5 Digital Marketing Strategies Working Insurance 2022

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fact the way that i met Cody was because of his leads business that he had three years ago and i was the largest ad agency in Springfield and Cody was one of my clients and i said hey um you know what’s this Facebook thing you’re doing he’s like i do leads and i do a lot of Facebook and i was like well okay so how much Facebook do you spend a month he goes oh god’s calculator out he’s like i think about like 300 grand a month i’m like 300 a month what the heck you talking about dude you know that but that was when i realized to me that the digital


5 Digital Marketing Strategies Working Insurance 2022

sort of wave is is here it’s here to stay what i’m to do is give you five strategies that are working today in 2022 very specifically now when i tell you these strategies i’m not saying that you have to hire secure agent marketing to execute these i’m just going to tell you five strategies that are working right now so you can just understand where the big dogs are leaning into it into the marketing game [Music] [Music] okay our next speaker okay our next speaker type leads if you’re like dude i want the glengarry leads cody i don’t want the poopoo leads i want the good leads man i want the good ones like somebody’s been holding out on me okay but i want the good ones our next speaker is our resident marketing expert he’s my business partner and runs the daily operations of secure agent marketing this dudes knows how to scale


a company through advertising marketing branding websites and social media every company needs him in their corner whether they realize it yet or not he’s become one of my good buddies we built a team of 50 that will exceed over 20 million dollars in annual marketing revenue in 2022 the dude is an absolute freak when it comes to marketing knowledge author of his newest best-selling book find your marketer please help me welcome the 8 virtual stage my buddy my business partner and the marketing genius of the industry mr landon carter let’s go give it up [Music] i gotta jump just to get as high as him let’s go [Music] if any of you guys


 see me disappear at any moment it’s because i turned sideways to your camera right i’m like those blinds that you just like moving like where’d they go so don’t be alarmed i didn’t disappear i’m still here um so what i’m going to do is i’m going to give a quick little introduction just to kind of provide some context my father was a teacher for 40 years my uncles were teachers my cousins are teachers i love i actually speak at missouri state university i hosted a digital marketing summit at missouri state university with 300 marketing students because turns out the marketing


degree at missouri state has no idea how to do digital marketing because it changes every 14 minutes right so i’m able to lead and teach so this talk forgive me i am not as exciting and raw raw as others but i’m trying to get very practical and very actionable with very specific strategies that are working right now because there’s a lot of garbage out there that i want you guys to understand that is really isn’t worth our time anymore as insurance producers to be able to to sell closed leads market et cetera what i want to explain is a concept that’s happening right now we are in a digital revolution now in the insurance business that does not mean that people don’t still want to work with people the only thing that’s changed is the handshake i want


to be clear on that okay people still work with people people will always be working with people because the insurance business is a people business period we’re here to serve so you know someone’s not going to automate the insurance agent out of the sale of an insurance sale in my opinion there are people trying to do that but wouldn’t you know that the persistency of that business is also super low also i have friends that have blown millions of dollars trying to create a digital funnel from top to bottom get them enrolled in a medicare policy whatever it is and once you know it falls off the books the second they sit down with a real agent that asks them about their needs that understands their philosophical needs that goes down there


 and that business is the easiest thing to pluck away that you would ever know so what i’m here to tell you is is that if you don’t lean into the digital handshake and the digital side of this game you’re gonna get left behind that doesn’t mean direct mail doesn’t work that doesn’t mean seminars don’t work i love those two marketing methods what percentage of all ad spend in the world was digital last year the answer is 58 percent when i got my degree in marketing in 2009 i graduated Facebook wasn’t even a paid platform and there was nobody that was using google or Facebook


or anything on a local level to join leads in any sort of capacity in fact the way that i met cody was because of his leads business that he had three years ago and i was the largest ad agency in springfield and cody was one of my clients and i said hey um you know what’s this facebook thing you’re doing he’s like i do leads and i do a lot of facebook and i was like well okay so how much facebook do you spend a month he goes oh gus calculator out he’s like i think about like 300 grand a month


 i’m like 300 a month what the heck you talking about dude you know that but that was when i realized to me that the digital sort of wave is is here it’s here to stay what i’m going to do is give you five strategies that are working today in 2022 very specifically now when i tell you these strategies i’m not saying that you have to hire security marketing to execute these i’m just going to tell you five strategies that are working right now so you can just understand where the big dogs are leaning into it into the marketing game i wrote this book very for one reason one reason alone you can get on amazon if you just search find your marketer it’s 14 bucks i think the reason i wrote this book is because i found very quickly i think David


