandkids if i hear if i held bob barker or i don’t even know who the heck the the current crisis right host is if i have anything at all i’m going to connect i think it’s drew carey now that i think about it ah drew carey yep connect

 with that person on something somehow because if you don’t connect the chances of building trust are virtually zero um one thing i like to do uh remind myself that call centers are becoming more and more important now and so one thing i’ll do before i call is i’ll remind myself this person’s prob i’m probably the 55th phone call that person’s gotten today and so i’m going to spend a lot of time being different what i mean by different is being more energetic being more enthusiastic almost um taking the attitude of oh my gosh mrs jones or mrs mr mr lead card filler out person you are so lucky that you answered the phone and i called you could have answered the phone to any of these other people um that call out there any of the other bad agents out there you’re in good hands now the good news is is that part’s over with it right away i tell them peace of minds what i’m going to give them i name my agency that that’s what i do i’m not a salesperson and remember every person

 that you talk to doesn’t really understand our business and so they they assume that insurance agent is the exact same as lawyer or doctor or plumber or any other professional when it’s not because they don’t pay us so there’s no there’s no check written to us and they assume in their mind that’s probably the number one question i get to someone turn 65 how much does it cost for you to help me so how much is this going to cost me how much how much how much right and so i was though to me that’s an objection in their mind they’re creating and so so they they think they’re actually gonna have to pay you money to help them enroll my half my referrals do yeah because my because i do a very

 very very concerted focused effort on training my new clients on how to refer people to me basically they they build me up so much that when the person gets to me they think they’re working with like at the gas station the other day this guy goes do you own medicare my uncle said that he worked with you and he thinks that you own medicare and i was like no i don’t own medicare i owe medicare piece of mind right um and so the the client doesn’t know what we are what value we bring and so that’s what i really focus on yeah i call it the oreo uh r-e-a-o method and that’s what i’ve really been trying i just did a training on my team today about it so i’m gonna spill the goods to everybody out there but in essence r stands for research um e stands for educate a stands for add value and o means offer solutions to complex problems and so what what that means is when i get a lead most people just pick up the phone and dial for me i take five minutes on the first time before i call the lead and i’m gonna go to google and i’m gonna do a google map search i’m gonna look at their house from google maps i’m gonna stare at their front yard i’m gonna see if they have 

toys i’m gonna see if they have a boat i’m gonna see how they live i’m gonna go to google and do a regular google search i’m gonna go to white pages and do a background check i’m going to go to facebook and see if they have a Facebook page i’m going to go to linkedin and see if they have a linkedin page i want any kind of intel i can as an example i had one last week where i did the research on her facebook page it was like 15 posts in a row about gardening so in my first conversation with her i just slipped it in there i didn’t say hey do you like gardening that’s don’t do that what you want to do is basically slide it in there we’re like you know what i’m so excited that march is is almost over that april’s here because now i can plant my flowers i just i just love having my butterfly garden every year and then i did i was on the phone with her so i couldn’t see her but i could hear in her voice she just lit up and then we spent i don’t know 15 minutes talking about flowers and gardening tips and all this other stuff at the end of the call i circled back around and then i finished 

my fact-finding and i got the appointment right but that that’s that’s so good no nobody ever thinks to do that like that’s so so so good that’s one of the most unique tips i’ve ever heard on a podcast because no one ever thinks to take a few minutes and look at their social media that’s freaking brilliant yeah no i i like to get as much information as i can before i called and even look at their house sometimes um yeah like i you have to drop it in creatively because otherwise you you look suspicious like why the heck do you know what color my house is or something but um you could figure out a lot about people by just looking at their house just looking at the neighborhood they’re in just looking at and when i’m on google maps you always want to find the closest landmark the closest gas station closest church closest library and say oh yeah you’re right down the street from blankety blank that way they think that you’re local and explain to them what it means