 price said this actually took the words out of my mouth if you want to get to the next level in insurance you got to have a good mentor you got to have a good understanding of what that next level looks like from the people side of things and you also got to have a marketer in your corner or you got to know what marketing is or you got to really understand that marketing angle anybody i work with in the top 1 percent of this industry either is their marketer has their marketer has found their marketer has some type of agency that’s crushing it for them you’re marketing your leads without that you’re unemployed okay period now you can do grassroots


 stuff i’m not saying you can’t do that but if you ever want to scale outside of yourself you got to understand this marketing game right first thing i want to explain on on idea number one that’s working okay you hear this term automation a lot okay i want to make it very simple i’m going to say something that i’m i want to explain some context facebook leads suck okay facebook leads on their own are not a thing that you should be paying only for in 2022 where facebook leads are very successful is if you have that facebook lead as an example or an internet lead as an example


 dropping into a crm that’s trying to get them to respond very quickly with a series of text messages emails etc so what you need to be doing is is and we still sell a lot of facebook leads i always kind of cringe a little bit when someone says no i just want to buy some leads and see how you guys you know do and i’m just like well that’s really not exactly the best way to start that’s kind of like the the chef starting out with his you know mac and cheese and not his you know actual filet mignon steak but what is working is when you take those internet leads and you drop


 those into a crm with a series of automations because who would be shocked to know that in order to get a 75 contact rate which means even to talk to three out of the four leads you’ve got to touch those guys 12 times in 72 hours at least john wetmore will tell you that you got a triple dial through 25 leads three times in one day just to get a 75 contact rate right so if you’re not dropping leads or internet leads into an automation platform you’re missing out on opportunity because that’s just not how it’s done anymore at the top anybody that i know that’s consuming


 a lot of leads is taking leads dropping into a crm and creating automations now we have an automation platform if you want to check it out it’s called samson really it’s just go high level with our automations for final expense the second thing i want to tell you about is what’s called asset creation now one of the biggest mistakes that i see people make in the insurance industry is that they put


all of their marketing budget into leads and leads alone you’ve got to understand that people work with people to educate them period okay that is true from the beginning of time it’s going to continue to be true where do you think these individuals are educating themselves before they sit down with you they’re going online and looking at what the heck is going on and trying to get a feel for it if i ask you agents to tell me who has been in this business more than eight or nine years you if you said when i sit down with a new prospect they’re more educated now than they’ve ever been you and you and you’ve got to understand that no matter what when


you sit down with a new client that client is always going to be more educated than they were eight or nine years ago or whatever and and not even close they’re getting that education online if you’re the one that is able to educate with these individuals you have first crack at that business also if you want to do seminar marketing that’s fantastic if you think these people aren’t googling you while they’re sitting in your seminar you’re crazy if you think they’re not you know checking you out before they decide um that you’re worth their time then you’re crazy so you’ve got to understand that you’ve got to be able to develop assets that are built to educate there’s all kinds of ways to do that i can’t even get into that that’d be a whole another



hour topic for all alone but the idea is is that educate first give something away first and then earn the opportunity to talk to them about business because if you come in right out the gate with a heavy sales pitch a lot of times and there’s another guy that’s educated first that educator is going to get first crack at that business the way that you do that is you develop web assets you develop ebooks do you think i care who buys my book no offense i love to make book sales but do you think i care how many book sales i don’t even look at amazon on i have a clue how much i’ve made or sold on this book but every day we get a call and the security agent


marketing office that says i want that i’ll do that what’s my budget what does it need to be i want to do that right because they they’ve been educated by me and now they’re potentially interested in and learning what that potential next step could be i would encourage you guys to write your own book as well it’s not that expensive anymore that would be an asset that you would then develop as an example we do that for 10 grand we’ll get a book on amazon in three months so the next thing i want to get into that’s working um extremely well is what are called preset appointments it’s exciting to i can’t get too far in into the weeds of this because i i can’t allow everybody to take me up on this because i only have a set amount of actual appointments that i can set but i noticed a lot of hands were raised whenever the individual sells annuities we we can set preset annuity appointments with a 100 show rate and guarantee an actual set amount of annuity appointments that you’ll get on a given day in a given month what we do is we we basically have a marketing strategy that takes seo content marketing surprise surprise build it by educating dropping them into a funnel creating that automation like i just told you and the thing that we do that’s a lot different than others which is why i can guarantee the appointment sits with you is i try to tell


 them not to take the appointment and cancel on me if you aren’t going to show up we set this thing straight if you aren’t going to show up at 3 o’clock and talk about your retirement planning then cancel the meeting or reschedule period okay wouldn’t you know that whenever you kind of do a takeaway and all that you end up getting more actual opportunity right so that’s why we have an 85 show rate on an annuity deal we’re doing these for 100 bucks a piece just to give you an understanding of how the costs end up lining out and you’re going to close 10 to 30 percent of those annuity appointments you’re gonna have 85 show rate and those that don’t show will replace as well right but preset appointments are incredibly hot right now



it’s just very difficult to find the right mix and all of that but that’s something that is working with um with the current market the the fourth thing is that if you have a goal of building a team you have to have some sort of flow of recruiting okay so recruiting right now is actually easier than ever i think one of the reasons is is because there’s so much garyvee social media stuff about how much opportunity you can get and don’t be employed here and and don’t take a job a salary is the quickest uh bribe for your dreams and all this other stuff that isn’t necessarily true for everyone right but still that message is out there all the time so like as an example we have a recruiting funnel that’s running right now that we we have basically a thousand bucks right we were able to get 259 prospects through the funnel and 42 percent of those individuals are actually booking a meeting um with the actual recruiter and then you’re actually


able to close however many you think you can close depending on your comp schedule depending on your offering etc but recruiting right now is not that difficult but you got to do what i’m telling you to do which is build assets to make sure that you’re actually um able to educate that agent on why they potentially want to be interested in what you’re doing but yeah i mean that’s that’s what that that’s what that looks like so recruiting is a big part right there now i’m gonna spend a little bit of time in the remainder of my time talking about how to do uh live transfers and understanding live transfers right so what happens with live transfers is is that typically in order to be alive who wants to outbound dial leads right nobody really wants to do that is that a true statement right we don’t want to outbound dial leads what we’d rather do is answer the answer the phone cassidy if you wouldn’t mind go ahead and put up the link in the chat march 1st we are launching the first in the insurance industry virtual platform for an independent agent to be able to sit in a seat and take live transfers whether


 it’s medicare whether it’s final expense or whether it’s auto inbounds what that means is is that you log into the platform you sit in your seat you put on your headset and you say i want to work on tuesday from 8 am to 6 pm wednesday from 4 pm to 5 pm and when and friday i don’t want to work and i don’t want to work on the weekends you set your availability you can take one transfer you can take 50 transfers right it doesn’t really matter how much you take how much you want to take etc you just sit there and you answer the answer the phone now what ends up happening on that is is we’re in this digital age where you’re able to scale very quickly if i was to raise if i had everyone raise their hands on who’s selling over the phone that selling over the phone is moving more and more and more and more towards the actual


um what people are doing business in that way the reason is is because the way to generate digital leads is very very easy and the way to get license in multiple states as an insurance agent you’re able to basically cherry pick which states you want to get so if you can have like let’s just say multiple states that you’re being able to um you know sell and you want to basically sell virtually the best way to do that is just to take inbound calls now if you don’t have the budget to do that then you need to be able to develop outbound dial et cetera but that is you know those live transfers are actually what is extremely successful right now as well so if if i was to challenge anybody on what to do next and what that looks like and how you’re actually able to implement um you know how to scale your business is you got to understand


that there’s sort of different pedigrees on what you’re trying to accomplish and there’s different sort of goals that you’re trying to meet depending on what stage in business that you’re in if that makes sense so i don’t think everybody on that’s watching this should be focused on buying transfers because transfers aren’t necessarily um they’re not cheap right you’re talking about 40 bucks for transfer to get your phone to ring if that um actual call lasts more than 120 seconds then your your bill 40 bucks the cheaper way to do that is if you have more money than or i’m sorry more time than money then you’re able to take an actual aged database of leads and then outbound dial right so what i would challenge you guys is try and figure out okay what am i going to accomplish with my marketing budget in this year all right


 the first thing i want you guys to do is understand that a minimum marketing budget that you want to try and accomplish is is probably at least 1500 a month or so any like actual real producer that wants to grind out final expense or mortgage protection or you know these types of you know aggressive sales strategies are gonna probably need more like 500 to a thousand bucks a week to be successful on that right so what needs to happen is is you got to understand here’s my marketing budget now take that marketing budget and and ask yourself a question do i need production right now with this budget if i have a runway to say look i got five thousand dollars


 i need to this business to work Jesse made an example of like look i gotta try this out for six months and make sure it sticks then you really need to be putting all of your money and your budget into performance-based type marketing whether it’s leads whether it’s transfers whether it’s automations whatever it ends up being right that’s more important than um building assets and writing a book and all that stuff isn’t important for you but if you’re into a place where you’re ready to scale and you’re ready to basically say okay i want to build a business i want to build