 to be local so the advantage that i have in person is i know all the hospitals i know all the doctors i know all the plans the call center agent calling from from tampa bay has no idea what mcr means i know exactly what hospital that is when someone says mcr so those are the little details i feed into somebody to help emphasize that they don’t want to just answer any phone call they want to answer my phone call and they should be happy that we’re talking so yeah my the first phone call phone call to appointment i was telling my team today we don’t get paid for appointments we don’t get paid for

 leads you get paid for turning a lead into an appointment and turning the appointment into a sale and each step of the process you’re double or tripling your likelihood that you close the deal and once you’re face to face um it should be virtually a dunk at that yeah so let’s so let’s slam dunk it let’s walk through that okay so i’ve got the appointment i’m showing up at their house what do i do now so there’s two scenarios in my mind i’ve already done fact finding i haven’t done fact finding yet so if i’ve already done fact finding i would have already done the research and i’m really just showing up to present the one option some people like to narrow down the good better best that kind of thing for me um they didn’t come to like i don’t go to my my doctor to say okay give me the top three options just to treat my illness or treat my injury i want the one best option that’s going to fix my injury and my illness and so for me i when i get all the information i narrow things down

 to one plan you can always figure out a way to narrow things down and have tie breakers that kind of thing whatever it is but just remember whatever plan you offer is an opinion and it’s okay to have your opinion and as long as you have the reasons behind it and so if i’m going in with that i’m going to do the presentation for me it’s pretty straightforward that i go through the fact finder again i emphasize i find the points of pain we want to make sure we keep the doctor you have three very expensive meds you want to try to make those less expensive you also have a chiropractor and you have your your eye doctor that you want to keep in network and so i emphasize the points of pain potentially and then i go over and highlight the reasons why i make the recommendation and then i go line by line through the summary of benefits at the end of the summary of benefits i’m ready to close during the summary of benefits it depends on what type of product i’m doing if i’m doing a medicare advantage plan then i’m immediately as we go through i’ve trained myself and

 if you haven’t already if you do face to face train yourself to read upside down if you can over time practice writing upside down too it’s a very neat trick that people are kind of impressed by in a weird way but what you want to do is you want to put the book in front of them where they can read it and you don’t want to be sitting next to them there you want to be across the table from them and what you want to do is you want to you want to go line by line to the summary of benefits and then when i get to the hospital in a medicare advantage plan summary of benefits line one on every plan for the benefits once you get past premium deductible drug deductible then it goes to hospital copay and hospital copay happens to be the core benefit of a hospital indemnity plan and so immediately i’m having them highlight hospital the hospital copay and having them write in what the benefits of the hospital indemnity plan are the way i would build it and then the next one is surgery

 etc and so i’m cross-selling the advantage plan at the same time with the summary of benefits yeah they’re cross-selling themselves yes and i use my mom for that and so what you want to do is you want to create two characters and so for me i use me and my mom the reason i like to use my mom is most people love their mom and most people want to be my mom when i do the scenario so i say i say me first so you always want it whenever you’re giving whenever you’re negotiating if you didn’t know this you want to give the option you don’t want first and you want to finish with the one that you want because most people when they default to whatever if they’re equal they’ll default to the last option you give them so i always give them the option i don’t want them to take first which is look if you’re more like me you’re a risk taker you’re a gambler those are two two labels that people don’t like people don’t want to be called a risk taker or a gambler i’m happy to be that guy and so i say if you’re like me you just get the medicare advantage by itself and then you complain because you’re taking a risk and the second you have a hospital

 bill that’s a 1500 bill you’re going man remember i wish my plan was better or on the other end of the spectrum is my mom my sweet old mom she’s retired she’s on a fixed income and when i talk about a 1500 hospital bill she can’t sleep at night and so for her she’d rather spend a little bit of money to have a little bit better coverage where if if something happens she’s not worried about the hospital bill the surgery bill or the ambulance ride or the skilled nursing and then i tell i look them right in the eye and i say are you more like me they risk taker gambler or are you more like my mom or somewhere in between if they’re like me then they’re like me and they basically told me don’t try to cross so many hospital dummy so i don’t even bother if they say i’m like your mom or anything else and 9 out of 10 times they say i’m like your mom then i go through the presentation and i basically

 say you’re getting hospital indemnity there’s um my job as the expert is to give them write the prescription your doctor doesn’t go hey you know do you feel like taking this medicine or would you rather try something else or they’re very certain they’re very direct they’re very confident in the advice they’re giving you same thing with a lawyer or a plumber or anything else and so when you’re conducting yourself you want to have that same level of confidence that the advice the opinion and that’s what it is again 

you’re giving your opinion on what’s going to match up to that person best but so the the in-person close for me ideally i have the fact-finding done i know where the points of pain the points of pleasure are and then i go through that if it’s not then it just takes me an extra 15 minutes to do the fact-finding process and then i do the exact same thing i’m going to go through the the product i’m going to pitch it if i’m doing medicare supplement then instead of hospital indemnity i’m going to go over a cancer policy or critical illness i i like both equally i like a critical illness a little bit better because it covers heart attack cancer and stroke and they can see themselves having all three of those things more so some people will say there’s never been one person in my camera that had cancer and so they see no value in cancer insurance which 

is one of the questions on my factfinder do you have a personal or family history of cancer and that’s a question that basically everyone can say yes to if they’re honest but if they say no to that then i don’t even go down the cancer road um which is so fact finding is important when you’re in the home if you don’t have a good fact finder get one you want to ask all the questions that they’re thinking about and then you also want to ask the questions that maybe they weren’t even considering that’s where you really separate yourself from an order taker to a true expert that’s going to guide and help someone pick out the right option so good very detailed too i mean that’s also just the way your 

personality and brain works especially when you’re training people like you were training a rising star the other day and you were walking through like a legit powerpoint and i heard back and they said that was one of the best calls and most informative training calls they’ve ever been a part of so thank you for doing that yeah yeah my bud this my i love i’ve learned to do what i love and so at this point for my personal production i’m doing seminars only because i love that and i’m best at that and same thing with the training stuff i’m really focusing on building a team um sometime down in the road i’m putting together a platform to help people that aren’t on my team too and so i really hope to have an impact on every one of you watching this and everyone else is going to come into the business for the next couple of years the training is my favorite thing to do because it helps someone else get to the next level which um talent there’s there’s an old adage i hear all the time talent is is beaten when you outwork it however what you can’t do is you can’t beat talent that also 

works hard and so what you want to do is develop your talents and i do this with my team every time what are you good at what do you like to do what do you not like to do that’s important to know but to me what’s equally important or more important to know is what are you not good at what are your weaknesses it’s those those things if you focus on your weaknesses and making them strengths and turning them into positives pretty soon you become a pretty well-rounded agent that’s pretty unstoppable um and so if you’re if you’re an agent out there and you’re you’re struggling right now just to understand how the plans work get that down spend the time do it when you’re in non-money-making activities so studying plans is something you should do from like 8 p.m to 10 p.m when you go to bed or whatever but study the plans but then also you should be figuring out how do i fix a claim problem how do i how do i fix a bill that a client gets that they don’t understand how do i fix um how do i fix a doctor not being a network because there are ways to fix that there 

are ways that if you if you know the right people sometimes the doctor is on the network just because they don’t have the ability they don’t know what to do to do it so sometimes if you go a little bit farther you can find a doctor that wants to be in network and you can put them in contact with the person that helps them get in network and next thing you know both the doctor and the insurance company like you better um so yeah i would really encourage you to spend time learning a good front to back presentation when you’re in the home and it starts with a good fact finding so if you don’t have a good faculty do a good fact-finding and then if you don’t have the plans memorized or you don’t have a way to where you can quickly reference and know all the plan differences there’s there’s virtually a five percent difference between every single advantage plan there’s no difference in benefit on medicare supplement and so your ability to sell if you will comes down to your ability to knowing the weaknesses and strengths of each option so that whatever options somebody 