a team i want to understand what that looks like and how to go about that the next thing you got to understand is is that you got to allocate some of that lead budget into some type of content marketing every single person on this call found their way into Cody’s funnel by because they downloaded some script they got on some email address list they got on some type of ad they saw on Facebook or some capacity you came through cody askin’s funnel right the reason that you’re here now is because he created all this content on youtube and has a bunch of Facebook stories and Instagram stories and all this content that’s going off as well and so what


you’re able to do is you’re basically able to educate educate educate and then also if you have your budget over here for your paid leads you’ve got your lead flow that you’re living on as well so what can happen is you got your short term actual lead budget that is all performance-based marketing it all comes down to cost per acquisition how much am i paying per lead how much i paying per appointment how much am i paying per sale your cost per acquisition varies based on your different product types but if you get only focused in on that particular lead flow that


you’re generating in the short term and you neglect the actual content marketing portion of it all you’re really not building a business you’re just running on a lead treadmill as well i would explain it what that means is that you’re only basically trying to consume as many leads as you can and try and get more premium than what you consumed and then hope you can do it again so like other things like direct mail all this other stuff you know you got a three week you know like timeline between your direct mail getting you leads back hopefully it even returns like you need


 it to return and so if you decide if you get sick or you have a dog die or whatever it is and it takes you out of the field for a week then you’re really like in trouble with that like lethal you can’t keep up it’s very you know clunky so what i would challenge you guys to do is build out a little bit more um like assets of actual content marketing websites are easy um to build your your educational foundation on and then use your lead budget whatever you think is best make sure you understand your cost per acquisition but pick one of these five things and you will be successful as you start to scale just you don’t have to do samson which is our automation platform


you can do with someone other people have automation platforms but if you’re still buying leads and taking it into a spreadsheet and then working that spreadsheet and then hoping that you sell as many of the of that spreadsheet and then going on to the next spreadsheet like you’re not able to optimize on what you’re doing with your leads you need a crm or some type of lead portal to drop all of those leads into very specifically and then you need to have some type of idea one of our most successful marketing campaigns is we’ll take aged d-snip leads put them through an automation and we’ll inbound calls from people that we talked to about snips


12 months ago but didn’t actually convert if that makes sense but if you’ve got 14 other spreadsheets with 52 different titles of the spreadsheet and they’re all saved on your computer you’re not going to be able to be as successful as the individual that’s dropping all those leads into their crm and managing them accordingly so once again the five things that i would challenge you to do internet leads with some type of automation i challenge you to do some asset creation or content marketing i challenge you to look into like some type of preset appointment so that you show up to that appointment they’re ready to talk about um what you want to talk to them about


 definitely if you want to build a team there’s ways to automate your recruiting as well and then also take those live transfers if you want your phone to ring and just sit there and receive inbound calls especially if you want to drive a call center just one little tip because i got two more minutes um of my talk one of the most successful models that i’m seeing right now on just scaling and selling insurance premiums selling app counts et cetera is doing these little like what i would call like a micro call center having five six seven eight ten fifteen people in a room and what’s happening is is you’re able to really scale very quickly you can get licensed in multiple


 states you can take inbound transfer so let’s just say you have eight people here’s just a little tip for any of you that maybe has have a small call center or thinking about getting in there get eight seats the reason you want eight seats is because that’s a concurrency rate that’s like very successful you can dump as many leads as you want into that eight seats have the top six earn their way the top six producers earned their way to to get the live transfers meaning like if you are in the top six of these eight you don’t have to pay i’m sorry you’re gonna get inbound calls if you’re in the bottom two you gotta outbound dial leads right and what you’ll do is you’ll see these people what you’ll do is you’re blending your lead cost and you’re also getting a


aggressive competition to be able to sort of churn a lot of premium out the door as well so i hope you guys were able to find some value with this marketing thing i really would challenge you guys to find one of those five things or all five of them if you have the budget to lean into go to our website too if you’re interested in actually you know taking action we’ll have a conversation a lot of this stuff was broad um realistically there needs to be a one-on-one conversation with your actual budget so we’d love to have that opportunity to talk with you about your marketing in 2022 thank you Landy McCarten boom brother thank you thank you thank you there we


go Landon McCarten the marketing legend let’s give him a virtual round of applause we can see everybody clapping i love it i love it i love it thank you thank you we’ve got eight percent flags wave and everything i love it i love it i love it thank you landon thank you thank you thank you type Landon in chat if you’re like oh my gosh that dude knows his stuff when it comes to leads and marketing is absolutely phenomenal and it’s blowing up hey if you enjoyed this i got another one


you’re going to love it’s right there click on it see you in there i want to get everybody’s attention really quick before we dive into this because you you’ve pulled off some incredible stuff like what’s a what’s a number of how good this business has gotten well at our peak we were selling about 14 million an annual premium

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