has when you run into them you know the five reasons why they should leave it and you know the five reasons why they should keep it and then basically anybody you run into the value in that exchange ends up being you so that when whenever they pick humana united healthcare whoever it is that part doesn’t matter as long as they have you so build yourself in is the biggest value when you’re doing a presentation what what do you run into a lot with um what do you run into the most working with agents i know you work with a lot of um agents that are trying to ramp up their business and really skill what what do you what do you notice the most from them what do they need the most help with what do they struggle with mindset our our education system our economy is designed to make us afraid to take risks it’s it’s designed to make us afraid to go outside the bubble um so most people when i when i when i work with a new agent that i’ve never worked with before nine

 at 10 times they’re afraid to spend money nine and ten times um they talk the talk but they don’t walk the talk and i so i have a a post on my wall it says walk the talk reminds me every day um that saying i’m gonna go door knocking is one thing and actually going door knocking with the intention with the right attitude with the right inspiration with the right passion with the right plan is a different thing and so that comes down to that research educate add value offer a solution same thing with your door knocking or if you’re working a lead or if you’re going into a financial planner or you’re going into a dentist office or you’re going into a doctor’s office you want to operate on that research them first go online use google look at the dentist office how many how many doctors do they have what insurances

do they take one thing one of my favorite things to do when i’m gonna try to go into and get a referral partner is just call them and pretend to be a client what’s the process what’s the onboarding process what do they offer what services do they have so that when i call them i already am educated and i’m talking to them on how i add value to what they’re doing because if i don’t add value to what they’re doing they’re never going to send me anybody that’s right um and that’s that’s the naiveness that i had when i first went in the field i was like i’ll just show it show up at the financial advisor i’ll tell them about myself like oh my gosh they’ll go into their office they’ll open their book of business and they’ll start searching for people to send to me that’s in my mind that’s what was going to happen in reality yes what i learned i had to say was look i don’t want you to do that even

 though in my mind i’m like i wish you would do that but what i would have to switch it to is look i don’t want you to do that what i’d love you to do is next time anybody says the word medicare you think of me and you give them my name and my card and then i’ll help them yes um and i found that to be very successful because it was like well that’s no big deal i’ll do that um and another thing i would always encourage any referral source if you walk into a food bank or a local housing or wherever you go tell them to send you the worst most angry most upset person they can find and let me fix that one first give me the give me the toughest one you got because if you prove yourself with the toughest one they’ll send you everything yes exactly how does someone reach out to you buddy if they want to they want to um get in touch with you um you can find me on facebook joshua young’s medicare piece of mind uh i think on instagram i’m youngs.joshua i’m on tiktok i 

have a medicare piece of mind channel that’s really all i do on there um linkedin you can send me a message on linkedin you can email me joshua medicare piece of mind you can call my office if you want to if you want time to talk to me you’ll need to call my office and talk to diana my assistant who handles my schedule so if you just go to the office line’s on there as well and just wait we’re we’re launching a new website soon and i can’t wait um the medicare peace of mind experience is going to be the next greatest thing because i’ve been going around the country for the last i don’t know 12 to 18 months telling everybody my secrets and so half the reason i do that is it forces me to innovate and be better than what i’ve been telling everybody so i’ve got some new cool stuff going i love it i’m excited to see it and i appreciate you being a power player and being a part of the power player podcast today mr joshua young’s medicare piece of mind dude appreciate you so much likewise yeah thanks for being on okay check out this dude reach out to this dude keep learning from this dude because he’s the ultimate power player 

how do you go from 30k to like this dude making a million bucks you know like that’s strong that’s what clicked so you know just first off i think a lot of people when they start the insurance industry or they start working in the insurance industry you know they think it’s to be a lot easier than it is right because everyone that’s trying to get you to work with them 

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